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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Destination: Bloomfield, NM Riverwalk

So we’re pretty fond of the Riverwalks around here…Farmington, Aztec… So I thought I would share with you, our little trip to the one in Bloomfield. Bloomfield is a small town about 25 minutes from Farmington to the Southeast. It has a lovely track you can walk/run and a spot to do pull-ups and what not. The circular track breaks off at one point to follow the San Juan River. It is a lovely walk that ends under Highway 550.

We had a really fun time playing on the pull-up bars and goofin’ off. Daddy was the only one that could do a pull-up though. I know, I know…all that Yoga and I still can’t do a pull-up to save my life, lol! (My arm strength has always been less than stellar.) I, on the other hand, am completely comfortable with being upside-down…something that the other 3 are not so keen on…but not for a lack of trying!

IMAG3508   IMAG3507

Look Mom, no hands!

IMAG3512 IMAG3513 IMAG3515

MHG is still petrified of being upside-down, but I’m proud of her for at least trying!


Nic even gave it a good effort…“tried”. Tee hee. Maybe we should give him bonus points for doing it while Vaping?

IMAG3519   IMAG3524

Cinderella got “inverted” also…HER cute little version, lol! Love my goofy girls!


After that, we learned a few lessons along the way…

I learned that running in sandals…sucks, and that it is better left to the wee ones with closed-toe shoes.

IMAG3527   IMAG3528

I also learned that Daddy, apparently, enjoys photobombing…


…and that Rivers make good backdrops.



We learned that toddlers shouldn’t run on brickwork…

the poor dear tripped, smashed her face and had a bloody nose that we got stopped in a couple short minutes.


Lastly, we learned that Riverwalks sure tire kids out! Haha!

And little girls with smashed faces are real troopers!

IMAG3546   IMAG3551

I also learned that my dreadlocks look really cool in a fishtail braid, and they turn into cute curly dreads when I take said braid out.

IMAG3500   IMAG3544



We had a wonderful time playing on the Riverwalk and learning a few things along the way.

We are definitely looking forward to visiting there again, and in sensible shoes next time, lol.

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