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Thursday, August 28, 2014

What’s Up With August?


This month has come and gone and with it, has brought tons of activities, fun and adventure! We wrapped up our Calvert Curriculum (the fun stuff-art, science projects, etc.)…and I engaged in a few sewing projects. We also tie-dyed all the white stuff left in our home! You can read about that fun craft HERE and HERE. The first of the month, we had a visit from our buddy the Barbarian…you can read about that HERE. And at the end of the month, we embarked on another trip to see our family and friends in Colorado. There was Yoga (as per the usual)…and I took a new approach to the foods that I put in my body. It was a great month!

IMAG1919   Family with Barbarian


IMAG1876   IMAG1877   new tunic

I repurposed a dress into the tunic above and this apron below. Sorry for the blurry pics.

apron back   Apron

I repurposed an old ruined tank top into headbands for the girls and myself.


IMG_5457   IMG_5460

I altered a pair of my leggings to fit MHG.




Building a “Shapes Castle”.

Cinderella learns to use scissors…Lord help me. Hopefully she doesn’t butcher her hair like her sister did at this age!

IMAG2329   IMAG2330

IMAG2332   IMAG2333

IMAG2335   IMAG2336   IMAG2337




Our tie-dye stuff.

IMAG1945   IMAG1947

Learning to write her numbers.

IMAG2753   IMAG2755

Our Oak Meadow 3rd grade curriculum arrived! I also ordered the 2nd grade reading books…which she read in a week.


IMG_5431   IMG_5432



IMAG1899   IMAG2405




IMAG1921   IMAG1923   IMAG2354




Picking Dandelions to make homemade cough syrup for this Fall.

IMG_5446   IMG_5448

IMAG2566   IMAG2032

You’d think I never let them eat donuts or something??? (I don’t. It was donut day in the office.)

IMAG2395   IMAG2397

We finally got some rain…albeit cold…but rain nonetheless!

IMAG2704   IMAG2713




IMG_5434   IMG_5436


IMG_5440   IMG_5442



So this was a suitable fortune for me…the top was mine, bottom was MHG’s…but I jacked it.

I was sticking to a primarily Vegan lifestyle before this month, but I didn’t always feel fantastic. I thought I’d give Raw Vegan a shot, and holy cow.

There are no words to describe how amazing I feel these days. I feel like I could take on the whole Universe.

I mainly follow the 80-10-10 lifestyle…mostly raw vegan…and with that comes eating a LOT of bananas.

I eat at least 10 a day…I buy organic from Sam’s…typically 80 each week.

Finding room for them in an RV was fun too, but Nic helped me pull together a great setup to store ALL the fruit!

IMAG2380   IMAG2760

Also, National Banana Lover’s Day was August 27th!

I drink a TON of 10 banana smoothies. They’re fast to make and easy going down.

IMAG2759   IMAG2580

And when I’m not eating a million and one bananas, I’m eating a LOT of fruit and raw veggies.

IMAG2402   IMAG2562

Occasionally, I have some nuts or seeds.

The girls don’t really eat like me…but sometimes they happily dive into their own plates of similar foods…with some omnivore extras.

IMAG2341   IMAG2741

IMAG2347   IMAG2757


And I love me some potatoes, root veggie, brown rice and gluten-free pasta…but only for dinner.

That concept aligns more with the “Raw Til 4” lifestyle.

IMAG2750   IMAG2314

IMAG2727   IMAG2688

Brown Rice & Stir-fried Root Veggies---Gluten-free Vegan Mac Daddy (Recipe from “Veganomicon”)---Gluten-free Broccoli & Penne

IMAG2576   IMAG2725   IMAG2714

Raw Vegan Pasta Sauce


And of course…the smoothies. Always the smoothies. Lots of green ones especially.

IMAG2729   IMAG2743   IMAG2326


The end of the month brought with it a super spontaneous trip back to see everyone in Colorado Springs.

It WAS Labor Day after all.

And it was SUPER spontaneous. We decided the day before to make the trip, lol.

IMAG2785   IMAG2792



IMAG2900   IMAG2906

IMAG2915   IMG_5673

The next blog post up will be our trip back to see everyone…these were just teaser pics.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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