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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Farewell To My Favorite Month



Cuz we rock this crazy life of ours!

October has come and gone. It is easily my favorite month of the year. My favorite season is in full swing. The trees are so colorful and beautiful. Homeschooling is on a roll by this point. There are bonfires, and playing in leaves and my favorite holiday! The weather is cooler and more tolerable. It’s just a fun month all around. Here’s how it went for us…


IMAG4472   IMAG4636

IMAG5033   IMAG5034


IMAG4488   IMAG4489



IMAG4996   IMAG4722

IMAG4190   IMAG4181

IMAG4148   IMAG4189   IMAG4150

They had a ball playing Star Wars with Daddy on this special day.

IMAG4803   IMAG4807



IMAG4583   IMAG4397

IMAG4160   IMAG4355

IMAG4762 IMAG4767 IMAG4764 IMAG4771

All of my babies!




I was gifted 2 beautiful necklaces from friends I’ve made here.

The owl is from my good friend that has been here since July and lives next door.

The one on the right is from a recent friend I’ve made that came in this month.

IMAG5103   IMAG5447

I love the intricate designs on them both, and anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE Owls and the Moon.

Thank you friends!!!


I may live in an RV, but I still found a way to bring my witchy stuff with me. Here you see my herbal and my crystals.

Both are compact and portable. All of my witchy stuff *mostly* fits in one of the bench seats.

IMAG4390   IMAG4391


Flame color changers make the fire fun!



I had a UTI…but, I put an end to that problem with my essential oils. No doctors or antibiotics for me.

My daughters’ sweet friends made me some get well soon pictures. My heart pretty much exploded with joy and love.

MHG did all my chores that day without being told to do so. It was so incredibly sweet.

IMAG4677   IMAG4678


MHG got a clean bill of health for her teeth AND her eyesight! Woohoo!

IMAG4683   IMAG4685   IMAG4691   IMAG4747

MHG still has the original 5 cavities that she had 17 months ago…but they haven’t worsened. (I brush the heck outta her teeth.)

I’m putting off getting them filled so she doesn’t have to undergo any form of anesthesia.

I don’t wake easy from anesthesia, so I’m fearful of any side effects that it could cause my baby.

On a happier note, Cindy did GREAT for the dentist. I guess it was their 1st 3 year old EVER to actually happily comply with the cleanings & x-rays. She did everything they told her to do, and without a fuss…so naturally, I was thrilled! MHG did good too, but I knew she would. Finding a new dentist and eye doctor when you live on the road was fun. You’re always nervous that wherever you pick, will have a good reputation and provide excellent service. Both places did, and it was yet another success for finding specialized care in a place you’re unfamiliar with. 


We had to begin preparing for the impending cold Winter weather. That meant, that it was time to put up the skirting. The skirting blocked our stairs, so we had to build new stairs too. That’s something that we had been wanting to do for a while anyway…so it was nice to finally tackle that project. You can read about all of that HERE.

IMAG5032   IMAG5094


From that time when my friend dropped me off all the Rainbow Chard she grew in her garden. It was like the greatest gift ever!


Some of my Vegan yummies.

IMG_20141002_115214 IMAG4781 IMG_20141008_223119IMG_20141010_201546 IMG_20141013_190747 IMG_20141008_223549IMG_20141012_174912 IMG_20141009_113301 IMG_20141014_212427


Playing and learning with clay.

IMAG4226   IMAG4227   IMAG4241   IMAG4228  

IMAG4234   IMAG4235   IMAG4239


Our friends’ birdie. She’s in a harness and on a leash. Cuz that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

IMAG4359 IMG_20141009_175044 IMG_20141009_175144 IMAG4360

MHG is reading the Harry Potter books now. The whole series was a gift from our friends here and she’s already on the 5th book.

She read the 734 paged 4th book in only 4 days. She’s 8. Yea, I’m bragging, cuz I’m one proud Mama!

IMG_20141015_202132   IMAG4319   IMG_20141003_002022



IMAG4820   IMAG4827   IMAG4817


IMG_20141006_182607   IMG_20141008_163615


IMG_20141009_113840   IMG_20141009_113944



We went in search of the natural arches that are all around these areas. We were lucky enough to find one: Zig Zag Arch. You can read about that HERE. It was a LOT of fun and we enjoyed getting outta the homestead and doing a little bit of hiking for the day.

Us ZZ Arch words

us zz arch sq

Zig Zag Arch 2


The beginning of the month brought us fun creating our very own jewelry. MHG and I had a blast making beaded and hemp creations. You can see all those creations HERE.

IMG_20141009_144326 IMG_20141002_132015 IMG_20141002_180656 IMG_20141009_141935   

A few days later, we got the RV park kiddos together for some crafting time. This month, there were Cornhusk Dolls and Dream Catchers that we made. Just because we travel and don’t have a local Homeschool co-op to be a part of, doesn’t mean we still can’t socialize and have fun with other Roadschooled kids! Everyone loves crafts and these were part of our Oak Meadow curriculum for this month. I travel with probably way more crafting supplies than I should, but they certainly come in handy when you have 4-5 children crafting away.

IMG_6008   IMG_6009   IMG_6015


Here are the completed dolls that the girls made. I helped Cindy make hers, but the other 3 girls were all on their own, and they did great!

Cinderella colored hers almost all black, lol. She drew the face too.

It was a fun project with everyone, and I LOVE how they all turned out!


Dream catchers were a LOT of fun to make too!


IMAG5077   IMAG5079

IMAG5083   IMAG5081   IMAG5085

IMAG5078   IMAG5076

IMAG5084 IMAG5090 IMAG5082 IMAG5091  


IMAG4486   IMAG4796

IMAG4567   IMAG4956


IMAG4953   IMAG4957   IMAG4967   IMAG4960



On Halloween Eve, my dreadies turned 3 months old (you can read about that HERE), and later that night, we carved our pumpkins. You can read about how they turned out HERE. We had the blessing of sharing Halloween with our friends that we’ve made here at our RV park. They invited us to their friends’ home for an evening of fun, trick-or-treating and pizza. You can read about our fun-filled time HERE. Nic was exhausted after a long day at work, so he didn’t dress up, but I threw a last-minute costume together for myself to be a Gypsy, Cindy went as Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo, and MHG went as a Witch from Charm School. Believe it or not, she has yet to ever be a Witch for Halloween. We had a FABULOUS time with everyone!

3 mo dreadiversary back   Halloween Me 2014   IMAG5371




Thanks for reading about our month! It was a lot of craziness, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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