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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monkeyin’ Around


We are back in Colorado! It hasn’t even been 2 whole months since our last visit. Living just 6 hours away definitely has it perks! We left yesterday evening as soon as Nic got off work and made the 6 1/2 hour drive to his parents’ home in Colorado Springs. We got there around midnight. We hugged and kissed his parents, chatted with them for about an hour, and then we all hit the hay…it had been a VERY long day for us…especially Nic.

The next day, Papoo treated us to some fun at Monkey Bizness. This is quickly becoming he and the girls’ thing. They just have the time of their lives at that place. I even stole a quick 1 month Dreadiversary selfie with my little one. 

IMAG2857   IMAG2858

IMAG2859   IMAG2862   IMAG2860


After scolding Papoo for drawing a butt on the chalkboard, we headed to Red Robin for some lunch.

I love the man to pieces, even though it’s like watching over another toddler sometimes, lol!

IMAG2867   IMAG2868

It’s the only restaurant I’ve found in town where I can get a truly Vegan burger. Yummmmm.


Mmmm….a mouth full of food, lol.

After lunch, we headed to the Toy Station so I could get the girls a couple things and Papoo and Nonnie got them some little toy animals, a magic kit and some candy. Thanks for that, by the way. The girls were hyped up on Jelly Beans for a whole WEEK after we got back home, haha!

Nonnie couldn’t find Cindy’s clean clothes (and underwear) in her backpack after her bath…so she got to wear my Nephew’s underwear.

Oh boy.

She thought it was pretty silly though.

Luckily, Mommy had no trouble finding her own panties.


And of course, what trip would be complete without some hacking with friends?

IMAG2873   IMAG2876

We never did find that hacky sack after that night…???

The Macs came over for a visit and to par-tay with us!!! So did my other bestie-Lauren (Auntie Tiger Mac is my other bestie)!

I eventually took our girls to my Mom’s to spend the night so we wouldn’t keep them up. (Before I started drinking, duh.)


Who would believe this guy is a Grandpa? Did everyone get their tickets to the gun show?

And the Macs’ beautiful daughter is 17 already! Holy crap! I remember when she was just starting Middle School!!!

Oh! AND she has her license and her own car now, also!

Where has the time gone?

IMAG2881   IMAG2884

Nonnie showin’ Papoo how to play ball!


Auntie Tiger and Monster High Girl cheesin’.


Apparently I look like a Pirate to everyone on this fine evening, lol.

IMAG2894   IMAG2898

IMAG2900   IMAG2910

IMAG2902   IMAG2909

After my Lauren showed up and met Cinderella for the first time (she’s been in Ohio since she was born), she accompanied me to my Mom’s to drop the girls off for the night. The Mac’s daughter played DD for the night and took them to get dinner while we were off. Pip stayed to hang with Nic and we all rendezvoused back at my in-laws for some good times…


…but that’ll be in the next blog post, cuz there’s waaaaay too many drunk pics to post here, lmao!

Until then, thanks for reading!

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