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Sunday, August 3, 2014

That Time The Barbarian Came For A Visit

drinks with the barbarian

On August 1st, one of the Elites came down to visit us. The Barbarian. He might seem a little rough around the edges, but he has a heart of gold, and it was so awesome having him visit us!!! Of course, the evening commenced with a BBQ and drinks once he arrived! Yeaaaaa buddy!

boys and shots   The Barbarian


The following day, Nic and the Barbarian went into town to FINALLY pick up our truck from the dealership. You may remember that it has been broken down since June 23rd or so. I was elated when they showed back up with the Tank. It’s got a completely rebuilt transmission now! Thank Goddess for warranties…

Later on, we decided it would be great to go out for dinner. The girls and I got dolled up and I was hella nervous, because this was to be my first outing in public with my new dreadlocks. I wasn’t nervous about what people would say about my hair behind my back, I was nervous someone would say something rude to my face…in front of my girls. I wouldn’t tolerate that. Luckily, dinner went great. Although there were plenty of lookeeloos, no one said anything to my face. Probably because my Husband and his friend are kind of intimidating looking, haha.

While the boys were in town earlier that day and before they picked up the truck, I undertook a couple sewing projects. I sewed myself an apron, a few headbands and a tunic. For dinner, I wore the new tunic with my fave tie-dye leggings from

new tunic

Apron   apron back

We had some super yummy food, but apparent I was a pain in the butt, because asked the server for veggie fajitas…which weren’t on the menu. Since when did Chili’s take those off the menu? The guy looked at me like I grew horns and pooped out my mouth when I asked for that…lol. The chef was able to fix them up, however, and they later found it in their computer. As it turns out, they DO make them…they just don’t offer them. Go figure. Anywho, they were delicious.

After we got home and got the girls off to bed, it was time for some hacky sack! I completely suck and it…but I DO love to play. Nic and the Barbarian weren’t too shabby though…waaaaay better than me, haha! Oh, and I am much better when I’m slightly intoxicated…jus’ sayin’.

Me with the Boys


hacking nic

hacking barbarian

hacking barbarian 2   hacking nic 2

me hacking

me hacking 2   me hacking 3

The following morning, we bid the Barbarian farewell and wished him a safe 6 hour drive home…but not before wrangling the boys in for one last picture…

    Family with Barbarian

Thanks for coming buddy! It was so wonderful seeing you again and having you visit us! We really enjoyed having you here!

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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