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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Eve 2014

Halloween Me 2014

Well, we have finally began to approach my favorite Sabbat (Samhain) or holiday (Halloween)…whichever you call it. It’s important to remember and honor our ancestors over these next few days. It is also the time of year for being someone you’re not…or perhaps being someone you really ARE…but the one time it’s truly accepted, lol. It’s time for spooks and frights and eating a bunch of crap (or not). On this Halloween Eve, I celebrated my 3 month Dreadiversary…by taking a whole bunch of dreadlock selfies. You can read that post HERE. I blogged, to try to keep up with the next 3 impending posts that will be back to back…pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and our October wrap-up.

After I reached a stopping point, we headed over to the park to play with our friends and the other kids here. Everyone had a ball!

Plus, it’s nice that I have my own friends, too. Talking to actual adults, instead of little people all day long, is pretty awesome.

IMAG5238   IMAG5239   IMAG5240


Daddy got home pretty early (for him). He ordered he and the girls some Dominos…that way I wouldn’t have any dishes to do after dinner. We set to work right away after dinner, drawing up, de-gutting and carving our pumpkins. All the designs were hand drawn by us…no tracing. I was especially proud of Monster High Girl. She drew up her own design all on her own. She then copied it by eye onto her pumpkin! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she carved it all by herself too (even after she gutted it…which is always a battle with her every year). She didn’t even put up a fight when it was time to touch the guts.

Nic drew up his Scooby Doo design for his pumpkin, and Cinderella asked him for a “Mean Meow”…so he drew her a kitty. He carved both of them himself, but she helped de-gut her own. MHG wouldn’t even touch pumpkin guts until she was 6 years old. It is yet another reminder of how different my two girls are.

Since I am not artistically inclined (like the rest of my family), I drew up and carved a rather simple design…good ol’ Jack Skellington. I pretty much did it for Cinderella. She loves Jack. That’s also why Nic picked Scooby, cuz she loves him as well. So without further adieu, I give you…our pumpkins for 2014.

IMAG5243   IMAG5244   IMAG5245

IMAG5257   IMAG5249

IMAG5246   IMAG5248

IMAG5250   IMAG5252

IMAG5254   IMAG5255


IMAG5260   IMAG5262   IMAG5264

And of course, our Halloween cat-Onyx, LOVES hanging out with us as we carve our pumpkins.


IMAG5273   IMAG5274   IMAG5275


IMAG5278   IMAG5277

IMAG5282   IMAG5280

I can’t WAIT to roast up these bad boys tomorrow!!!


IMAG5287   IMAG5288

IMAG5283   IMAG5285



IMAG5284   IMAG5294

IMAG5293   IMAG5292



Our pumpkins have all officially been murdered.


IMAG5307   IMAG5308

IMAG5309   IMAG5310


We are celebrating Halloween in Farmington, NM this year…so our days are still hot, but our nights are pretty freezing. We’re not really looking forward to freezing our butts off this year. Last year, in Richmond, Virginia…we were spoiled with perfectly lovely 70 degree Halloween weather. Although, last year, we waited til Halloween Eve to buy our pumpkins…and unfortunately, there was only ONE that we could find in our whole vicinity! We snatched it up, and had a ball carving it, but who knows what we would’ve come up with had we gotten all 4? You can read that post HERE.


Thanks for reading and we hope you have a safe, spooky and fun Halloween tomorrow night!

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