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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Moon Magic


I love the moon. For some reason, our family falls into the habit of tackling new projects when the Moon is full and eventually waning. Typically, you shouldn’t start something new during the waning moon…but we are a family that rarely follows the rules, so it makes sense. As the Moon grows fuller, I grow more anxious…wondering what we’re gonna tackle next?

The Full Moon on the eve of the 14th was an especially nice sight to see. The refinery was firing off in the distance to the West, and the Full Moon was rising in the East. To the South, we had a nice sized fire blazing in our fire pit. We were almost completely surrounded by light in the dead of night…and there was something quite peaceful about it.

IMG_3422   IMG_3442   IMG_3439

I took advantage of the moment to speak a protection blessing over our domicile and ourselves and buried a protection charm bag…Mojo found it though. I’m not used to having a dog around, lol. We ended up burying it in a new location the next day. I figure every little bit will help…the tree we reside under is ENORMOUS and we’re a bit worried there might be a branch somewhere on it that could possibly fall and end all of our lives. We’re probably just being dramatic though. None of them look dead…which is the only reason we moved under it. Just in case though, we’re taking a few precautions.

A mojo bag…NOT intended for Mojo the dog…regardless of what he may think, lol.



The next day, when Nic got home from work, he had the urge to build something. (Who saw that coming? Hehehe.) Next up on the list of impending projects was to build the girls’ end “false wall” on their bunk beds. We have been hauling around the chalkboard walls, the poly, the stain, the 1x1’s, L-brackets…you name it…for months now, so it was just a matter of finding the time to build them. He set right to work…starting Cindy’s end wall first.

 IMG_3472   IMG_3473


Then he built MHG’s chalkboard wall. He originally was gonna save that project for the weekend…but decided against it. (Really, the girls were fighting over drawing on Cindy’s wall and he couldn’t take the peace disturbance, lol!) Building MHG’s wall was a little more difficult. We had to remove our curtain rod with the gold curtain on it (so it wasn’t in the way-it went back up when we were finished though), but we also had to remove the white cloth accordion room divider that a lot of RV’s come standard with (if they’re lacking doors). That divider and its track had to come completely down because it would’ve been in the way of the frame we needed to build to attach the chalkboard to. (The crossbeam along the ceiling is in perfect alignment with the ceiling stud. What are the odds of that happening?)

IMG_3481   IMG_3484

IMG_3491   IMG_3498

The animals helped too…by trying to stay outta our way, lol. Tigger is really the only one that succeeded…that’s why he isn’t pictured.

IMG_3471   IMG_3492

After the 1x1’s got sanded, stained, poly’d and mounted, all we had to do was attach the chalkboard to the frame.

(And I made Nic put in a couple hooks to hang hoodies from…we all know how much they love their hoodies!)

IMG_3501   IMG_3502

We haven’t decided yet what we’re going to do with our kitchen side of the wall. There’s been some talk of painting it, covering it with fabric…turning it into a magnet board, dry erase board or just a place to display homework or artwork. We don’t know. So in the meantime, it remains ugly and hidden by the gold curtain.

IMG_3507   IMG_3505

They love their new walls and are constantly coloring on them! Mojo’s just happy to have his spot at the end of Cindy’s bed back, haha!

IMG_3520   IMG_3521

IMG_3524   IMG_3525

IMG_3508   IMG_3512


The Full Moon a few days ago also brought with it the urge to begin typing lessons for MHG. Music lessons and Italian have been going so well that I figured it was time to incorporate something new. She has access to computer lessons on through Calvert…it was included in her 2nd grade curriculum. I channeled my High School keyboarding teacher, Mrs. Ray, and wouldn’t let her look at her hands while learning to type. I put a piece of paper over them…which she wasn’t thrilled about, but it did the trick. She now has the home row down pretty well (asdfghjkl;) and is starting to learn the upper row (qwertyuiop). That is posing a bit more of a challenge to her, but I’m sure she’ll get it down in no time flat.

IMG_3526   IMG_3527

We have had this game “Wildcraft” for well over a year now, and I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t played it with her yet. Although we were all coming down with a cold, I decided it was finally time to get it out. After playing it, I really wish I hadn’t have waited THIS long! It was such a fun and educational cooperative game! It teaches you all about herbs and their medicinal/healing properties. If you are interested in that sort of thing, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase it! Even Cindy was having a LOT of fun joining in on the action! You can check it out HERE…and no, I don’t get anything outta you checking it out or buying it.


IMG_3532 IMG_3529 IMG_3530


It comes with a cheat sheet as well that lists the different herbs and their uses. It’s really handy both for the game and in real life!



The Cottonwood trees are in bloom and with that comes the falling of the cotton. Good grief! I told the girls this was their first “snowstorm” in over a year! At one point, you couldn’t see in front of your face or even the ground. Everything was WHITE! It was easily 10x more cotton than the worst cotton-storm any of us have EVER experienced in Colorado!  My allergies weren’t thrilled either, but fortunately it only lasted a couple of days. (The pic below isn’t showing you the sun on the ground, that’s the ground covered in the cotton…and not even the best picture depicting it.)


You couldn’t open your eyes or your mouth without it getting inside. It was crazy.




IMG_3562   IMG_3560

We had a pretty low key week in preparation for the arrival of our friends! We can’t wait to see them tomorrow! We’re going to be inseparable the whole time! Stay tuned for their visit with us!

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