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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Girls’ Boho Chic Bedding


So as most of you know, I am a somewhat crafty (and handy) person. If I can find a way to save money by doing something myself (or asking my handy Hubby to do it) then I’m all for it. The nights are growing colder, but we’re still trying to conserve propane by leaving the furnace off. Our electricity is included here, so we have a couple electric heaters that run intermittently throughout the evening hours. On top of that, it has been brought to my attention (via my eldest daughter), that their current lightweight quilts are no longer warm enough. You can read about how I “made” their quilts HERE.

So it’s Super Mom to the rescue!!!

We headed to Target in search of the perfect comforter. My plan was to purchase a twin size comforter (preferably one on sale), cut it in half, and re-sew the new seams back up. This would turn the 1 blanket into 2. I should mention here, that the only reason this plan would work is because the dimensions of their bunks are quite small in comparison to a twin size bed, or even a standard RV-sized bunk. They are 4 1/2 feet by about 20”. If you recall, my Husband custom-built their bunks back in March. If you missed that post, you can read about it HERE.

We found the perfect comforter to match their current orange/teal/red/green theme in their bedroom! AND, it was reversible! AND, AND, AND it was on sale for just $30! $30 For two new comforters? Yes, please! It was orange with a white dotted chevron pattern on the one side, and white with an orange dotted chevron pattern on the other. It even came with a reversible pillowcase that I had plans for as well.

After measuring the blanket, I determined that it would better fit their beds if I cut it through the middle horizontally, instead of vertically. This meant that the blanket would essentially look like it was on sideways once their beds were made, but I didn’t care…and neither did they.

I immediately set to work, cutting the blanket in half and pinning the new seams. I had both of the blankets sewn up good as new in under and hour.

IMAG3451   IMAG3453

In regards to the pillowcase that came in the comforter set, I decided to rip the seams of it open, turning it into 2 separate pieces of fabric. I did the same to one of their teal pillowcases as well. I sewed 1 teal piece to the orange with white chevrons, and another piece of teal to the white with orange chevrons, thereby making each girl their own coordinating pillowcase. In the pics below, you can also see the damask pillows I made a while back when I made their summer bedding. It also matches their theme…and both are reversible.

IMAG3456   IMAG3459

The girls love their new bedding and how everything turned out…which makes me very, very happy and pleased.



IMAG3454   IMAG3455


On September 26th, we picked up some cute teal with white polka dots fabric (that is pretty thick) and I sewed the girls some curtains to match.

I sewed the Eclipse room darkening/energy saving curtains to the back to help keep out the cold as well.

I also have plans to purchase some Reflectix for their windows that I will custom-cut to fit perfectly.

Numerous RVers swear by that stuff.


The chandeliers were purchased on sale for $9 each from Wal-Mart during back-to-school time.

They’re chandeliers for lockers at school, but they work great in their room!

And they’re sensor activated!

IMG_20140904_142528   IMG_20140926_160500


girls first bedding   IMAG3460

girls first bedding 2   IMAG3461

You can check out the other renovations and redecorating projects we’ve tackled by clicking on the “Renovations” tab at the top of our blog.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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