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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Desk For Me

I haven’t been suffering per se, but I finally broke down and asked Nic to build me a desk. I don’t have a “space” to do my work, without being in the center of all the kitchen happenings. MHG and Cinderella use the kitchen table to Homeschool at and there really isn’t much room left for me and my laptop to comfortably sprawl out and set to work. I use my laptop for lots of things, but mainly, to work on our ongoing Homeschool records (mostly entering grades and making worksheets) and attempting to keep up with my blog. It’s important to me, and Nic knew that, so he set to work immediately.

I told him that a super long shelf would do the trick. I don’t need much. Just a place to put my computer, to be able to sit in an upright position with my feet on the floor and not have to have a sore bum by the time I’m done working. It would also act as a place for our cats to perch and look out the window. It would get their food up off the floor so it’s no longer being kicked over or eaten by Mojo. Underneath, I would keep the litter box, but I would now have a way to hide it…a curtain. I’m a fairly simple girl.

Naturally, he took my idea and ran with it. He had plans for a notch to accommodate my electric cords, legs so I wouldn’t have to attach it at the wall where my favorite curtain is (he’s so considerate), and of course, an angled corner so no one would get hurt on a sharp point. Then, he said it would be stained and poly’d to match the rest of our shelves in our room. Have I said how much I love this man? Cuz I seriously love him a LOT!

I had all my curtains and “frou-frou stuff” (his words) off my wall in no time flat. It was also a nice reminder of why I put it all up in the first place…I HATE plain walls. It seriously depresses me. He busily worked outside on the cuts, sanding, staining and poly’ing.



IMAG3930   IMAG3985


Nic attached it to the wall via 4 long L-brackets (in wall studs) up to the notch on the left (to accommodate my cords). There are 2 legs that are secured by the small silver L-brackets on the underside of the top of the desk, and at the base of the legs. They go directly into the wheel well covering (it doesn’t penetrate all the way through to the outside of the wheel well), and directly into the floor (also not penetrating through to the outside). You could do step aerobics on the this thing. It’s not going anywhere.

We later ditched the cat condo. We have had it for MONTHS and neither of them have gone inside it more than twice.

(I had to shove him inside it for the picture, lol.)

 IMAG3987   IMAG3988


And then I got to put all my stuff back up. It was a relief to get everything back to normal, lol.

IMG_20140928_010806   IMG_20140928_192215

I also put up a chalkboard…for no reason, lol…just because I could.

And the curtain to hide the litter box…a necessity in my opinion. I don’t want to see that.

Nic also installed a wire shelf underneath the desk for me to stow my daily use crafting stuff (sewing/knitting/jewelry making).

I’m a Happy Camper now.

IMG_6024   IMG_6025

The litter box setup:

They just walk underneath my desk, hop over my shoes and get in and out that way with ease.

21   25

16   30

My side of the room is a cluttered sanctuary of happiness. I know it looks like the rainbow threw up everywhere, but it soothes this gypsy’s soul.


My desk is the greatest..and most likely the last addition to this room for a while. I finally feel like I have achieved perfection and a balance between my needs and desires. Thank you for my desk honey. You really have given me all that I wanted and more. You seriously are the best and I am so grateful to have you as my Husband!

I love you.

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