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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Perks Of Living Here


Well everyone, we’re at it again. Living 6 hours from our family and friends in Colorado Springs is nice. It means that we’re actually able to SEE them. Being all the way across the country makes that kinda hard. It’s Labor Day weekend, and just yesterday, we made the impulse decision to head up to see everyone…and tackle our storage unit once more. I spent the day packing and loading up the truck for our trip, getting everyone ready to go, and cleaning the heck outta our home so we could come back to it in pristine condition. The last thing I want to do after a last minute, 3-day vacation, is to come home to a messy house. I don’t know about you, but that’s not how I roll. The second Nic got home, we did a couple last second walk-arounds of the inside and outside, made sure our kitties were set up nicely to be without us for the weekend and then we hit the road.

And just to show off Colorado’s Natural Beauty…I will not edit these pics in ANY WAY…other than to crop and enlarge them so you can see them obviously. Colorado is such a beautiful and magical state. I seriously will never, ever tire of gazing upon its splendor. With that being said…













Side note: I’m so proud of my Husband! He’s trying to quit smoking cigarettes, so he has mostly switched over to Vaping.

I’ve gotta say, that it actually makes our road trips bearable now. I don’t let him smoke cigarettes in the vehicles with our kids, so he becomes Mr. Grumpypants without them. This is a compromise…until the day when we find out Vaping is just as harmful, or worse, I suppose. Lol.




Mojo likes to go back and forth between my lap and MHG.


Everybody is super excited to be seeing everyone soon!!!

IMAG2846   IMAG2854

Sorry, my phone camera isn’t the greatest at taking non-blurry pictures I guess…


Sunset in the Mountains is unlike any other.



We pulled into Nonnie and Papoo’s house around midnight-thirty. It was late, and we were exhausted…especially Nic because he had worked a nearly 12 hour day on top of our roughly 6 1/2 hour drive. We kissed and hugged everyone hello, talked for about an hour, then we all passed out. We couldn’t wait to have a fun-filled day tomorrow! It feels so good to be back.

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