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Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Mojo

We’ve been pretty busy around here the past week and a half (or so)…

We have since acquired a puppy!!!

Well, he acquired us technically. Last, last Wednesday (April 30th) afternoon, I watched the cutest puppy make a bee line right for Cindy. Then he ran off. Then he ran back to MHG. Then he ran off.

One of the employees at the park here asked if I wanted to hold onto him for a little bit until Animal Rescue arrived. We were worried he’d get hit by a car, so I agreed. I squatted down, slapped my knees and he came right to me and didn’t even try to run off. We put Onyx’s harness and leash on him (he’s just a tiny little thing) and I knew right then and there that this little guy was ours…so much in fact, that I named him Mojo. (He totally seems like a Mojo.)


9   10   12

I immediately phoned Nic to get home from fishing. I told him we had a dog. He said “No. He’s going to the shelter.” I said, “Yea ok. Just wait til you see him.”


IMG_3003   IMG_3004

Nic arrived home after quite a harrumph about getting a dog and the second he laid eyes on Mojo, I could tell that he knew it too. He wasn’t going anywhere. The lady that had asked me to watch him til the shelter came, forgot to call the shelter. Maybe she forgot, maybe it was intentional. Either way, I’m grateful. My worries were just beginning though…I still wouldn’t allow myself to admit out loud that he was ours.

Cindy & Mojo

Bat Dog!

(He looks like an old man in this pic, lol.)


Cindy wanted to sleep with him on his first night with us, but we wouldn’t allow it. She sure gave it a good try though, lol. She slept with us that night while he slept on the brown body pillow.


I spent Thursday, May Day (Beltane), making phone calls to the local Animal Shelters to see if anyone was missing him. No one had called. I made flyers and even laminated them and put one on the end of our RV (that was located at the very centermost, 1st RV up front spot), one in the office and one out front of the entrance at our RV Park. No one came for him while we went about our usual routine…with newly added doggie duties thrown into the mix.

mojo poster   IMG_3014



We watched tentatively as the cats walked on eggshells around him…never taking their eyes off him once. He didn’t mind them, however. Onyx, being the Alpha-male, I was pretty sure would destroy him, but I think he realizes that Mojo is just a spazzy puppy and not a threat to his territory. Tigger, is NOT Mojo’s biggest fan, but Mojo is learning to give Tigger his space. 1 1/2 Weeks later, all 3 are co-existing quite well…with the occasional de-clawed, high five to Mojo’s face from Tigger…if he gets too close, lol. Onyx and Mojo curl up together now and sleep.


IMG_2998   IMG_3000

Cindy & Mojo 2   MHG & Mojo

When Nic arrived home Thursday after work, he was bearing all kinds of goodies for Mojo. A doggie “no-pull” harness (that doesn’t stop him from pulling), a camouflage collar, a black bandana skull & crossbones collar, a camouflage/skull & crossbones hoodie that says “Monster”, Purina dry puppy food, all-natural (4 ingredient) treats and an orange squeaker bone toy.

Here’s Mojo in his new hoodie that keeps him warm for late night or early morning potty walks. I think he likes it. He doesn’t shiver as violently anymore when it’s cold outside.


Showing off his killer new bandana collar.


The next day, Friday, the maintenance man came knocking. My heart sunk when he asked if we still had the puppy. MHG began to cry as she clung to Mojo for dear life. I quietly said “Yessss….is he yours?” My heart lifted briefly when he said “No” but sunk again when he said “But I know who he belongs to.” For a split second, I had to choke back tears. I couldn’t imagine parting with him now…and we had barely had him for 2 days! The maintenance man went on to tell me about his “owners”:

He (the maintenance man) has been working here for 2 months now. In that amount of time, he had watched Mojo escape through the fence of his “home” Every. Single. Day. On several of those occasions, he had even witnessed his owners watching him escape, and never once did they call him back or go after him. They didn’t care…or maybe they knew he’d come back? They also have a Pit Bull puppy (I love Pit Bulls, FYI) that’s roughly 4-5 times his size. The maintenance man stood by, disheartened, as he watched them shower all of their love and attention on the pit bull and never once on Mojo. He witnessed them encouraging their Pit to “get him” (referring to Mojo) as the Pit would pick on Mojo incessantly. He never intervened because the Pitbull hadn’t hurt Mojo (yet), but it was still sad to stand idly by watching.

Flash forward, and although Mojo always escaped into our RV park, he typically stayed close to his yard.

But not on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, he made his way to the center of our park, right to our RV, and into our hearts…and he hasn’t left yet. The maintenance man was coming by to tell me all of that to try to CONVINCE us to keep Mojo. He said those “pet owners” were undeserving of such a sweet, well-mannered, adorable little pup. He wanted us to keep him. He was coming by to see if we felt the same way. He said that with us, he’ll be loved, played with and appreciated. I’m pretty sure MHG’s tears were all he needed to see, to see where we stood on the matter. I told him, if I had it my way, he would stay with us forever and as long as Nic agreed, he wasn’t going anywhere. That’s all the maintenance man wanted to hear. He said he was going to take down our sign outside the entrance, and I should take down the other two. I really thought, at first, that he was kidding. When Nic got home, he said the sign was gone. I guess he was serious.

I busted out my sewing gear. Mojo was quite enthralled with my sewing scraps. I grabbed a long piece of scrap fabric and tied a bunch of knots in it. It became one of his most favorite toys (even still)…for him AND the girls. They really enjoy playing tug of war with him now…and although MHG beats him, he usually beats Cindy, haha. I just love that all the playing with their new puppy, really tuckers everyone out. Cindy has been sleeping through a lot of the nights now after playing with him all day (1+ weeks later).


After the maintenance man left, as MHG finished her 2nd grade curriculum for Calvert, I finished up Mojo’s homemade doggie bed. It was a lot of work, and I was hoping the whole time, as I sewed away, that he would like it…

IMG_3035   IMG_3036

4   2

I was thrilled (and relieved) to see that he LOVED his new bed that I made him.

5   6

7   8

I spent that entire day sewing him a homemade doggie bed. It’s Boho and cute and one of my ways to show him that I love him. I gave him something homemade by me, and he absolutely loved it (thank Goddess). Still though, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I kept thinking I’d have to pack up all his new stuff from us and would have to hand him and all of it over to those other people with anger in my eyes. Anger for the people that let the world’s cutest puppy escape and not even care to go look for him.

I pushed aside my feelings of fear, worry and anger and the girls and I dolled ourselves up for a Photoshoot with our little guy.

 IMG_3157   IMG_3163   IMG_3162


4 and Half Mo Mojo BW   Girls and Mojo

Me Girls Mojo

After our time playing at the doggie park, I took him and the girls over to the kid’s park so they could play for a bit. Mojo entertained himself by playing with his fur friend. Remember “Stray Kitty” from the day we moved in to this park? Apparently these two have been previously acquainted.

IMG_3183   IMG_3188

I got a pic with my favorite little puppy in front of the gorgeous Lilac bush that is in bloom. I love, love, love the smell of Lilacs!!!

Me and Mojo

Saturday was pretty uneventful. We hung out, the 7 of us (us 4, 2 cats and a dog) and just enjoyed our time together as a family. I tested the waters of tolerance with the cats and found out, that as long as I put Onyx in the middle…they’ll all eat together. :)

3 Boys

I couldn’t bring myself to take down the other two “Found Dog” signs. I’m too honest of a person. I left them up ‘til Sunday. Part of me knew that his former “owners” knew exactly where their dog escaped…yet the other part of me was wondering why they hadn’t come for him? Is there something wrong with him, or do they just love their Pit Bull and not him? Part of me knew any responsible, loving pet owner would call their dog frantically until he or she came home.  If they didn’t, they would call the shelters nearby to see if anyone had found them. No one was yelling for a lost dog. No one was searching our park. No one responded to my ad in the office or on the back of our RV. The shelters never called me.

Sunday evening, a primo spot on the outside edge of the park, with a HUGE yard for the girls and Mojo to run around in…became available. I called Nic while he was fishing and told him about it and to get home immediately. Once he arrived, we loaded up our gear, inside and out, and within 30 minutes, we were parked over at our new spot. It’s a good thing that we headed there ASAP, because literally 2 minutes later, another RV and 3 guys came by, eyeballed our sight with envy, as we were unloading, and reluctantly tried to stay at the site next to us. They were kinda shady looking, so I was relieved when they were told to move elsewhere, because the site they had picked had no electricity. As Nic and I unbattened the hatches at our new location, Mojo just chilled outside in my camping chair. All the excitement wore our little pup out. The girls just ran maddening circles around our new huge yard.

IMG_3247   IMG_3248

I called the shelters first thing Monday morning after they opened. They said no one had come for or called looking for him. As far as they were concerned, he’s mine. They ripped up my number and congratulated me on our new puppy. For the first time ever, my worry began to lift…but I still wanted to make it legit by taking him to the vet and getting him his shots and proper care (and the paperwork to prove it).

Tuesday, we finally took him to the vet to get him checked out, his shots, his flea & tickguard meds and to find out more info on him. He is 4 1/2 months old and 7 pounds 4 ounces. We’ve decided to give him a birthday of December 21, 2013…the Winter Solstice. It’s a special date for us because Onyx was born on June 20, 2004…the Summer Solstice. They’re basically 9 1/2 years apart in age. After doing some online research, my best guess was that he was a Jack Russell/Cairn Terrier mix, and the vet agreed with me. Yay for Google. He’s got all 28 of his puppy teeth in, but none of his adult teeth have come through yet. He does NOT have fleas, lol. :) He’s completely healthy, and in great shape. He is estimated to be somewhere between 16 & 18 pounds once fully grown, and has a life expectancy of roughly 13 years. I also grabbed him a toothbrush and doggie toothpaste. He received his Distemper and Bortatella vaccinations, but he’s still too young for his Rabies. We go back in 3 weeks for that and the other two’s boosters. After he receives all of his shots, we will wait a bit longer for his immune system to build up, and then we’ll take him in to be neutered and micro-chipped at the same time.

Straight after his vet check-up, we headed to Petco to get him some new stuff (since at this point, I knew he would remain a permanent fixture in our lives). He needed a new leash, because he nearly chewed through the 2 I had at home (that were originally our cat’s leashes). So I grabbed him a 6’, super thick bright orange and boho-looking one. Also, as we were shopping, he chewed through his harness…good thing we were there when it happened. I grabbed him a new one of those in green with skulls and crossbones. We also picked up a chew-proof, 30’ cable “leash” and corkscrew stake so he can run around in our yard without being held back by us. I got him a couple toys and a book on dog obedience/training. Lastly, and most importantly, I finally got him a dog tag! He is officially our Mojo Racca (and both our phone numbers) and he has a shiny black with skull & crossbones tag to prove it! (Can you tell we like skulls and crossbones around here?)

IMG_3276   dog tag blurred numbers

After our lovely day of shots, shopping and chewing through harnesses, we came back home and I whipped together something Vegan and yummy for a BBQ we were having with our friends (and new neighbors) later. We met while our dogs played together at the dog park. They have a cute little Weiner dog/Chihuahua that is 4 years old and she just loves chasing Mojo around. They are too cute together! We all have similar interests, hit it off, and they’re actually the ones that told me to snag up the current spot we’re in. It’s nice making some new friends (and they have 3 boys, 1 of which is about MHG’s age…so they enjoy riding their bikes together and climbing our new huge tree in front of our home). We let Mojo stay at home. It was too cold for him (he’s a princess, lol), but checked on him every hour. His long day just wore him out, so he slept the whole time.

Me and Mojo 2   Me and Mojo 3

 MHG & Mojo 3   MHG & Mojo kisses

It was a long week of waiting to see if anyone would come for him. I had hoped, against all odds, that no one would, and I lucked out…

… he’s not going anywhere.

I’m so relieved and elated that I can finally admit that…


  4 and Half month Mojo in Hoodie

(And isn’t he the cutest?!)

Me and Mojo

Here are some videos of our new pup.

You have to follow the links…they’re still not publishing through Windows Live Writer.

  1. Mojo all cute, chasing his tail:
  2. Mojo playing with his toys and being a spaz:
  3. The girls running around our new yard & saying “Hi” to Mojo:

Thanks for Reading about our Family’s newest addition!


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