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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I’ve Been Dreading These Locks…

…no seriously. I gave myself dreadlocks!!!
How about a couple “BEFORE” shots, before I continue:
IMAG1371    IMAG1411
My hair is getting really long and outta control. I have a life to live and I don’t want to spend hours each day taming my mane.
I don’t always get to do something for myself, so I decided that it was time to.
And before you say anything…I hate short hair on me…
I absolutely LOVE how Dreadlocks look.

The day after our 9th Wedding Anniversary, July 26th, I woke Nic up to tell him that I was giving myself dreads.
He was less than thrilled…but he said it’s my hair and I can do whatever I want to it.
I skipped off and started at once!
I’ve been no pooing  (not using Shampoo or Conditioner) my hair with only baking soda and sometimes a honey/vinegar rinse for 4 months at this point, so it’s definitely free of any build-up and ready to go. If you’ve been washing your hair with regular shampoo, it’s advised that you strip it of any residue (conditioner, hair products, regular shampoo) before getting started. You can do that by doing a baking soda soak and no pooing for a couple of weeks.
I joined an online Facebook group for Moms with Dreadlocks and asked them a bazillion and one questions. They pointed me to Silvija Vil on You Tube to find a Twist and Rip tutorial for starting my dreads. I learned about sectioning, how to wash them, and the Do’s and Don’ts from her and those awesome Mommies.
Here is the video I used to teach myself how to dreadlock my hair…it is the Twist and Rip (not backcomb) method:
“One dread on your head.”
The first day, I completed only 5. I feared that at that rate, I wouldn’t complete my dreads until the year 2017, lol!
IMAG1442   IMAG1445   IMAG1449
My hair IS layered…these dreads were in shorter layers. Don’t worry, I didn’t lose THAT much length…yet.


On the 27th,  I put in 12 more. I was getting a LOT faster at making them…but still, this was taking forever.
Dreadlocks really DO take patience…for the folks that take/took the natural route…you are amazing!
IMAG1452   IMAG1453   IMAG1454
I went through a bunch of rubber bands to section the roots and to tie off the bottoms.
I also used about a million hair clips and ties to hold my non-dreaded hair out of the way.
IMAG1461   IMAG1464   IMAG1468
Rubber-banding the bottoms was pointless. I guess I was scared they would fall out. Ha! That’s funny.
IMAG1473   IMAG1474   IMAG1479
17 Down…a million more to go!


On the 28th, I was feeling really pumped. I had stayed up late the night before finishing the 12 I had sectioned off. Today, I was shooting for the Moon! I let the girls binge watch movies all day (which I seriously am SUPER against) so I could work on my hair. I was able to section off  9 dreads. They ended up being slightly larger than I anticipated, but I figured it would be no big deal and I used the brick sectioning method. I checked in with my Dreadie Mama’s just to make sure I had done it right…
IMAG1483   IMAG1490
I have no one to help me section, and it’s REALLY hard to hold a mirror up to another mirror to be able to look at the back of my head…all the while holding a comb to square off my sections. But, after a few hours, I  was proudly posting my pics to Instagram and my Mommy group showing off my progress!
IMAG1486   IMAG1498
Well, the pride sure didn’t last long.
The Mommies knew my heart’s desire was to have really thin dreads when they were all said, done and locked up years from now. Silvija Vil’s are very similar to what I want actually. That being said, they all informed me that my dread’s thicknesses will end up being whatever the diameter of my current sections are… i.e. too freaking big…if you go off of my current sectioning. I was devastated.
All the hard work. All the hours I spent ignoring my family while I slaved away on my hair. The blisters. The aching, pained and numb arms…
All of it for nothing.
I had to start over.
Here’s a pretty accurate description of how I felt actually…
But, it’s all a part of the dreadlock journey.
I took that pic to remind myself (when I look back some day with kick ass dreadlocks)…of all the hard work I put into them.
IMAG1510   IMAG1512
I spent the rest of my day brushing out and redoing the 12 I did the night before.
I left 3 of my original 5 and redid 2 of them.
What an emotionally and physically exhausting day.
Brushing your hair like a mad woman whilst bawling your eyes out is pretty good therapy though I must say.
Brushing out dreads makes your hair ridiculously frizzy, but I did learn that frizzy hair (not smooth like mine) is a LOT easier to dread.
Here’s my new and improved dread babies.
I turned the 2 big ones I had to do over into 5, plus the 3 I left, for a total of 8. I have to make up the lost time tomorrow.


Today, the 29th, I did 38…yea, I’m definitely getting this down.
IMAG1538   IMAG1545   IMAG1540
IMAG1558   IMAG1568
New and improved sections from having to redo them.
Here, how about a BEFORE and AFTER?
IMAG1490   IMAG1579
It’s a HUGE difference.
It’s the difference between having pencil to sharpie thickness dreads once fully mature, to having 1 1/2” thick dreads!


Today, the 30th, I got 18 Done, then 22 done and then I sectioned off the rest!
I also couldn’t take it any longer and I washed my hair. I used baking soda.
Anyone worried about not washing your dreads until WEEKS after you’re DONE putting them in, don’t worry. Nothing bad happens.
Actually, they just fluffed a bit and were squeaky clean…which was a LOVELY improvement from the greasy mess they were before.
IMAG1596   IMAG1626
Getting so close!
IMAG1633   IMAG1637
IMAG1640   IMAG1652
IMAG1658   IMAG1661
I finished the last 9 later in the night after everyone was fast asleep!
IMAG1699   IMAG1691
Alllllllllllll DONE!!!
IMAG1710   IMAG1731
IMAG1733   IMAG1737
You wouldn’t be able to tell from how happy I was in my pictures, that it was past 3 o’clock in the morning, lol!


In case you lost track or are curious, I have 95 dreads total. I decided against doing my bangs, because they’re too short for me to dread.
Here’s some pics from the following week of Dreadie Selfies…
I love them sumthin’ fierce!
IMAG1837   IMAG1838   IMAG1843
I’ll be going as Medusa for Halloween this year, too.
IMAG1970   IMAG1971
Words seriously cannot express how much I LOVE my hair for the FIRST TIME in my life. I realize dreadlocks aren’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but they’re mine and I can’t wait to enjoy the journey!!! I will do a post each month of my progress…so stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit me up on our Facebook page: or email me at:
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Here are the Dreadiversaries:

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