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Sunday, March 30, 2014

‘Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost…

This is our last day and night in Arizona. What better way to spend it, than in the company of good friends! The girls and I ran into Mik, her boyfriend B and Blondie while we were at Wal-Mart! It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only putting off the shopping trip til the last possible second. I was there picking Nic up a steak when we ran right into them! We all goofed off for a bit til we got the last of the items on our lists and headed back to our home. They showed up seconds later bearing gifts of straight from Alaskan King Crab Legs & souvenirs for us from their recent trip to Tombstone, AZ. I had Nic whip Mik and I up some Margaritas, while he and B enjoyed their beer. As the girls played inside, we kicked back outside in the sun and everyone put up with my rambling on for hours, lol!
IMG_1650   IMG_1652
IMG_1655   IMG_1657
I’m gonna miss these girls sooooooooooooooooo much!!!
IMG_1658   IMG_1659
IMG_1660   IMG_1661
The girls had been bugging us forever to go to the park. Finally, as the boys were cooking the steaks and crab legs, I ran with the girls up to the playground. The sun setting in the background was beautiful. As the stars came out, it was a stunning backdrop for the girls’ playful fun.
IMG_1662   IMG_1664
IMG_1672   IMG_1674
We walked the short distance back to our home and I snapped a few pics of these 2 as they walked hand in hand.
They are so precious. MHG is really gonna miss Blondie. They have gotten very close over this time.
IMG_1676   IMG_1677
As I walked up to my home, the food smelled heavenly! It’s not everyday you get to eat such delicious crab. We messed around a bit while the guys stirred and simmered and boiled and fired up the grill for the steaks. In the meantime, I was having fun playing with my food, haha!
IMG_1678   IMG_1679
I know I’m a crappy Vegan…but on this night…I broke all the rules and I gotta say, it was well worth it. I ended up making some fresh garlic butter dipping sauce for the crab legs and Mik was crackin’ the whip on me to make some Mac n’ Cheese, haha! Ater I made those 2 things, dinner was ready, and boy was it heavenly!!!
crab legs
After dinner…more photo ops!
me mik
Ugh!!! He drives me crazy when he won’t smile for pictures!!! He knows it too, I’m pretty sure that’s why he does those silly eyes.
IMG_1682   IMG_1683
Awww, aren’t they the cutest! I love seeing Mik so happy! You’re a good man B. Take good care of my girls!
IMG_1685   IMG_1689
Our neighbor, Mr. T, came over after a while, to have a beer with us as well. He’s such a sweetheart. He has been one of the greatest neighbors we could’ve ever asked for. We miss you guys already!!! Mik, B, Blondie & Mr. T, we won’t forget your promise to come visit us this Summer, and I REALLY hope you all do! It would be so special to get to see you all again!
After Mr. T made his way back home for the evening, it was a school night for Blondie. It was sadly time to say our “See Ya Soons!”
That never gets easy…no matter how many times we go through it across America.
IMG_1693   IMG_1694   IMG_1695
IMG_1697   IMG_1698
IMG_1699   IMG_1700
IMG_1701   IMG_1703
Here they are putting up a fuss cuz they didn’t want us to leave.
Now it was the Mommy’s turn…
Goofin’ off pics. Charming. Lol.
IMG_1706   IMG_1709
And the point where we pretty much had to drag the girls outta our bed…so Blondie could actually get SOME sleep tonight.
IMG_1710   IMG_1711
This is how I will remember our times together. Happy and full of smiles.
Right before they left, they gave Nic and I some awesome glassware as parting gifts. For Nic, a huge Draft beer mug that says “Big Ass Beer” and Tombstone, AZ. It literally holds 2 cans of beer because it’s so big. He loves it and being the Cancer that he is, I can guarantee you that he’ll never, EVER, part with it! For myself, they gave me a fancier glass that says Longhorn Steakhouse, Tombstone, AZ. I will seriously treasure it forever and every time I drink out of it (which will be everyday, because it’s my only glass) I will think of them and remember all the fun we had together and how we grew to love them in such a short amount of time.
They have been the type of friends to us that have made this lifestyle (fulltime RVing) so wonderful. We never would have met them had we never lived life this way. It is so incredibly, so amazingly difficult and heartbreaking to have to leave them though. We went through this when we left our friends and family behind in Colorado. We went through it again when we left our beloved “adopted” family & friends behind in Virginia. We got to party with Uncle Ron & Mike for a couple days in Georgia and just a short 2 days later, we had to leave them too. Now, it’s Arizona’s turn to bring friends into our lives, leaving us with no option but to part ways with them and that gloriously sunny, warm state. This is the only crappy…well, bittersweet really, part about fulltime RVing. On the one hand, we would’ve never met these amazing people that have touched our lives with love and happiness, had we never chosen to fulltime RV. On the other hand, meeting such amazing and loving people this way, means they are destined to be parted ways with just as fast as they were discovered.
never at home again
Saying goodbye never gets easier…but, I will say this: I’m thankful and blessed to even have this opportunity. How’s that famous saying go?
“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”   --Alfred Lord Tennyson
Amen Sir Tennyson. I’ll take the heartache of leaving behind our new found friends, ANYDAY, over never getting to meet them in the first place. Them gracing our lives for such a brief amount of time, is worth Every. Single. Tear. that falls down our cheeks as we wave goodbye to them. (I balled my eyes out as they drove off.) We miss you ALL already, but we will stay in touch. And please, for the love of God, COME SEE US!!! Thank you for such an amazing 4 months together. We love you and hope to see you soon! Onward and upward to New Mexico we go!
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