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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap: Day 6 & a BBQ

We’re on Day 6 of The Great Bedroom Swap. On tap for today, is the building of the girls’ bunk bed! Since Nic is doing it completely of his own design, he has to cut a lot of boards, drill a lot of holes and I had to hold a lot of things in place as he inserted the new bolts. This time, the bolts face in (not out to poke out eyes), so they won’t hurt anyone.

As Nic set to work outside, the girls and I started getting ourselves all dolled up to go to a BBQ later in the day with him and Papoo. The friends whom Papoo is staying with, invited us all over later today. I painted their nails and toes and we got dressed up in our new clothes! They especially wanted me to post some pics of their toesies in their new shoes (they want Nonnie & Grandma to see). They are rockin’ those Gladiator sandals for sure! I think they are absolutely adorable!

IMG_0596   IMG_0600


Cindy actually dressed like a girl for once, lol!

IMG_0597   IMG_0602

MHG rockin’ her new shirt & hat!

IMG_0598   IMG_0608

My new headband & necklace (both from Nic) and my new top from Papoo.

great news   new headband

Papoo took the girls to the playground for a bit. Nic and I began construction on their bed.

IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0619

After some time passed, the next thing I know, Papoo and Cindy are rollin’ up to our home on this bad boy:



She got pretty upset when it was MHG’s turn to go for a ride, but she got over it eventually.


You can rent it from the office for half hour increments. They had a ball with him riding that around the Park.


A bit of fair warning, after they peddle off, Cindy starts crying…and she’s a VERY loud crier, lol. (You might wanna turn your volume down.)

When MHG returned, she was welcomed back home to the sight of her bed nearly finished.

IMG_0620   IMG_0622

We got it inside and began the process of bolting it to the wall…so it won’t go anywhere.

IMG_0635 IMG_0636

IMG_0643   IMG_0647

Eventually, it grew time for us to pack it up til we got home after the BBQ.

Checkin’ out the desert on the way to Papoo’s friends’ home.


Once we got there, we were re-introduced (we met @ my bro-in-law and sis-in-law’s wedding 5 years ago…but it was briefly). I instantly fell in love “G” and so did the girls. She cut up a yummy pineapple for everyone…but I’m pretty sure the girls ate it all, lol!



Tough crowd. Men are so hard to coerce into smiling…


The BBQ was delicious! R even bought me some veggie burgers, which was so sweet of him.

G had gone to an Italian bakery beforehand to pick us up some yummy treats! Yea buddy! (The baseball cookies were for Papoo.)


They had so much fun running around their yard and playing with their doggie.

IMG_0659   IMG_0666

IMG_0668   IMG_0670

Papoo rockin’ the shirt we sent him for his birthday. :) Lord knows it’s true!

IMG_0671   IMG_0672

Misty was a very sweet poodle…and very pretty, too!




IMG_0677   IMG_0679

R & G with Papoo.


R’s son & his lovely wife.


A picture with Papoo…the first family pic since he’s arrived! If only my daughter & hubby knew how to smile.

us dad

After we said our goodbyes and thank you’s for such a delicious meal, we headed back home through the desert. We’ve been seeing the hot air balloons north of our RV park since we got here, but never this close. We were driving right through their launch point. I would love to go for a ride in one, one of these days, but Nic and I are both not a huge fan of heights…so who knows if that’ll actually ever happen.


IMG_0696   IMG_0698


hab bw

hot air balloon sunset

As Papoo and Ahdoo kept the girls busy, I set to work making their new “mattresses” so they could actually sleep on their new bed. I took a full size foam mattress pad (the old egg crate foam lookin’ thing) and cut it in half. I took our 18” wide camping pads and cut enough off the ends to be flush with the bed frame. I stuffed that between the 2 foam pieces and covered them with a sheet. It works well enough for me to sleep comfortably on it, so it’s perfect for them.


Here’s my dirty baby tryin’ it out…fake sleeping.


Meanwhile, Nic and Dad finally got some alone time together to hang out and catch up.


Papoo eventually came in to horse play around with them for a bit.

IMG_0724   IMG_0725

They made their way to our room to watch some Scooby Doo after a while. The goal was to get them to settle down. Papoo tried to go, but Cindy exploded in protest, so he stuck around about a half hour longer til she was ok with parting ways.


Cindy finally gave Dad permission to leave, lol, and we made our way up front to try out Ahdoo’s hard work! That bed is SOLID! It doesn’t even budge when one of us gets up on it. I suspect it would last a lifetime if we keep it around that long.


(Selfie with my popeye baby.)


They love their bed so much, they passed out ten minutes later!

IMG_0731   IMG_0763

Yet another successful project. Thank you honey for a job well done! It is exactly as I imagined it, and will hold up wonderfully to their shenanigans! After a long day…(and some wonderful news!)…I’m signing off! Goodnight everyone!

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