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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When September Ends


The Super Moon.

IMG_5777   IMG_5770   IMG_5786

My view of the Super Moon this month was less than stellar in clarity, but it was still breathtaking nonetheless!

We arrived back in New Mexico, from our Labor Day Weekend vacation in Colorado Springs, CO, on the 1st day of the month. You can see that return trip HERE…or follow the links to the “NEWER” vacation posts at the end of it.


The [Home] Learning.

The girls started their 1st day of school on September 2nd (although technically the 1st). You can read about that HERE.

1st day collage

Homeschooling is one of the greatest joys in my life.

IMAG3220 IMAG3230_1 IMAG3231

MHG read those books, and several others, in just 1-2 days. We’re so proud of her!

(She actually could comprehend and remembered what she read as well.)

IMAG3233   IMAG3237   IMAG3270

Cinderella absolutely LOVES this “Girl’s Body” puzzle by Hape. It was an awesome Amazon find.



IMAG3333   IMAG4110

Cinderella’s drawing of her Grandfather “Papoo”. This makes my heart happy.


And then Daddy’s “Sukkah” building lesson, somehow turned into a “build whatever structure you want” lesson, lol.

The Sukkah was to be built for our Hebrew studies, but then MHG turned it into a house once finished and Cindy built a teepee with Daddy.

IMAG3851   IMAG3857   IMAG3858

IMAG3847   IMAG3850   IMAG3854

IMAG3859   IMAG3860   IMAG3862


IMG_20140908_105819   IMG_20140908_110031


I knit myself a dreadlock Tam (oversized beanie) for Winter for my locs.

IMG_20140923_084105   IMG_20140928_134701

Our friend/neighbor brought her Conure over for us to see!


This was from the day that I made their Winter bedding. You can read about that HERE.

IMAG3261   IMAG3262


Learning about Flowers.

IMAG4121   IMAG4123

The Vegan Food.

Ok, so if this is the first blog post of mine that you’ve ever read, you should know that I’m mostly Raw Vegan. My days and meals are chock full of fruits and veggies…and especially BANANAS.

I make a lot of smoothies and I eat a lot of salads.

Occasionally, I go crazy and actually make something that isn’t either of those.

IMG_5861 IMG_20140912_111856 IMG_20140904_221841IMG_20140912_114955 IMG_20140904_223118 IMG_20140921_094314IMG_20140923_103026 IMG_20140910_161531 IMG_20140910_161645IMG_20140917_192435 IMG_20140910_161048 IMG_20140909_195515IMG_20140929_123900 IMG_20140927_160016

The Boho.

I celebrated my 1 year Anniversary as a non-smoker/non-vaper/non-nicotine user on 9-10-14. You can see that day HERE.

That is also the day I dyed my bangs green.


IMAG3254   IMG_5804   IMAG3285

IMAG3186   IMAG4108   IMG_5892 sm

The day we took the girls to Bloomfield, New Mexico’s Riverwalk.


Jewelry from Amazon and Soulflower, respectively.

IMG_20140904_221353   IMG_20140927_140534

Onyx (my black cat) ripped an enormous hole in my old fitted sheet, so I treated myself to some new Organic red sateen sheets!

I was devastated initially (because it had been my favorite sheet), but now I feel like I should thank him? Lol. These rock!


The Fun.

My Husband is really good at Hacky Sack…me, not so much, but I try.

And when I don’t play along with him, I enjoy watching his legs bend in ridiculous directions.

IMAG3561_BURST002   IMAG3561_BURST016


She loves her snakey. I hate her chewing on him.


MHG made some stuffed friends, lol.

IMG_5873   IMG_5875

And she used some of her allowance to get herself a new hat. She really loves hats.


Part of my usual Yoga routine…

IMAG3616   IMAG3622

My “Baby Grasshopper” pose attempt…

IMG_20140915_115648   IMG_20140915_114959

This was also from our trip to the Bloomfield Riverwalk.

IMG_20140914_150914   IMG_20140914_150607

IMG_20140914_151609   IMG_20140914_150945


IMG_20140914_151112   IMG_20140914_151413

The Love.


I heart Him.


IMAG3430   IMAG3896   IMAG3435

Somebody’s glad to see Daddy…


IMAG3631   IMAG3688

The Renovations.

Nic installed carpet to keep our RV warmer in the Winter. You can read about that HERE.


IMG_20140923_004909   IMG_20140923_005021   IMG_20140923_005056

He also built me a desk. You can read about that HERE.

IMG_20140927_160250   IMG_20140928_011401

IMG_20140928_010806   IMG_20140928_192215

Also, I changed the lock on our gate so Mojo couldn’t keep weaseling his way into our bedroom at night.


The Sleepy.


IMAG3677   IMAG3977

The Fur.


IMAG3920   IMAG3993

The Dreads.

The beginning of the month vs. the end of the month.

IMG_20140903_125154   Back of Dreadies 2mo

IMG_20140903_124946   IMG_20140910_145108

IMG_20140909_120429   IMG_20140922_104858   IMG_20140908_102139

IMG_20140904_222927   IMG_20140930_132000

IMG_20140914_125839   IMG_20140915_105843

IMG_20140923_003240   IMG_20140917_190125

IMG_20140930_132049   IMG_20140930_132141

You can read about the 2nd month in my dreadlock journey HERE.

The Beauty.

The most GORGEOUS roses grow EVERYWHERE throughout this RV park.

IMAG4115   IMG_20140930_154917

IMAG3491   IMAG3641

Our RV under our beautiful Cottonwood tree.



In conclusion: September was a pretty outstanding month!

Thanks for reading!

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