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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap: Day 4 AND We Have A Visitor!

Getting into the swing of things…


…I had to run to Wal-Mart to get some groceries and supplies because PAPOO IS COMING TONIGHT!!! He’s going to visit us here in Arizona til Tuesday! We all couldn’t be happier to see him!


The second I got back home, Nic took off (we only have 1 vehicle this time around) to get some lumber from Home Depot. He wanted to start working on the girls’ bunk bed finally! While he was out, I prepared the girls’ new room by clearing a path to where the new bed is going to go.


Then, it was time for me to finally clear my old closet out and transfer my clothes to my new wardrobe. I was so excited to have a more organized unit for my stuff and by clearing that out, I gained another pantry! Nic was going to install some shelving in there for me.


IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504

Later on, our room went from this:


To this:



IMG_0485   IMG_0489

We set the tv up with some Scooby Doo to keep the girls momentarily distracted so I could clean the house and try to make some sense of it before Papoo arrived.


Meanwhile, Nic was outside with his new power sander prepping the wood to be stained. Their last bunk bed was covered in duct tape to prevent the girls from getting splinters. (I covered the duct tape in fabric so you didn’t know, but regardless, it wasn’t legit.) This one, we were doing the right way. It’s gonna be sanded and stained and coated in Polyurethane for a nice finished look.

IMG_0491   IMG_0493

Starting to stain the wood:


And then, we heard the call of the Papoo “Oo…Oo”! The girls jumped up off the bed and bolted outta our home:

Papoo and Girls

These are some very happy girls (including myself)! They played for a bit with Da-ra-gon.

IMG_0497   IMG_0498

After they were done playing, we went out to eat with Papoo at IHOP. He and Nonnie always took the girls there (and we never do) so they were thrilled to get some breakfast for dinner.

IMG_0500   IMG_0501

We were all so ecstatic to see Papoo again. He headed to his friend’s home for the night (against the girls’ wishes) and we were looking forward to spending the whole day with him tomorrow. Nic’s gonna work while we play. We’re both determined to get this RV back to functioning ASAP, but the girls can’t go swimming without Papoo AND me, so I guess I get to take a day off! Stay tuned for more!

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