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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Destination: Scales ‘n Tails

Cinderella is obsessed with Snakes. I have no clue why. Regardless, Nonnie thought she would really enjoy checking out the snakes at the “pet store”, so we headed to Scales ‘n Tails for some afternoon fun. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs and wanna do something different, you should go check ‘em out! You can hold a lot of the creatures there, and the turtles roam aimlessly about the store for everyone to view and pet, if you so desire.


First up for viewing were the snakes. Lots and lots of snakes…and lizards.

 IMAG0410   IMAG0412   IMAG0414

IMAG0411   IMAG0413

Here’s the large turtle that wanders around the store. Cindy was a bit apprehensive to pet him at first, but after she saw big sister go for it, we could barely pull her away from him.

IMAG0417   IMAG0418   IMAG0436


I always wanted an Iguana when I was growing up…I still do. Maybe someday I will finally get one?


IMAG0431   IMAG0434

IMAG0438   IMAG0439

The highlight of my day for sure (and possibly Cindy’s as well), was holding this adorable Spider Ball Python.

IMAG0440   IMAG0445   IMAG0441

“Help Mom, he’s climbing up my arm!”

IMAG0442_BURST001   IMAG0442_BURST002

Monster High Girl wasn’t as keen on holding him however. Hahaha!

IMAG0446   IMAG0448   IMAG0459

Although he was pretty tiny here, he would eventually grow to be about 4 feet long!

IMAG0452   IMAG0453   IMAG0456

I wanted to take him home with me sooooo bad! Unfortunately (or fortunately for my Husband), living in an RV doesn’t exactly provide me with enough room to keep a case for him. :-( Someday, lil buddy…someday…

IMAG0461   IMAG0463_BURST002_COVER   IMAG0462

Now this guy was another story! He had cage aggression, so the store owner lets him out a few times a day to slither around by him. I guess it helps him to better acclimate to his cage? I don’t know for sure, but he sure was BIG! He wasn’t allowed to be held. He was over 5 feet long…easily.

IMAG0466   IMAG0468

Right as we were about to head out, I remembered to ask if they carried Hedgehogs. Nonnie used to own one a few years ago, and he lived for 9 years! She’s been missing him a lot and I wondered if they had one she could hold for a minute…and they sure did!

IMAG0470   IMAG0474   IMAG0471

She wanted to buy him so bad, but at a cost of $200, that had to be a decision made for another day. He sure was cute though!


Right before we left, our little friend wanted a tad bit more attention from us…


…and attention he got!


We had such a great time there…and best of all, it was FREE, lol! Cinderella was excited to see the real snakes, MHG got brave and pet a few creatures that she had never pet before, Nonnie got to hold Mr. Pokemon again and I fell in love with my future pet, haha! We were there over an hour and are looking forward to heading back the next time we visit…and who knows, maybe we’ll get to bring someone home next time?!

It was a fun day of shopping, hanging out with Nonnie and enjoying some freaky animals. That evening, Papoo prepared us a delicious dinner and everyone got another great night of sleep! It’s so great to be back home with our loved ones again!

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