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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Random Happenings

Hello from the Boho Hobos! We’re coming up on our 1 month in New Mexico mark (the 2nd of May)! We’ve been spending this time acclimating to our surroundings, spending time with a couple friends that have visited us, and getting back into the swing of things! Which pretty much means that Nic has been working his butt off at work, and MHG and I have been homeschooling like maniacs to finish out the 2nd grade school year (the core subjects at least) while Cindy runs amok messing up our home! Other than that, we’ve been kinda boring. Nothing much to report here, other than the random day-to-day happenings that take place.

Oh, as you read further down, there are links to two videos that I posted on youtube of the girls with Daddy. I don’t know why my blog is acting up…or maybe it’s my internet…or maybe it’s Windows Live Writer? Who knows, but the links are there if you wanna watch Cindy school Nic in a thumb war and see him exact revenge via a high speed chase…


We had an excellent opportunity the other night for an impromptu Science lesson regarding Lunar Eclipses. What a magickal sight it was!

1-April 2014 Lunar Eclipse Begins 2-April 2014 Lunar Eclipse almost there

3-April 2014 Lunar Eclipse 4-April 2014 Lunar Eclipse Totality

Compare and Contrast Paragraph-Billiards & Croquet

compare and contrast pool croquet

Rosetta Stone Italiano Lessons 1-5 Homeschool Edition. Her face says it all!

Rosetta Stone Italian

MHG has officially began Multiplication! She’s already got the majority of them down, but some flash cards this summer should help more, I think.

My beautiful artwork here and there on the back of my door (it’s a dry erase board) from my beautiful girls.

IMG_2719   IMG_2720   IMG_2968



We dressed Onyx up, lol. Isn’t he a pretty kitty in Cindy’s tank top? Tigger would destroy us if we ever attempted this with him.

IMG_2784 - Copy   IMG_2786 - Copy

My Yoga Babies perfecting their Tree Poses.

IMG_2883   Cindy tree pose

Cindy can now do her Tree Pose without holding onto anything! (Only a couple seconds, but it’s a start!!!)

happy girls

Now, let’s have a show of hands for how many people think it’s ridiculous to have this many dolls while living in an RV! (I’m raising mine!)

36 Shown, but she actually has 43! Forty-freakin-three dolls is ridiculous in general, let alone in an RV!


This is Battle-Action Ahdoo and he loves to teach the Monster High Girls survival skills, lol.

(Side note: It melts my heart to watch my Husband playing dolls with his girls. It doesn’t get any more precious than that folks!)


IMG_2888   IMG_2887

Survival lessons eventually turned into Break-dancing lessons, haha!


No one appreciates my mad dance skills.

Disco Dancing 2   Disco Dancing 1


IMG_2908   IMG_2959

IMG_2911   IMG_2923

IMG_2917   IMG_2903

The great chase video: Click Here




I am so blessed to have these 3 wonderful souls in my life. I love them so much!!!

IMG_2956   IMG_2958

And oh yea…Cindy’s a cheater!!! Check out the link below to see her kickin’ Nic’s butt at a thumb war…

Video of Ahdoo vs. Cindy-Thumb War



IMG_2927   IMG_2892



Pretty much ALL of my smoothie recipes can be found on our Boho Hobos Facebook page in the “Foodies” album:

Just click on the pic of the smoothie that you wanna make and the ingredients will *most likely* be in the corresponding description.


We go through a ton of bananas (approx. 30) each week!


IMG_2981   IMG_2982

chia seeds   coconut water spirulina

Smoothies for every color of the rainbow! And they all taste DELICIOUS! I promise! You seriously can only taste the fruit in them.

red smoothieorange smoothiebanana smoothieyellow green smoothieGreen smoothieblack smoothie

IMG_2987   IMG_2789

We thought throwing our microwave away back in November was a death sentence to our popcorn making…it wasn’t…

IMG_2971   IMG_2975   IMG_2978

The girls thought making popcorn that way was the coolest thing they’d ever seen!

BBQing only happens 1x per week and it’s rare that we actually eat outside. On this such occasion, however, we did.


IMG_2894   IMG_2895

(I had my homemade Black Bean Burgers. They were friggin’ outta this world delicious!)


We finally have *pretty much* finished the dinette! Nic got the hardwood onto the right benchseat finally. I will probably redo the lids at some point later down the road so they overhand a tad bit & I’m still against upholstering the new lids. I prefer finished wood, but who knows. I also need to hang the slide skirting back up so you can’t see under it anymore. Anywho, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the dinette turned out and I’m so incredibly grateful to my Hubby for building it for me!

Dinette 1

Dinette 2

Dinette 3

I finally got around to redoing the left benchseat’s lid as well. I bolted the two loose boards together so they were no longer a pinch hazard and after that, I upholstered it. I didn’t pad this one with foam however. If Cinderella spills something, I don’t want it soaking through. I also installed L-brackets on the underside so it doesn’t budge when closed. It was a perfect moment for me to exhibit using everyday Math while MHG was helping. (She, like most kids, doesn’t care too much for it.) She paid attention as I took the precise measurements (down to the 1/16th) of where to place the also required my ability to subtract fractions. I explained that if my math was off by even 1/16th, the lid will either wiggle from side to side, forward to back, or worse-won’t shut at all! She was impressed and I think I made my point. Math is important!

new lid 2   New lid

Last weekend, Nic built a shelf (table) on his side of the room to hold the printer & mousepad and free up the underneath area for the computer tower & DVD collection. Pardon the pics, I didn’t feel like tidying up his mess to show you his handiwork. The shelf is Ponderosa Pine wood with ebony stain and a couple coats of Polyurethane to seal it. I love the wood grain.

shelf table

shelf leg   shelf messy   shelf underside

Last, but not least, I had him build me a track of sorts in my shelf, above the stove. It will keep my Progressive International 3 quart collapsible mixing bowls in place. They were prone to sliding all over the place before. Now, they have their designated spot on the shelf out of everything else’s way.

bowls 1

bowls 2   bowls 3

Well, that about sums it up. After Pip left on the 12th, we’ve just been chillin’ around here, enjoying lots of great quality family time together. Nic’s old co-worker from the Virginia project (resides in California though) is in town for a couple weeks to lend Nic a hand with start-up. It’s nice seeing a familiar face again around here.

Here’s Mr. Dryad, my solar powered red, white & blue lights and of course, our “Hope” sign. Home is where the heart (and the Hope sign) is. ;)


I’ll leave you with this…my daughters’ impeccable fashion sense, lol! Love these two to pieces!

new dress   mismatched cindy

P.S. Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of the day we moved out of our apartment and into our RV (in my in-laws driveway)! We resided in their driveway for 2 weeks, before we moved it to an RV Park in the mountains on Mother’s Day…so I’m not celebrating our 1 yr “Nomadiversary” just yet…

1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls

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