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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Dose Of Our Friends Before We Go


We won!

Not only because the girls kicked the boys’ butts, but because we got one more night to spend with our friends before we head home!

A little bit of beer, a little bit of darts and a lotta fun with the people we hold dear to our hearts.

And since Cinderella can never be without Mommy, she came too and slept upstairs in the guest room…for most of the night.



Oh heyyyyyy.

IMG_5634   IMG_5635

Cuddles with Uncle Jedi before bedtime.

IMG_5640   IMG_5641

Two beautiful girls.


I’m pretty sure it would kill him to take a normal freaking picture.


Well this one’s close.



My 2 best friends. Love these girls sooooooooooo much!!! (And miss them even more.)

IMG_5653   IMG_5656

Mah boys!

IMG_5654   IMG_5657

Annnnnnnd playing us some darts. I suck though, but I always have a great time.

Tiger pretty much carries me the whole way, lol.

IMG_5655   IMG_5658

She’s the Queen of Bullseyes.

This was Lauren’s first time playing with us…she pretty darn good for her first time too!

IMG_5666   IMG_5661   IMG_5659

IMG_5660  IMG_5662

Cindy wanted to throw as well…and my Husband’s fired from taking pictures.


Silly Girl.


Cinderella woke up from a bloody nose (Colorado is very dry) and by the time I got her all cleaned up, she couldn’t go back to sleep.

So she came downstairs and hung out with all of us…but mostly with Bubba.

IMAG2920   IMAG2921

He’s just an awesome dog, despite the fact that she feels the need to get all up in his Bubba bubble.


She said he was cold and needed to be covered up with her.


And then Roo made an appearance! So naturally, Cindy felt the need to bug her for a bit also.


After playing with Bubba and Roo, she finally fell back asleep…

<3 This is a rarity these days. Out cold in Mommy’s lap. <3


After a looooong night of chillin’ with our homies, it was time for me to drag ourselves away from there. It was almost 4am and we had a long drive home ahead of us in about 4-5 hours, lol! It was such a blessing to be able to have another night to hang out with our friends. These occasions are a small gift to ourselves that we only get once in a blue moon, so we definitely cherish them when the moments arise.

Lauren, Jedi, Tiger and M&M’s (and Pip…whom wasn’t present this evening)…thank you for such a wonderful weekend! I’m so glad you cleared your schedules (with pretty much zero notice from us) to get to hang out. You’re the greatest friends that we could ever ask for and we love you dearly. It’s gonna be hard to head back tomorrow. :-(

With that being said, until next time…farewell August…

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Times, Good Fun, Good Friends


We’re back in town in Colorado Springs for a Labor Day Weekend visit, and we’re having some fun with our friends!

Starting off the night, we passed around a bottle of Cruzan Black Cherry Rum.

This would’ve gotten us all Mono back in the day, lol.

Our buddies that we met at our RV park a few months ago, introduced us to this Rum. It tastes like Dr. Pepper when you mix it with Diet Coke.




Poor M&M’s. Watching a bunch of drunk adults all night must’ve been really annoying, or possibly really entertaining, lol.

And by a “bunch” of drunk adults, I’m pretty sure that I was the only one that was actually drunk. I’m a lightweight.

She’s so purty.

IMG_5574   IMG_5581

Cuz boobs goes with beers.

Lauren for the win!



IMG_5593   IMG_5601

I really should not be allowed to drink anymore, lol.


Can someone please tell me why I had 2 beers in all these pics? Please tell me I wasn’t drinking BOTH of them…



After a few pics with my girls, we all formed a circle in the driveway and played some Hacky Sack for hours. It was so much fun!

I haven’t heard that much laughter out of all of us in YEARS.

What a bunch of fine lookin’ Men right here!

This pic makes me wonder what was going on off to my right?



She’s probably gonna kill me for posting this pic, but Every. Single. Time. I see it I die. And smile.

I love you Tiger.



I’m so happy to see my Lauren again! She’s been gone for FOUR years in OHIO!!! It’s so wonderful that she’s back!

It just sucks that now I’M the one that’s gone…


 IMG_5627   IMG_5628


It was a most splendid evening with our closest friends. The only person missing was the Barbarian, but I think he was studying for a Final. We love these guys all so very, very much. It makes it so incredibly difficult to leave after seeing everyone. Tomorrow night we headed over to the Mac’s house, but because we didn’t have a DD, so Nic was the only one to partake in the boozing. That’ll be my next post…so stay tuned for more!

Thanks for coming over to see us and for such a wonderful time. We love you all and miss you like crazy!

Oh, and thanks for tolerating my drunk ass.

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