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Saturday, May 10, 2014

No ‘Poo!

Who out there has heard of “No ‘Pooing”???

It is the practice of abstaining from Shampoo (and conditioner).


Here are the “Befores” and “Afters” after just one month of going “No ‘Poo”:

yucky hair   1 Month NoPoo 2

My hair was a wreck before I began. I was seriously considering letting it go to dread locks!

1 Month NoPoo 1

IMG_3144   IMG_3149


 IMG_3170   IMG_3172

(I really need to get a professional haircut.)


IMG_3244   IMG_3241

I have been going strong, for just shy of 6 weeks now, not using Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair. Before you freak out, I am still bathing on a regular basis…I just no longer need to wash my hair every day or even every other day anymore. It all started over two months ago when I wanted to chop all my hair off!!! It was fried and frizzy and straw-like and seriously ticking me off! I figured that before I made any rash decisions…like chopping my hair off…I should go about other efforts to save it first. When we lived in Virginia last Summer and Fall, there was so much humidity, my hair loved it so much. I had minimal issues with it…not even frizz problems. But when we moved to Arizona in November, everything changed. (Thank you Arizona and your lack of moisture!)

I switched shampoos and conditioners several times. Here’s everything I used to try to save my hair:

  • The seemingly “natural” Organix brand (from Wal-Mart)…which isn’t organic, btw (Argan, Coconut & Avocado oils, Brazilian Keratin, cocoa butter, you name it-I tried it) I tried almost all of the types they made…nothing worked
  • Shea Moisture brand (which just totally greased up my hair) and cost me more than $15 per bottle (shampoo, condition, and hair mask)
  • I tried my girls’ Burt’s Bees Baby Bees all-natural shampoo outta sheer desperation (way too clarifying and drying)
  • I bought a bottle of Alba Botanical natural Hawaiian shampoo, which smelled so good I wanted to drink it…but didn’t taste that way, lol

In the end, I just poured money down the drain…literally. Nothing was working.

In between failed attempts at finding a new shampoo & conditioner, on one occasion, I whipped together a homemade hair mask, made from real ingredients found in my home. Though it certainly made a HUGE positive and nourishing impact on my hair, it wasn’t enough…and a few days later, I was back to the same old, crappy hair. These were taken immediately following my hair mask treatment. Despite my efforts, my hair was still easily tangled and frizzy.

IMG_9026   IMG_9030

IMG_9032   IMG_9034

Fast forward a couple of months later and I am practically crying in the bathroom…convinced that the time is drawing near and I would need to part with my hair. I worked so hard on growing it out for the past 2+ years. It is 100% natural, no dye left in it from ghost’s of hair dying past. And it’s getting so LONG!

No. I can’t do it. There has to be something else I can do…

And then I started following Sarah Starnes (an awesome Yoga teacher from the Chicago area) on Instagram. (Those are her FB, blog & Instagram links, respectfully.) Throughout the months of March and April, she was Instagramming all kinds of pics of her “No ‘Pooed” beautiful hair…and it’s like a million different gorgeous colors too, btw. I kept thinking to myself that I *should* think it’s weird, or gross or wrong to “no ‘poo”…just the sound of it implies poor hygiene, but I was completely entranced by her opposition to traditional hair washing methods.

I began researching this unheard of approach to hair care. As it turns out, it’s not that unheard of…and it couldn’t be farther from “poor hygiene”. You still wash your hair, you just don’t use shampoo to do so. As it turns out, you don’t HAVE to use shampoo. There are many other ways to go about cleansing your hair.

I wrote her asking for the concoction she uses on her hair and she replied that basically, she wings it in the shower. She does NOT use baking soda though…only a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and honey. My hair, being quick to get really greasy, needed to be weaned onto her no ‘pooing method.

For almost 4 weeks, I washed every other day with 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed into 8oz of warm water. I poured it slowly over my soaking wet hair, taking care to massage it into my scalp and hair roots and not so much towards the ends. After I rinsed it out, I dissolved 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey (preferably raw organic) into 8oz of warm water then completely saturated my hair with it. I would leave it on about 5 minutes as I exfoliated the rest of my body and shaved…then I rinsed it out with lukewarm to cold water. (Rinsing with cold water helps the hair follicle to shrink and helps the hair roots to seal better, thus causing less frizz.)

After that month, I found THIS article regarding the hazards of using baking soda. I had already planned to wean off of it, and now I was a lot more motivated. Basically, baking soda can be stripping to your hair. Now, I have met a few ladies that have been no ‘pooing for years, using the baking soda & ACV method without any problems…I have also met a few ladies that no ‘pooed just a couple weeks…before the baking soda wrecked their hair. After talking to them, and reading that article, I would advise you to try to avoid the baking soda. If you MUST use it, try to use it for only a week or two as you transition from regular shampoo to no ‘pooing.

For two weeks now, I have been using “Honey Shampoo” that I have made myself. So far, the only difference between no ‘pooing with baking soda and with the honey shampoo, is my hair roots & scalp are somewhat greasy. Yay. I read HERE(same person that wrote the other article) that you can use honey as a hair wash, and it’s awesome for several reasons:

  • honey is antibacterial
  • honey is an antifungal (think less or no dandruff, yay!)
  • after a while (supposedly) your scalp’s oils will balance out and your hair will no longer be greasy (I’ve yet to reach that milestone)
  • honey is moisturizing
  • use less water to shower & save the environment (you can go longer between washes after your natural oils balance out)
  • honey is all-natural…so no unnecessary chemicals on your mane
  • you can buy organic raw honey in bulk on Amazon and save BIG BUCKS! Here is what I buy off Amazon…it’s 48oz (3-16oz jars) for $22 (and no, I am not sponsored by anyone…I’m just trying to break it down for you)
  • Oh, and it’s best to go with an Apple Cider Vinegar that has “The Mother” still in it (here’s what I use)

(I buy most of my stuff off Amazon. It’s hard to find organic stuff around these here parts.)

Anywho, the honey shampoo recipe that I am using is as follows:

  1. 1 Tablespoon of Organic, Raw honey dissolved into 8oz of warm water. Saturate (your already soaking wet hair) with the shampoo. Massage into scalp thoroughly and rinse out with lukewarm/cold water (whichever you can tolerate)
  2. 3 Capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved into 8oz of warm water. Massage onto hair, trying to avoid the scalp and roots. Rinse with lukewarm/cold water (whichever you can tolerate)
  3. DONE.

I seriously feel like a mad scientist or an alchemist every time I take a shower, but so far, it is definitely worth it. Even though I’m complaining about my scalp and hair roots being greasy, they’re not nearly as greasy as they were when I first switched to this method 2 weeks ago. That implies, that my natural oils are starting to balance themselves out, and hopefully soon, I will no longer have that greasy feeling. It has been suggested that you can wash your hair every day with the honey shampoo, but mine’s still greasy when I do that, so I don’t want to wash that frequently and waste my difficult to find honey & ACV.


This is what I use in the shower to mix up my witches brews, lol. It’s just a small Pyrex 8oz measuring cup.

(Side note: a LOT of people that no ‘poo, put their brews in a spray bottle and spray on, but I’m too lazy to do that.)


So far, despite my hair being somewhat greasy, I am quite pleased with my improved hair. I will update this post (and the posting date) in another couple of weeks with how my hair is doing after a month of using the honey shampoo and no baking soda method. If you decide to try this out, please leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page, after you’ve tried it for a month or two (just to give your hair a decent amount of time to adjust to it)…pictures are welcomed on our FB page as well! On the flip side of that, if you’ve already been no ‘pooing for quite some time, I would love to hear from you as well, with how well (or not-so-well) it works (worked) for you! I can’t wait to hear from ya! Thanks so much for reading and WISH ME LUCK with my continuous No ‘Pooing!

Me and Mojo

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