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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap

Well, it seems that the redecorating and renovating faery has struck again! After talking ourselves out of buying a brand new RV this past weekend, we decided in favor of not taking on the debt of a new RV’s payment. Instead, we decided to remodel (again) our own (paid off) home on wheels. Yea. That’s a lot of stuff in parentheses. Anyways, my Husband really wants a place to call “his own”. A place where he can come home after an intensely long day of hard work and just chill. He doesn’t always wanna hang out outside. He’d like to be able to come home, lie down on his bed, flip through some channels…maybe even watch Family Guy without me harping at him to turn it off, lest the children see that inappropriate show. A place where there aren’t a couple of children jumping on the bed half an inch from his face. I get it. So, I did what I do best. I came up with a new vision for this small space we all share. A space where they take our “room” and we take theirs. After all, it does make better sense to have the little people in the little “room”, while the “grown ups” get the grown up space.

In the beginning of our adventure into full-time RVing (last March), I drew up plans for their current living arrangements. By the time Nic & I were finished with it, they had an ultra-cool room, in my opinion, especially considering the fact that we live in an RV. Not too many full-timing kids have the luxury of an 80 sq ft space all to themselves. Well, neither do our kids anymore. Muahahahahahhhh.  Seriously though, they’ll have half that now. It sounds terrible to stick two kids into a 40 sq ft space (perhaps not to some of you that can relate), but that’s what needs to happen to keep the peace in this household. Besides, the girls and I are very easy to please. We can go with the flow.

I always blueprint their room out first. I figure, as long as their needs are happily met, I can sleep better at night, and then proceed with moving on to drawing up our room’s plans. Designing a room to accommodate the needs of  2 little girls (that are nearly 6 years apart in age) with only 40 sq ft to do it in, was quite a challenge. It especially was difficult, because I really didn’t want to downsize their stuff any more than I already have. In the end, the dollhouse did have to go, but only because Nic is going to custom build one to fit the front wall that tapers in. Here’s what I came up with for their room…and yes, it is to scale. The space between each dot is 4” (not counting the 1” dots themselves).

New Girls Room Layout

Their bunks will only be 24” wide, but after having them lie down in that given amount of space, it’s plenty of room for them to move around. AND, they should both be able to sit up in their bunks without hitting the ceiling (or bunk above…in Cindy’s case). Nic is going to build a faux-wall at the end of their bunks as well, so they do not fall out of the ends. I have crazy sleepers. MHG sleep walks…thus the need for the last bed’s setup: Treehouse bunks. Anyways, I haven’t even begun to think of our room yet. For the time being, I am just focused on getting them back to normal as fast as possible.

As 6:30 rolled around this morning, we were all up and at ‘em. My day started off with a bang. I “fed” my sourdough starter…it’s making progress, but it’s still quite sluggish. We ran our laundry up to the laundry room & threw in 3 loads, ran back home to do our Math lesson for the day, while I simultaneously started swapping the stuff from our cabinets to their shelves and vice versa. The rest of my day was spent juggling Homeschooling lessons, household chores that wait for no one and the appropriately titled “Great Bedroom Swap”. It’s 11pm already, and I’m exhausted. A 14 1/2 hour day of backbreaking work isn’t typical for me, so without further adieu, here’s the rest of our day in pictures. Much love to you all! Enjoy!

P.S. A bit of forewarning: It looks like my home threw up all over the place, lol. There’s crap EVERYWHERE!

P.P.S. Let’s not forget what our room & their room looked like BEFORE “The Great Bedroom Swap”…

Our Room.

IMG_3391   IMG_4057

IMG_3398   IMG_3403

Their Room.

Girls' Room Dark

IMG_3839   IMG_3838 


Monster High bunk   mh bunk

woodland bunk   Cindy bunk

doll bunks   end of cindys bed

Cindy's Side Collage   MHG's Side

 treehouse beds

Needless to say, I’m going through Boho withdrawal already.  :(

IMG_0325   IMG_0326

IMG_0328 IMG_0327 IMG_0329

IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0332

IMG_0335   IMG_0337

IMG_0338   IMG_0341

Note the finger up the nose…I swear that’s its permanent location.



IMG_0344   IMG_0345

IMG_0346   IMG_0347

IMG_0348   IMG_0349

IMG_0350   IMG_0351

So much clutter! I hate clutter!

IMG_0355   IMG_0352




How she gets outta her “room” currently. This is why the little dear needs Daddy to build her some stairs ASAP.


Our temporary bed, because the mattress doesn’t fit on the floor while their previous bunk beds are still assembled. Guess I know what I’ll be tackling tomorrow… Which sucks, because that bed is a huge pain in the butt to take apart. Ugh. (Yes, he’s asleep.)

IMG_0373   IMG_0375

Well, now it’s midnight-thirty. After an (as of now) 16 hour day, I’m signing off. Farewell everyone. Happy Trails to you…until, we meet, again…

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