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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 Month Dreadiversary

Happy 2nd Month Dreadiversary to Me!!!
Back of Dreadies 2mo
Here is the 2nd month of my Dreadlock Journey…the good, the bad, and the ugly.
But always…the REAL.

Reality: Before and After washing (plus makeup, lol).
IMAG3169   IMAG3209
IMAG3184   IMAG3186
Reality: My FIRST loopies are forming!!! There will soon be MANY more.
IMAG3274   IMAG3281
Reality: Hours spent blunting my ends…just to have them fall out back into wispy ends. What a waste.
Their ends before I attempted blunting.
IMAG3218   IMAG3219
It was cool while it lasted though.
IMAG3299   IMAG3300
IMAG3308   IMAG3311
Reality: I get bored easily. Dyeing my bangs green seemed like a good remedy for that.
It was my Anniversary present to myself for being tobacco/nicotine/vaping-free for 1 year on September 10th.
I used sugar-free Kool-Aid…2 blues, 1 yellow, 2 greens. Mixed with conditioner. Applied and left on for 8 hours.
I am not even kidding.
IMAG3336   IMAG3380
IMG_20140910_121420_thumb   IMG_20140910_145108_thumb
Reality: Roots loosen before they begin to lock.
Reality: Fishtail braided dreads are adorably curly once they’re removed from the braid.
IMAG3500   IMAG3553
Reality: Crazy updo hair days happen.
Another Reality: Crazy updo hair days happen regardless if you have dreadlocks or not…so just go with it and forgive your locs.
IMAG3668   IMAG4096
IMG_20140917_190125_thumb   IMG_20140922_104858_thumb
Reality: 8 Year old girls make the best dread separators/maintainers.
I’m one seriously lucky Mama. This is my view when my hair is flipped over and she’s separating away.
We only separate 2x/wk. After wash day.
Yes, I wash my dreads. The other days I just put them up outta the way to shower.
Reality: My bangs are not long enough to be dreaded still. I brushed this out immediately.
I couldn’t get it to stay down either, lol.
Reality: I love wash day dreads better than non-wash day dreads.
These are wild, non-wash day dreadies.
IMAG3745   IMAG3748
Reality: Wraps are harder to do if you wrap them a million times…
…they are much easier to do if you just braid them using the actual dread and 2 pieces of embroidery floss.
Another Reality: ROCKS for boho tube headbands…they hide crazy roots super well!
Yet Another Reality: Dreads are so much more fun with baubles in them (from Michael’s 2 years ago).
IMAG3934   IMAG3948
IMAG3964   IMAG3971
Reality: Knitting a Tam is fun and super easy!
I made up my own design…but here’s a great one you can try!
IMAG3976   IMG_20140928_140009
Reality: More crazy, loose roots.
IMAG4036   IMAG4040
Reality: Wash day dreadies look glorious!
IMG_5814   IMG_5843
Reality: I have a thing for beads, wraps, headbands and beanies.
I made the first and bough everything else in the next 2 pics.
IMG_20140904_222036   IMG_20140906_115758   IMG_20140914_125758
I made the first myself, and bought the other 2 from Soulflower (link above).
IMG_20140913_225121   IMAG3657   IMAG3943
I made the first and bought the second.
IMAG4008   IMAG4042
Reality: These are my officially 2 month old dreadies!
IMG_5876   IMG_5888
IMG_5877   IMG_5881
IMG_5892   IMG_5893
I bought the sweater from Amazon for about $18. Here’s the link: Aztec Waterfall Cardigan. By the way, I am not affiliated with anyone.
IMG_5885   IMG_5894
IMG_5900   IMG_5904   IMG_5907
IMG_5908   IMG_5914
IMG_5925   IMG_5927
 IMG_5933   IMG_5949
 IMG_5950   IMG_5952   IMG_5955
Reality: I LOVE MY DREADS!!!
No matter what stage they’re going through, I love them to the Moon and back!
1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls
Here are the Dreadiversaries:

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