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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Craftiness: Jewelz


This month, we acquired a new hobby…jewelry making! We learned how to make hemp (natural) jewelry and we bought some beads to do beaded jewelry as well. We’ve been having a blast! MHG is especially thrilled, because she loves making bracelets and such. For the longest time, she was making the rubber band jewelry, but the bands were degrading after only a couple weeks of wear. It left her feeling defeated. Now, she has learned to make bracelets that won’t break down…and she and I couldn’t be happier!

Here are some of MY creations:

IMAG4145   IMAG4146

IMAG4161   IMAG4162

IMAG4164   IMAG4163

IMAG4166   IMAG4168



What I *might* open up an Etsy shop to sell:

IMG_20141009_141935   IMG_20141009_144326

IMAG4338   IMAG4342   IMAG4340

IMAG4346   IMAG4347

An Amethyst bracelet.


What I made for my daughters:

IMG_20141002_180647   IMG_20141009_162229

Here are some of MHG’s creations:

IMAG4155   IMAG4156   IMAG4165


She also made me a very special necklace that says “Cool”…cuz she said I’m a “Cool Mom”.

Awwwww, love that girl of mine. Hugs all around!

IMAG4148   IMAG4149   IMAG4150 


IMAG4794   IMAG4793   IMAG4795

I’m not a salesperson, so if you’re interested in purchasing some of our jewelry, or you have an idea you’d like us to maybe custom make for you, please contact us at: or message us on our Facebook page: The Boho Hobos.

Thanks for reading about our newest adventure!

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