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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014


Last year, we spent Halloween trick-or-treating the RV park we were staying at in Ashland, VA. It was called Americamps, it kicked butt, and it was only about 20 minutes North of Richmond. If you’re ever in the the area, I HIGHLY recommend you stay there. The staff has hospitality that is unmatched. The weather was wonderful, and I was fearful that this year, we wouldn’t be so lucky. Boy was I wrong.

This year, we are staying in the 4 corners region of New Mexico. We have made friends with some fellow RVers in our park that are from here, and they invited us to their friends’ home for the evening. There would be trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, treats, fun and pizza! We were so grateful to be invited and we had a FANTASTIC time hanging out with all of them!!!

Last night, we carved our pumpkins! Nic did Scooby Doo, I did Jack Skellington, MHG did a bat that she designed and carved herself, and Cinderella asked Daddy for a “mean meow”…so he drew up a kitty for her. You can see that fun process HERE.


I originally intended to go as Medusa, but at the last second, I changed my mind and decided to be a Gypsy. I had plenty of Gypsy-stuff lying around to make my costume work. MHG went as a Charm School Witch and Cinderella went as Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo! Daddy, after working a long hard day at work, went as an exhausted Daddy, lol.

As Cindy took a nap, I did MHG and I’s makeup. She looks WAY too grown up with makeup on. I am not a fan.


For my makeup, I just went heavy on the black eyeliner, eggplant eye shadow and purple lipstick.

IMAG5334   IMAG5335

Believe it or not, this was MHG’s first year EVER going as a Witch for Halloween.

I still find it hard to believe…but it’s true.


My little Daphne. Isn’t she the cutest?!

Grandma got both their costumes on sale last year AFTER Halloween. Go Grandma! Thanks!

That wig was killin’ me! Lol! It was outta control and hilarious, but she went the majority of the night without taking it off…which shocked me.

IMAG5345   IMAG5347

My beautiful girls. They LOVED their costumes so much…and wanted to keep them for dress up.


 IMAG5351   IMAG5363_1   IMAG5354

After we went to the office to say hello to everyone, we loaded up in our truck and headed to our friends’ friend’s house for a fun night!

IMAG5374   IMAG5377   IMAG5379

Once we got there, we had a ball checking out all their decorations! Holy cow! And here I thought that I went all out for Halloween!

We were lovin’ it all!

Spooky Friends!

Enjoying the spooky decor!


IMAG5388   IMAG5391


Playing with magnets before we head out for trick-or-treating!


And much to their joy, it was finally dark enough to head out!

IMAG5396   IMAG5399

Our friends’ girls were both Pegacorns (Pegasi/Unicorns), their God-daughter was Maleficent (I wish I had a pic of her costume, she made it mostly all by herself and it was INCREDIBLE), and my friend was a beautiful Princess!

IMAG5401   IMAG5402


960[1]   IMAG5412

By the end of the evening, after pizza, we remembered that we had a dog. Yea…6 months later, and we’re STILL getting used to that fact. We had been gone for about 4 hours and realized that he would probably need to be let out to go potty. We reluctantly bid everyone farewell, and when we got home, we were right. He was happy to see us, and even happier to relieve himself outside, lol. Luckily, he didn’t tear our home apart.

What a wonderful evening full of friends and fun. How lucky we were to have made such wonderful friends along our travels. We were uncertain of what to do this year before they had invited us. If you guys are reading this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a great time! We’re so blessed to have met you all.

By the end of the night, the girls were thoroughly cracked out on sugar and bouncing off the walls,…but after picking up their room, they passed out the second they hit their pillows. We had a WONDERFUL Halloween!

After the girls had passed out, I talked with Nic outside for a bit about his day at work. Outta nowhere, it began to pour down rain…which was WAY MORE what I was used to for Halloween weather. We had been blessed with a perfect temperature for trick-or-treating, but the rain later on, was a great end to a great day. I had made plans to do an Ancestral Remembrance Ritual for Samhain…to honor my ancestors, but after our incredibly LONG day and night, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open.

As the rain lulled me to sleep, I thanked my Grandparents for watching over us and always keeping us safe. I remembered my loved ones that had gone before me, and peacefully drifted off into dreamland.

I hope your Halloween was just as special.

Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you and yours.

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