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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Destination: Zig-Zag Arch

Aztec Mesa

On this beautiful day, we opted to go hiking through the Canyons east of Aztec, New Mexico. We were in search of the natural arches.

We found Zig-Zag Arch after our second attempt to hunt it down.

We never did find the Bridge of Wonder or Crow Canyon unfortunately…maybe next time.

IMG_6028   IMG_6029

The hike to Zig Zag arch was extremely easy.

arches hunt with daddy

Aztec Arches 2   Aztec Arches 1

Aztec desert

Aztec Mesa 2

The surrounding scenery took my breath away…

Aztec Mesa 3

Aztec Mesa 4

…unfortunately, so did this guy, lol.

(He’s about 2 inches long.)


It’s a Jerusalem Cricket OR potato bug OR Child of the Earth.

No matter what you call it, I found out that he isn’t venomous, but he does pack a powerfully painful bite, so watch out for him.

Ya gotta love the Southwest and ALL it has to offer.

Zig Zag Arch 3

me mhg zz arch   nic hawn zz arch

MHG zz arch

Us ZZ Arch words

us zz arch 4x6 horizontal

Zig Zag Arch 1

Zig Zag Arch 2

Zig Zag Arch 4

Zig Zag Arch 5

Zig Zag Arch 6


us zz arch 4x6   us zz arch sq

We can’t wait to go search for new arches in the near future!

I love New Mexico.

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