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Monday, May 5, 2014

2nd Grade Core Subjects Wrap-Up

She did it!


We were a bit late at getting started with our boxed curriculum this year, but she caught up…and some…to finish a WHOLE. MONTH. EARLY! Here’s the link to the day the curriculum arrived…happy faces and all, lol: Before it had arrived, we were taking an eclectic, student-led approach to schooling…it was more unschooling-ish, but worked pretty good for the month or so that we were doing it.

Monster High Girl (MHG) has officially finished all her core subjects for second grade…and we couldn’t be more proud of her! She has worked quite diligently over the past 3 seasons. So diligent in fact, that she opted to catch up all the work she didn’t do throughout her winter and spring breaks, so that she could have an early summer “break”. We have been using Calvert boxed curriculum for this year. It was a LOT of work for her and quite challenging (which is what I wanted for her and what she needed). However, it really was a TON of work, so what I did, was I had her complete all her core subjects for the school year, leaving behind all the extra-curricular work for the Summer to keep her busy. As of May 5th, she began her Summer schedule of Italiano (Rosetta Stone Lessons 1-5 Homeschool edition), Music (piano, lap harp, and flutophone lessons), Art, Science experiments, Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication flash cards, computer skills, keyboarding, educational games and lots of reading of her choice of books. Also, we always are doing Yoga. I’m also going to incorporate sewing lessons into the mix and Daddy is always giving her lessons in auto mechanics and craftsman skills.

Here’s some pics of her last week of homeschool (the hard stuff):

Math is DONE!

She excels at addition, subtraction, money, telling time, fractions, and geometry, and even has a pretty good working knowledge of multiplication and division. We will be working a lot with flash cards this summer to get her speed up and to keep her sharp before the start of 3rd grade.



A picture from earlier this year as she studied pronouns and how to replace them with proper nouns.

(Side note: Laminating plain, white pages to use as dry erase sheets was one of the smartest ideas I’ve ever come up with, lol.)


She chose the Venus Flytrap as her final report topic. The only thing I helped her with, was the finding of more info on it off the internet.


One of the last guys we studied for Social Studies was John Glen. He was the first American astronaut to orbit the earth in the Friendship 7 space capsule, and also the oldest man to go into space (36 years later) on the Discovery shuttle. She made a paper doll for his lesson.


IMG_3081   IMG_3082

On the last day of her studies, May 2, after she finished her report on the Venus Flytrap, I was sewing a doggie bed for our new puppy Mojo. She took a needle, some thread and some scrap fabric, and without any help from me, she sewed her doll a sleeping bag! She hasn’t sewn anything since our lesson over a year ago! I was sooooooo incredibly proud of her (and shocked that she remembered what to do)!

IMG_3069   IMG_3070

On May 5th, she began her Summer schedule, to include lessons in Italiano (her favorite)!!!



This girl is honing her mad skills like none other. Her crow pose alone is being held for at least 10 seconds at a time (I am so jealous)!


And what Summer schedule would be complete without tree climbing and bike riding (and swimming-but the pool isn’t filled yet)?

tree climbing

MHG riding her bike down our new yard:

It’s going to be a great summer, indeed!!!

On a different note, I am seriously entertaining the idea of switching from Calvert back to Oak Meadow and just supplementing Reading and Math with harder workbooks, but we’ll see. I miss Oak Meadow’s more laid-back, nature-based, Waldorf-style approach…but, that may not be what MHG needs and more of what I want. So, I have a lot of research to do this summer.

Both homeschool curriculums are outstanding (also, they are both secular). If you are interested in either of them for your kiddo(s), here are the links for more information on them (both go from K-8th grade):

Here is an OUTSTANDING website for help with Homeschooling: (The Homeschool Legal Defense Association…but there’s waaaaay more info than just legal stuff.)

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