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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap…Finally Finished?

Girls by RV 2014

To start this day off, the girls wanted to get dressed up in matching outfits so they could be pretty for Papoo. I totally capitalized on the moment to take a few snapshots of them!

girls by bush   me matching girls

Before Papoo arrived, and after our photo op, I set to work hammering the 9-cubby unit’s last backings. As you can see, the unit only comes with 5 backings. They are assuming you will do the pattern on the box leaving the top & bottom middles & both side middles open. So…the ones pictured below WITH backings, are to hold the drawers that her clothes will be in. For the 4 that are lacking…I will staple some fun fabric to the backs of them. Those are to be the main dollhouse cubbies, so I’ll try to find some neat fabric that will match her Monster High theme.

IMG_0819   IMG_0821

Then it was time for me to assemble the 6-cubby unit (this one will be Cindy’s).



Papoo arrived as I was putting this one together, so I set it aside until he left. We had plans for play and pictures to take, so it can wait til later. We decided on taking the girls to the park for a bit.

IMG_0829   IMG_0832   IMG_0831



IMG_0854   IMG_0855

 IMG_0859   IMG_0860


 IMG_0862   IMG_0863

I love this photo!


IMG_0858   IMG_0865

IMG_0867 IMG_0868

IMG_0869 IMG_0871 IMG_0872 IMG_0874 IMG_0873

IMG_0877   IMG_0880

IMG_0882   IMG_0885   IMG_0888

Once boredom set in, we headed over to the community room to shoot some pool. Dad took a couple pics of me teaching my girls how to play. Cindy eventually took off running around the place, but MHG picked it up pretty quick. Yet another proud Mama moment.

IMG_0890   IMG_0891


This girl of mine is a quick learner!


Uh-oh…she missed.

IMG_0907   IMG_0910

Cindy chillin’ as we play.



Papoo takes a few shots!

IMG_0892 IMG_0916

Dad eventually opted to chase Cinderella around so MHG and I could play each other.

IMG_0917   IMG_0924

I think that was more fun for him anyway, lol!  ;)

IMG_0925   IMG_0926



Eventually it was back to our home, and back to work for me. I literally finished their room 20 minutes before Dad had to leave. There was plenty of room for them to lounge around and play. I just wish I had gotten it done BEFORE he had arrived. Oh well. Hindsight’s 20/20, right?

IMG_0930   IMG_0928   IMG_0931

Oh joy. Cindy figured out real quick that she now has access to her own clothes 100% of the time, lol. Before, the only thing keeping her from changing her clothes 10 times a day, was the fact that her dresser had baby proofing locks on all her drawers. Dad was surprised that she could change her own clothes and dress herself with the tags in their appropriate locations. Eh, she’s been doing that since she turned 2. She just hasn’t figured out right and left feet yet…but that comes with time.

IMG_0932   IMG_0935


After 5 minutes of playing, it was time to take some pictures with Papoo before he left.

The Dad I never had and always wanted…was exactly what I got, when I married Nic.

me & dad 2014

IMG_0940   IMG_0943

 IMG_0961   IMG_0964

Papoo and his girls!!!



After some final kisses, a bit of pleading on the girls’ part for Papoo to stay, and a bit of me prying them off of him…he was off. Papoo’s headed back home to meet his newest grand-daughter. That’s right folks, I officially have a niece! Welcome to the world little one! You couldn’t have asked for a better big brother! Love you both! To my brother-in-law & sister-in-law, congratulations on the birth of your second child. We’re so very happy to hear that both Mother and Baby are happy, healthy, safe and sound. Enjoy your newest little blessing. Lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Zoe and Uncle Nic!  :)

Papoo Cindy Kiss   Papoo MHG Kiss

After Dad left, this was a household full of lots of tears…including my own. We all had a popsicle to try and cheer us up (it didn’t work much). The girls watched some Scooby Doo and I threw myself back into my work to take my mind off Dad leaving. I was able to pretty much finalize their room. I still have to put the rest of the fabric on their walls and alter the new King size quilt that MHG picked out. I’m going to turn it into 2 separate blankets…but that’s a project for another day. In the meantime…here’s the more-or-less, finished product.

IMG_0977   IMG_0976


IMG_0973   IMG_0975

IMG_0978   IMG_0979

IMG_0986   IMG_0980


IMG_0990   IMG_0991


IMG_0995   IMG_0996

IMG_1000   IMG_0999   IMG_1001

My head touches the ceiling (barely) without me hunching over…but Nic definitely has to hunch, lol. That’s ok though, because this is their space now!


The curtain remains per MHG’s request. It matches their rug too, so that’s a plus!

   IMG_1015   IMG_1014

IMG_1016   IMG_1013

As far as The Great Bedroom Swap goes, it’s pretty much done. The swap at least. Now, it’s just a matter of decorating and making our room…or at least my side of the room…nice and Boho’d out! (Nic doesn’t want his side all colorful…awww, why not honey?) ;) I’ve got a lot of work to do in our room, but for the time being, the girls’ is done, and that’s the most important. Now, they have their space to be kids in and keep them occupied, freeing up time for me to focus on our room. More importantly though…

…it was wonderful having Dad here for the past few days! We enjoyed his company so much. It was also lovely having a babysitter while Nic and I worked around here. Words seriously cannot express how much it meant to us having Papoo here! We love you so much Dad! We are looking forward to seeing you (and anyone else that wants to visit us in New Mexico) soon!

Until next time…

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