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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Special Visitor…

Gma Arrives

Grandma has arrived!!!

Gma Cindy Hello Hug   Gma MHG Hello Hug

Saturday the 14th

After a long 7 hour drive all the way from Colorado Springs, CO to Farmington, NM, my Mom arrived safe and sound and in one piece. We couldn’t be happier! Our first day was spent lovin’ on one another and playing outdoor sports (including baseball) in our yard.

Mom Girls Peace

IMG_4045   IMG_4065

IMG_4072   IMG_4074

IMG_4099   IMG_4103

IMG_4110   IMG_4082

For this…there are no words.

IMG_4115   IMG_4116


Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday the 15th

The following day was Father’s Day…which was really special to not only Nic, but also me. Not only did we get to appreciate the man that made this day important (We love you Daddy!), BUT I got to spend it with my Mom as well. I didn’t have a Dad growing up. Instead, I had a kick ass single Mother that worked her butt off to raise myself and my special needs brother. And she did a damn good job! (Pardon my french.) Every Father’s Day, I call my Mom to tell her Happy Father’s Day. She was my Mom AND my Dad and there really are no words for how much she means to me. (She means the world and more.) Today, I got to celebrate it with her, my adorable Husband and our beautiful children. We sent Daddy off to enjoy the day fishing with his buddy, and fellow Dad. Together, they caught enough Rainbow Trout to feed my family (minus me…I’m Vegan, as you know).




Tuesday the 17th

Monday was spent relaxing, homeschooling and helping my Mom to familiarize herself with our park and daily routine. On Tuesday, Nic had dinner with his boss, so we went to the office BBQ here. The RV park manager and his wife cooked up a fine meal of Brisket Burritos for the meat eaters at the park. I arrived prepared, with my green smoothie in hand. My Mom and the girls however, didn’t eat anything green and loved every single bite, lol!

IMG_4140   IMG_4148

Gma Cindy BBQ

He didn’t get any brisket…but isn’t he cute? Mojo’s officially 6 months old now and he’s growing a Mohawk!


Wednesday, I got to go grocery shopping ALL. BY. MYSELF. I seriously cannot remember the last time I got to do that? I wanna say it was at least 5 months ago…back when we still lived in Phoenix, AZ? Having my Mom here, seriously has its perks! She babysat while I took my time. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to turn a 2 hour trip into 4 glorious, heavenly hours of quiet time, haha! Who knew strolling through Wal-Mart for 4 hours, without being rushed…or accommodating 32 trips to the bathroom…or constantly telling little people “No, we are not going to buy that.” could feel so liberating?

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Thursday the 19th

On Thursday, I took Mom and the girls to Aztec for the day. We showed her the ruins, had lunch at Subway, took a stroll down Main Street, hit up a couple shops while there and came back home for some fun in the sun. We love the Aztec Ruins. I seriously never get tired of that place.

Cinderella is going to be turning 3 in a couple days, so Grandma wanted pictures of the girls in front of their age signs.

IMG_4149   IMG_4172

Inside the main Kiva.

IMG_4152   IMG_4155

IMG_4153   IMG_4156

Mom Girls Ruins

I swear these doorways get shorter and shorter every time we visit?

cindy aztec doorway   girls aztec bw


IMG_4175   IMG_4180

Mom Girls Doorway Ruins    Me Girls Doorway Aztec

IMG_4187   IMG_4185

IMG_4188   IMG_4189

Mom MHG Ruins

Mom Me Girls Ruins


After the ruins we refueled at Subway and took a walk down Main Street. I donated 3 grocery bags of clothing to a small Mom and Pop sort of thrift store and the lady that worked there gave my girls 2 pretty hand beaded bracelets. I bought a gently worn Hollister tube top for $3 (can’t beat that) and then we headed to the hardware store. I was in need of a new bathtub drain stopper…Mojo chewed to pieces my last one. Gotta love puppies! We went across the street so MHG could buy herself some new guitar picks from the local music store. She plays the lap harp. My Mom chatted up the guy behind the counter. She just loves telling everyone that I used to work at a couple music stores back in Colorado Springs and that I play 5 instruments…as if they care, lol. Turns out the guy used to live back there once upon a time too and is quite familiar with where I used to work (Graner…back when Mel Graner himself owned it & ProSound.) Small world. I guess he DID care!


girls fountain bw   girls aztec fountain

After the girls made wishes at the fountain, I found one more store that special orders home remodeling stuff. As it turns out, they have some wicked cool, old-world style, witchy looking drawer pulls that I would LOVE to buy a couple of to put on stuff around here. I love old-world, witchy, piratey looking stuff. That’ll be a cost for another day though…right now it isn’t a priority. Although I could buy them off Amazon or eBay, I prefer to support local, small businesses. They looked something like this:

After we got back home, the girls got into their swimsuits and played in the sprinkler for a while. Ya know, cuz it was like 95 degrees outside.

IMG_4221   IMG_4223   IMG_4222


IMG_4235   IMG_4242   IMG_4236


 IMG_4246   IMG_4249

Girls Sprinkler 2014

There’s much more to come, but I don’t want to bombard you with a zillion pictures at once. ;-) We had a great first few days though, and I can’t wait to share the rest with you! I still have our trip to the lake, Cinderella’s birthday, Nic’s birthday and a few other things to blog about…so stay tuned for those to come! Thanks for reading and thanks for coming down to see us Mom! We love you so much!

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