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Monday, August 4, 2014

Tie-Dye ALL The Things: Part Deux


I’m fairly certain that this post doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Yesterday, we tie-dyed all the white stuff left in our home.

Today, we rinsed and washed it out.

Eventually, we modeled it, too.

IMG_5175   IMG_5183

IMG_5185   IMG_5187

My new tank top.

IMG_5211   IMG_5218

As it turns out, my sun hat is polyester…not cotton…so it didn’t take the dye well. I was bummed.


IMG_5238   IMG_5246

Shorts for me.


A onesie for her baby doll.

IMG_5279   IMG_5282

A dress for me and a shirt for Daddy.

IMG_5277   IMG_5296

A terry cloth swimsuit cover-up hoodie for Cinderella.

IMG_5297   IMG_5299

T-shirt for Cindy. She dyed it all by herself.

IMG_5276   IMG_5300

Another t-shirt for Cindy, and PJ shorts for MHG.

IMG_5304   IMG_5301

Her “Camping Is In Tents” t-shirt and her pink pants. She dyed them herself as well.

IMG_5302   IMG_5310

Her t-shirt and shorts.

IMG_5311   IMG_5313

IMG_5314   IMG_5315

IMG_5308   IMG_5309



IMG_5336   IMG_5338

And her jammies.


I totally love how everything (except my hat) turned out!

I LOVE tie-dye!!!

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