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Thursday, October 30, 2014

3 Month Dreadiversary

Happy 3rd Month Dreadiversary to Me!!!
3 month dreadiversary back
It’s the month of spooks and frights, of tricks and treats! October is my favorite month…and it just so happens to be my scariest month yet for my dreadies, lol. Check out their progress this month.
I’m just going to put my dreadie pictures in order this time, so you can see the progression of them this month. That is all.
Oct Progress Pic
IMAG4138_1   IMAG4136_1
A couple wraps.
What a difference wash day makes!
Before and After
IMAG4202IMAG4318         IMAG4372IMAG4374
Loopies…it’s all part of the process.
IMAG4379   IMG_20141013_224941
IMAG4410   IMAG4420
More wraps…more frizz.
IMAG4446   IMAG4447
IMAG4462   IMAG4466
A Jack bead clipped into the matted end of my dread…and my outrageous roots.
IMG_20141003_122443   IMG_20141015_205819
Fishtail Frenzy.
IMAG4494   IMAG4496   IMAG4497
My favorite bead so far…purchased from Wal-Mart.
triquetra bead
Dark makeup and a bangs poof.
IMAG4555   IMAG4562
On days like this…when I am sick, it’s nice that my hair still looks…well, like it always looks, lol. No styling necessary.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE dreadlocks?
IMAG4670   IMAG4672
On this occasion, my goal was to look more like a grown up…I had to take my girls to the dentist.
I opted for a fun knotty updo.
You grab your hair, two sections at a time, tie them in a knot, grab more hair into the two sections and tie them into a knot. You repeat this process starting at the top and working your way down until you’re pretty much outta hair to grab. Tuck the ends in underneath and pin them so they don’t fall out. It took about 45 seconds. I also braided my bangs off to the side and pinned them back with the dreads as well.
IMAG4707   IMAG4693   IMAG4708
IMAG4715   IMAG4716
This was my favorite loopy that day. It’s the same one, just the side, then the top view of it.
IMAG4717   IMAG4718
IMAG4734   IMAG4780
IMAG4741   IMAG4743
It never fails, it’s always strange seeing them from behind.
And then on the 24th, I added a few more wraps.
The wraps are actually for necessity’s sake. They hold my 8”+ long undreaded roots together.
This will make it so the roots don’t dread into 2 or more separate dreads that share a common end. That would be no bueno.
IMAG4840   IMAG4860   IMAG4901   IMAG4900
They do make me happy with their cheery colors though.
IMAG4843   IMAG4842
IMAG4861_1   IMAG4887_1_1
These roots are actually starting to tighten and lock.
 IMAG4924   IMAG4934
IMAG4937   IMAG4942
IMAG4944   IMAG4947
And then the crazy hair days…which, as I’ve said before…will happen regardless if you have dreads or not.
IMAG4995   IMAG5041
And the day we started putting up skirting around our RV. My dread bun was rockin’…I even caught it’s silhouette.
IMAG5065   IMAG5052
And on this day, I celebrate my 3 Month Dreadiversary!!! I love my babies!
IMAG5127   IMAG5145
IMAG5139   IMAG5135
IMAG5164   IMAG5168
IMAG5170   IMAG5173
IMAG5171   IMAG5174
IMAG5183 2   IMAG5187 2   IMAG5191 2
IMAG5192 2   IMAG5193 2
IMAG5195 2   IMAG5202 2   IMAG5203
IMAG5205 2   IMAG5212 2
IMAG5213 2   IMAG5215 2
IMAG5214 2   IMAG5218 2   IMAG5223 2

Dreads Timeline
You can read about how I began my dreadlocks HERE.
THIS post, is from a couple days after they turned 1 month old. We were traveling home from Colorado.
HERE is where you can read about my 2 months old Dreadiversary and their monthly progression.

As always, thanks for following along on not only our RVing journey, but my dreadlock journey as well!
You guys are the best!
spooky 3 mo dreads
Have a safe and fun Halloween!!!
Halloween Me 2014
1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls
Here are the Dreadiversaries:

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