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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Part 4: Home Sweet, New Mexico, Home


The birds flying all throughout the morning skies inspired this morning’s Yoga pose: Eagle.


We hitched up and hit the road for our new park. As per the usual, I will not be disclosing our current location. It is strictly a safety precaution. Suffice it to say that, the park we currently reside at seems quite nice and I’ll be doing a review on it when we head out (which isn’t going to be for a while-we’re projected to be here through at least December…if not longer.)


With as cold as it is here (high 40’s), I pretty much never emerged from the RV once we got planted. I spent a whole whopping 15 minutes getting the interior back to normal “living” mode and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I even took a nap!

Nic made a new friend…”Stray Kitty”…while he was setting up the hoses. The kitty is as cute as can be, but I finally understand my Mother’s anxiety every time my brother and I, as kids, brought a new stray cat home. I’ve already warned my girls to stay away from strays and they are not allowed to pet them. The last thing I need are my daughter’s needing rabies shots, or this beautiful cat getting put down only to find out it never had rabies in the 1st place…that would be my luck. It’s in everyone’s best interest to leave the kitty alone and oogle him through the window.


After I was set up inside, I rolled the rest of our “ooze” to the front door for Nic to take outside. Ooze is the stuff full-timers accumulate that makes its way outside when they’re parked somewhere long enough. Fortunately, we don’t have much ooze. Unfortunately, what we DO have, looks kinda tacky & could use some sprucing up.


The stuff on the shelf above the slide goes in the small pantry for the road. The bowl of fruit hung out in the large sink while we were on the road. It takes 2 minutes to set the slide back up.

Dining room set up

We put a suspension rod across the stuff on the bottom shelf above the stove to prevent that stuff from falling out. The red oil holder, salt grinder & owl timer go on shelves in the pantry. The 2 little purple bowls on the floor get their cat food dumped into a ziplock bag and hang out in the sink til we stop to let the boys loose. EVERYTHING ELSE stays put and really doesn’t budge or fall off/out.

Kitchen all set up

I screwed 3 mug hooks into the side of the girls’ drawer shelves on both sides. They were centered to the appropriate row and I ran a string of twine from 1 hook, across the fronts of the drawers, to the hook on the other side. It took 2 seconds to take the string off and get them back out of transit mode. Everything else stayed put for transit mode. As you can see, they didn’t spare one second setting & messing their room up, lol.

Bedroom set up

Our room was set back up in about 5 minutes. I put my green bins back up on my shelf, Nic hung the TV back on the wall, plugged our electronics back in and BAM! back to normal. The moral of all this blabbing, is that we went from a good 2-4 hour stow & go/set back up mode to roughly 20 minutes. It makes a HUGE difference! We can also still function in our space while in transit from one location to the next. The contents of our RV are no longer dangerous or in the way. It’s the greatest feeling ever. I’d venture to say that we would truly make excellent 24/7 OTRers if we ever had to live that way.

Well, we’re all set up and about to head out to explore our new surroundings. We’ll most likely learn yet another Wal-Mart and/or Target store layout, too. (One of the downsides of always traveling…“Where the heck are the _____ in this store?!”) Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more shenanigans from the Boho Hobos in the near future!

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