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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Work Warehouse & Water

My Mom drove down from Colorado Springs and has been staying with us for a whole week by this point. We are lovin’ having her here, too! We’ve taken her to the Aztec Ruins, showed her around, and done lots and lots of kicking back and relaxing. You can read about her first week visiting with us HERE.


Friday the 20th

Don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes it’s far out to think about how “in charge” my Husband is. Obviously, he’s the King of his Castle here at home…but to think about how he’s in charge of running a “few million dollars” project, and overseeing about 20 guys, is way cool. Really though, there’s no one better suited for the job. He’s perfectly capable of getting this project up and running and finishing smoothly. My Mom wanted to see where he worked, so I asked him if it would be alright to swing by for a couple minutes and show her his warehouse. This warehouse is new. He was just starting to receive in his shipments, so everything was out in the yard still, but he obliged and we headed over.


IMG_4259   IMG_4261

He took a few minutes to give us a quick tour.

There’s two warehouses leading into a foyer. You walk through the large one, into the smaller one. The smaller one leads into the foyer, reception desk and a small office for his 2 guys that he brought out here from Virginia and Arizona. To the left of the foyer, is his office, the break room, the meeting room, and then it walks back out into the large main warehouse finishing the circle.


The foyer has a fireplace! How cool is that? The 2nd pic is taken from behind the reception desk looking out at the front entrance.

It’s too bad this isn’t a permanent job site. I’d have this place whipped up to awesome in a jiffy! A couple of fake trees, a few chairs and a lounger, soft music playing in the background…a nice big rug and some pictures on the wall…not to mention a blazing fire, lol!

IMG_4265   IMG_4266

Walking through the foyer, straight ahead leads to his office, the break room & meeting room. To the left is his Virginia and Arizona guys’ office.


Nic’s office. He had to check some emails real quick.

IMG_4269   IMG_4270

The break room & meeting room are two separate rooms. They should be big enough to accommodate the 20 or so crew members in the morning and at the end of the day, however. The rest of the day, the crew is out in the field.

IMG_4272   IMG_4273

The handhelds.

These are what the crew use to enter data on the water meters that they just exchanged out for the automated water meters.


The giant map of Farmington, NM that Nic uses to plan out his guys’ routes and see where they are. The girls thought it was the bee’s knees.


This project (and warehouse) is much larger than the one he Supervised in Richmond, VA. Did I mention this project came with a promotion from Field Operations Supervisor to Project Manager? I couldn’t be more proud of him. He earned it with all his hard work.

That was pretty much the highlight of that day for all of us. After a quick stop over at the store, and a drive through Farmington Lake, we headed back home and just hung out the rest of the day.

Saturday the 21st

I took the girls and Mom to the flea market. I got myself some new crystals (Azurite, an Apache Tear & Grape Agate) and some small toy animals for the girls to play with. Cindy is lately obsessed with “mean meows” (Lions, Tigers, Wildcats, etc.) & dinosaurs. We got a whole bunch of them (like 20 or so) for only $1. Jackpot. There were 2 of each animal, but not the dinos. (There’s a LOT more animals than what’s pictured.)

IMG_4873   IMG_4874

We toured Farmington for a quick minute, ran a couple errands and headed back home.

The 5 of us enjoyed a lovely day of family togetherness, playing games and BBQing.

Gma Cindy Aggravation

I just had to photograph Cinderella wearing a dress for posterity. She still doesn’t match, per the usual, but it’s so rare to see her wearing anything girly. I thought she was adorable. Btw, I don’t pick out her clothes. She is WAY TOO HEADSTRONG for me to have any say in that.

Tie-dye, polka dots & flowers. Good stuff!

IMG_4278   IMG_4279   IMG_4280

Sunday the 22nd

Here is another rare occasion with my beautiful youngster…her letting me do her hair! AND she left it up ALL DAY! AND she wasn’t wearing a hoodie, lol! Seriously though, we all headed to Farmington Lake for the day to do some Yoga, play and fish. Well, I did Yoga…kinda, Nic fished…kinda and the girls played with Grandma in the sand…kinda. Lol. We had to keep moving spots because the fish weren’t biting. Just as soon as we’d get set up, I would ask Nic if we needed to move sites because I could tell he was frustrated from the lack of fishies. You see, the spots where the fishing is REALLY good, aren’t really people friendly. It’s right off the bank cliff, with like a good 12 foot drop down to the lake. Not exactly a spot you want your toddler running around. After trying out all the people-friendly spots, we gave up and drove around to where the fishing’s good. I held onto Cinderella like my life (and hers) depended on it…because it did. We had a tailgate picnic and kissed Nic goodbye shortly thereafter. We left him to fish with his buddy, and fellow Project Manager out of California, J.

IMG_4281   IMG_4283

Gma Girls Fishing

IMG_4286   IMG_4287

Mojo got to come too. He didn’t want anything to do with the water, but he was thoroughly enjoying all the different smells present.


Our current rental and “dream truck”. A 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 V8…it’s only 3 months old!

We really just love the fact that it’s a crew cab. 4 BIG doors makes a HUGE difference when you have children.





We had a fantastic time at the lake together. Unfortunately though, as I was driving Mom and the girls home in my truck, my transmission started slipping…BAD. When Nic got home, he took it for a drive to see if I knew what I was talking about (I don’t know how he still can doubt me after all these years together…I know when a tranny is going out, thank you very much). As it turns out, I do, in fact, know what I’m talking about. Which, in this scenario…sucks. We DO have a warranty on the truck though, so we’re hopeful that whatever is wrong with it, will be covered by said warranty. Everyone cross your fingers and say your prayers for us please!!!

On Monday, I found the RAM dealership in town with the best reviews online and called to schedule a time for it to go in the shop. The soonest they could get it in however, is July 9th. Looks like I’m gonna be without a vehicle for a while. Oh well. Good thing I’m a Stay At Home Mom!


Tuesday the 24th

Today was spent RE-LAX-ING! We went for a swim, tanned outside in my yard for a while and got Grandma’s hippie van set up for MHG to spend the night with her later that evening. (If anyone is curious to know, I definitely get my hippie/gypsy genes from my Mama. She’s been sleeping in it for over a week now and is LOVING it!)

Cinderella pitched a HUGE fit before we headed over to the pool, because she didn’t want her arm floaties on. Ok, whatever. Grandma will just hold you the whole time. Of course, once we got to the pool, she changed her tune. My ever-so-headstrong child decided that she “don’t need you” Grandma and wanted to swim on her own. At that point, she was more than happy to put on her floaties, jack some kid’s pool noodle and kick around the place.

It never ceases to amaze me how opposite my two girls are…despite the same upbringing. I swear MHG THIS year decided to start letting go of me while in the pool. That girl was sooooo clingy in water that it wasn’t even funny. She has been quoted on more than one occasion to shout “I NEED LAND!!!” as her head dipped under the water for like half a second and she “nearly drowned”. She’s quite melodramatic, lol.

Cindy on the other hand, is still 2, was literally born under water (our bathtub at home) and I swear has been swimming ever since. Her 1st and 2nd Summers (1 yr old & 2 yrs old) were spent sleeping in her pool tube floatie as she floated around the pool with someone. She was born a fish.

I am proud to report that MHG’s swimming skills are growing wonderfully! She has mastered her back float and her doggie paddle is looking marvelous. Her backstroke is good and she’s working on improving other techniques.

IMG_4300   IMG_4303   IMG_4304

IMG_4301   IMG_4305   IMG_4310

IMG_4316   IMG_4314



(And yes, MHG can float on her back WITHOUT a flotation device, haha! She was cheating.)


IMG_4324   IMG_4325

We headed back home and laid out in the yard for a bit of tanning. In reality, we TRIED to tan while the girls shot us up with their water guns!

IMG_4327   IMG_4330

IMG_4329   IMG_4331

What day swimming and tanning would be complete without a bikini Yogini?


Setting up Grandma’s minivan for a sleepover was the highlight of everyone’s day though…for sure. There’s something exciting about sleeping in a van. After we got it set up, it was time for dinner, time for Cindy to go to bed, then lights out for Grandma and MHG. Nic and I got to stay up talking without any interruptions. How lovely! Thanks Grandma!

IMG_4370   IMG_4371



Good times with this lovely lady!!! We’re all having so much fun with her! I know I’ve said that before, but it really is true. I thought for sure that I would’ve sent her home by now, lol! We love you Mom! Thanks for staying with us!

Tomorrow is Cinderella’s 3rd birthday! Stay tuned for that blog post and thank you so much for reading!

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