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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap: Day 3

Well, it’s day 3 of the Great Bedroom swap. It’s pretty chaotic around here. We’ve accomplished quite a bit so far, but we still have a ways to go. Here’s the treehouse bed completely disassembled and outside behind our RV. I hope our neighbors forgive us for the outside junkyard we seem to have accumulated. Luckily, it won’t be there but only a couple of days.


Today, we headed to IKEA. It was Nic’s first time there. I spent last night warning him about that place and how it can easily turn into an all day shopping event. Then, he warned me, that if I actually think that would happen, I was dreaming.

Before we hit the road, I readied the home for the new incoming furniture. As I did so, MHG rebuilt her faery’s home outside. She added a kitchen table and food for them. I thought it was cute.

IMG_0419   IMG_0416


We hit the road around 10 am. Destination, IKEA in Tempe, AZ. I finally was going to see downtown Phoenix good enough to get a picture of the skyline. I’m not sure we’ll ever actually make it to downtown Phoenix, so I’ll just have to settle for photographing it from a distance for the time being.


As we neared the store, my stomach began to flutter in anticipation for all the treasures I was secretly hoping to walk away with. I had a wish list about as long as both my arms and legs… Nic had a wish list of 1 item: a bed with storage underneath. A bed that lifted itself up at the press of a button…or something like that. Men are so darn practical. Why can’t they just be frivolous just once? Like, during a trip to IKEA?





Exactly 1 hour later, we were loaded up and heading home. Seriously. He wasn’t joking. We bee lined through that place, straight to the bed department, found it, and exactly 15 minutes later, found some wardrobes for each of us. That had not been planned for, but as soon as he passed by them, he halted dead in his tracks. A couple of seconds later, we were headed to find them in the warehouse. They were tall and skinny and matched our bed, so they would accompany it nicely. Our room, is now complete. The girls passed out on the drive home, exhausted from Nic having us practically running through the place. I got 2 things (the same thing) on my stupid long wish list…the 39” long utility rod. I am going to use them as curtain rods. I’m sick and tired of these chincy white metal ones you buy at the store for $1.50. They bend and break and suck. The IKEA ones are so sturdy I could probably do a pull up on them…that is, if I could actually DO a pull up, lol!

For the record, next time, I hope to God I’m shopping there with one of our Mothers. He’s no fun to have as a shopping buddy. :( On a happier note, I do love what he picked out. It was entirely his idea to get everything we did, and although it was pretty pricey, it’ll be worth it to not have to build it ourselves. That, and now we have a butt load more storage capacity. That’s always a bonus when you live in an RV.

Here’s a couple pics (from IKEA’s website) of what we got. We got the “MALM storage bed” in black/brown and 2 of the LILLĂ…NGEN high cabinets” also in black/brown. All the shelves (except the center one) are adjustable to whatever slot you want to put them in. You can also choose which way you want the door to open. AND, once the door opens, it is flush with the side of the cabinet. This means, the cabinet can be butt up against the wall, and the door can still open all the way. Nice & super functional.

malm bed 3 malm bed 2 malm bedcabinet

Once we got home, Nic immediately set to work assembling the bed. As this happened, I slowly started to drown in the crap of our home. It seriously got to the point where the only way to access our room in the back, was by leaving out the front door, and walking around to the back door. Thank goodness we have two doors!


IMG_0428   IMG_0429

We couldn’t even sit at our table to eat lunch. Fortunately, I had a backup plan:



IKEA forgot to include an important tool. It was necessary to the assembly of our bed. Luckily for me, I remembered. Putting stuff their stuff together is so much more fun when you’re slightly buzzed. Yes, 1 drink gets me buzzed. There used to be a time in my life when I wasn’t such a lightweight, but that ship sailed 3 years ago once we were trying to conceive.


Now, back to the task at hand. The tedious part: Assembling the outer wooden frame.

IMG_0436   IMG_0437


The quick part: Headboard.

IMG_0441   IMG_0443

The hardest part: Assembling the friggin’ arms.


Then it was time to assemble the inner metal frame. That wasn’t too hard.

IMG_0445   IMG_0446   IMG_0447

The easiest part: Adding the slats.

IMG_0449   IMG_0450

IMG_0451   IMG_0452

The mattress goes on aaaaaand…“Look honey-no hands!”


Which means, I no longer have to hold our 100+ pound mattress up with my head as he takes his precious time getting under the bed to pull out whatever it was that we needed. Sometimes it would be vice versa, but either way, it always sucked getting under the bed. That alone, makes this bed priceless!

IMG_0455   IMG_0456



After that was completed, we decided to finally remove the tie downs that (I think typically) come standard with toy haulers. Really, they were just constant trip hazards and inconvenient thingy’s to stub your toe on when you weren’t paying attention. Also, as you can see, the linoleum is jacked up in our room. Nic’s going to rip it up and replace it with the same Pergo Highland Hickory hardwood flooring that we used in our slide. That’ll leave the kitchen & hallway to do at a later date. Once the Pergo is down, we’ll put the trim around the floor that matches the ceiling moulding & trim throughout the room. Pip and I had installed that last year in April. If you’re interested, that’s the post where I talked about putting up the trim, moving in, MHG’s piano recital and other stuff. Here’s that link:

IMG_0460   IMG_0464   IMG_0475

Three of the tie downs remain out of sheer laziness, but we’ll get to them soon. We decided to reserve a bit more energy to put my wardrobe together, but Nic called it quits after that. He’ll put his together in the morning, while I head to Wal-Mart with the girls for groceries & hopefully a rug for their room. Also, after he’s done with his wardrobe, he’ll draw up the plans for their new bunk bed and *hopefully* MHG’s dollhouse, too. Can you say teamwork? Lol! Once I return and put everything away, we’ll head to Home Depot to get all the necessary materials. The goal is to have at least the bunk beds assembled by the time Papoo flies in tomorrow night around 10ish. If we can have the dollhouse built too, that’ll be a bonus. He loves to play Monster High with the girls, so MHG will really want to be able to set her dollhouse up for him. That man knows more about each and every Monster High ghoul, than MOST kids I know. He can name off EVERY. SINGLE. DOLL. they have ever made. First AND last name. It’s ridiculous! I’m not sure I can even do that.

After another exhausting day, the girls settled into our bed to watch some Scooby Doo. We bbq’d up dinner for everyone outside. It was a long, but very productive day…the 3rd one in a row. One more, then hopefully things will slow down so we can enjoy our time with Dad while he visits us. The girls are SOOOOOOOO freaking excited to see him…we just wish the Grandma’s could have come to visit too, but they have their responsibilities back in Colorado to attend to. Once we get to New Mexico, we’ll be closer. Hopefully, it won’t be hard for them or us to visit one another.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a couple final images of our room, in a livable state…finally. It isn’t boho’d out just yet, but I’ll get around to that one of these days. Oh! I forgot to tell you that my chandelier arrived today! I can’t wait for Nic to install it. It doesn’t have a plug. It has to be hardwired into the RV’s wiring, so who knows when he’ll have time for that, but at least I finally possess it in all it’s beauty and splendor! (It’s been on my Amazon wish list for 2 years now!)


The tree still has to come down, but that requires the removal of the shelf holding all our books, so I’m in no hurry to do that.

IMG_0468   IMG_0471


As I sign off, I bid you all farewell and goodnight. I hope you all are well and wonderful! Sweet dreams!

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