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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Operation: Keep Our Feet Warm

Today is a pretty sad day for me. My Grandma passed away 3 years ago on this day. I know she’s with my Grandpa now and no longer suffering, but it’s still hard to have her no longer with us. (I got most of my crafty genes from that amazing lady!)

I decided the best thing I could do to take my mind off of her being gone, was to nag Nic into yet another project. This time, it’s operation “Keep Zoe’s (and everyone else’s) Feet & the RV Warm This Winter”. That’s a mouthful, but seriously, we needed to do something about our cold floors. Never mind the fact that our feet are cold…obviously they make slippers for that. However, with no carpet as a buffer between the linoleum and the room, the cold air radiates off the floor like no other. You can seriously feel the cold floor through thick, rubber-soled shoes. And you can feel the cold air hovering over the top of the floor. It’s no joke.

I considered funky rugs (which would’ve rocked in all their boho glory), but they were all too expensive, and they wouldn’t have covered our floors in entirety. In the end, I remembered that you can get “select-a-size” carpeting from Home Depot…so that’s where we jetted off to.

I stood in the middle of the aisle like a complete weirdo for a good 20 minutes (at least), caressing all the different carpet samples and agonizing over which color to get. My Husband was wise enough to just patiently stand there and wait for me to make up my mind. In the end, I went with a dark tan with more black specks than white.

As they were cutting my carpet, I found a 3’x5’ rug that would perfectly fit at the end of our bed in the space up to the doorway. It was nearly an identical match to the carpet I picked out…what are the odds of that happening? It was a dark tan with slightly more WHITE specks than black, but you really can’t tell unless you’re 3” from it and nitpicking. We picked out some plain wooden transitions to go in our bedroom/hallway, bathroom/hallway and entryway/kitchen areas. Nic would later cut and stain them black to match our decor better.

After I laid my rug down, Nic lifted the furniture so I could slip it underneath. We had to cut a couple slits in it so it could lie flat in the entryway.

IMAG3808   IMAG3809

I feel it should also be noted here, that I absolutely ABHOR carpet, but I hate a cold home in the Winter even more. Our carpet was only about $45, with the transitions being pretty much the same price. The idea is that if come Spring, I’m done with the carpet, the transitions can be unscrewed from the floor, stowed away, and carpet tossed until the following Winter arrives. If I can get myself a decent vacuum to keep the carpet in good shape, perhaps we’ll stow the carpet too. Who knows. I just don’t want to have to worry about muddy footprints (and paw prints) during the rainy season. It’s a lot easier mopping them off linoleum, than scrubbing them out of cheap carpet.

Because of this, we are not going to the trouble of buying carpet padding and tack strips, or tucking it. (My Husband has experience in laying carpet…but really, you don’t need much to do it this easy way.) You just measure, buy what you need…and a smidge more, lie it down, cutting as you go along and use the transitions to hold it in place. A brand new blade on a box cutter is pretty invaluable here as well.

IMAG3806   IMAG3807   IMAG3810

So is another set of hands to hold it up and out of the way as you go cutting along your way.

IMAG3814   IMAG3820   IMAG3823


Everyone was already pretty excited about the new flooring!

IMAG3828   IMAG3830   IMAG3831

After it was cut to the proper dimensions, he headed outside to cut the transitions, stain them and seal them with water-based polyurethane.


I’m not gonna lie, he does amazing things to our home all the time, but making these 5 cuts perfectly without a table saw was pretty outstanding!

Side note: We seriously need to do something about that door frame, lol.

This is the transition between our bedroom and the hallway. It pins the rug and the carpet down securely.

IMG_20140923_004909   IMG_20140923_004559

Here is the entryway/kitchen transition. We opted to leave linoleum here for obvious reasons…messy kids, messy Husband, messy dog, lol!

 IMG_20140923_005056   IMG_20140923_004821

Finally, the bathroom/hallway transition. We left the bathroom linoleum because my girls are splash masters when taking their baths.


And after much deliberation and research, I finally decided upon getting a Dyson DC44 Animal Stick vacuum. It was pretty pricey, but I’m all for paying more for great quality stuff and it lasting an eternity. I have a Kirby back home in storage, but it’s too heavy and bulky for RV life. Since buying the Dyson, I literally vacuum every day because I WANT to and because I LOVE to! I am not even exaggerating in the slightest bit. Maybe that’s pathetic? I don’t really care. It’s a great vacuum and I’m really pleased with the purchase. People might say “It’s just a vacuum.” No. It’s like the difference between having a super commercial badass automatic dishwasher and washing your dishes in filthy, soap-less water…and scrubbing said dishes with your feet using 1-ply toilet paper. That is how awesome this vacuum is.

It handles dirt, dry spills, animal fur (even the super stuck and ground into the carpet kind) and everything else in between like a boss. I only have to vacuum over stuff once. I don’t have to repeatedly go over the same spot 1000 times…and then give up and bend over and pick it up by hand. It’s a time saver and THAT ESPECIALLY is worth every penny. When you’ve got a zillion other things to do that are more important, the last thing you want to do is waste away that precious time vacuuming. OH, and it’s cordless and wall-mounted. Ok. I’m done.

IMAG4175   IMAG4178

Thanks for reading about our new carpet and thanks even more for listening to me babble on about my new tool.

With that being said, I love you and miss you so much Grandma. Thank you for being such a positive role model and human being in my life.

Your spirit and memory lives on forever.

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