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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Great Bedroom Swap: Day 2

We’re on Day 2 of the Great Bedroom Swap and today’s task at hand is disassembling the girls’ old bunk beds. Originally, my Mom and I had covered them entirely in duct tape to prevent the girls from getting any splinters. They had been made (quite well) by the construction workers that had previously lived in our RV, but they weren’t too concerned with aesthetics & pain, so they used unfinished wood to construct them. I knew I had quite the task ahead of me. I had to cut off most of the tape in order to get to the screws and bolts holding it together. So, as exciting as it sounds, I started my day off with a protein shake (made without protein powder). It was a puree consisting of 2 juiced grapefruits, 2 kiwis, 1 apple, 1 handful of blueberries & 1 handful of raspberries. I mixed in 2 tbsns of wheat germ & 2 tbsns of ground flaxseed. It was just what I needed to help me get through my morning!
IMG_0376   IMG_0378
After I downed my shake, I set to work attempting to dislocate the plywood platforms from the bunks themselves. They were pretty hard to remove because the tape interfered with their coming out. Eventually, I freed them and was able to start the process of unbolting.
 IMG_0386   IMG_0388
I had to cut through so much tape to access the bolts and screws. Here are 2 of the 16 total bolts.
IMG_0391   IMG_0392
All bolts now visible and ready for removal.
The girls had so much fun using the ratchet to loosen all the nuts on the bolts.
IMG_0395   IMG_0396
IMG_0397   IMG_0400
IMG_0401   IMG_0402
Then, we had to hammer out the bolts, once they were freed from the nuts.
They both had a lot of fun helping Mommy use Daddy’s tools, lol.
After I spent a couple of hours disassembling their old bunk beds, I asked MHG to grab me a water bottle and fill it up before handing it over. About 15 minutes passed as I chucked more boards outside the back door. Right as I was beginning to question myself and if I had actually request the water out loud (ya never know these days, with me being so frazzled and all), she entered the room with the water bottle I had asked for, but she also had made me a sandwich…AND it was Vegan (she was quick to inform me of that). She told me I had been working so hard and it’s important to eat, so she had made me some lunch. I love that girl of mine so much. I lucked out for sure when we had her. That seriously touched me to the core. I love her (and my other darling little one) so much!
IMG_0407   IMG_0408
IMG_0409   IMG_0411
After I got done eating, I decided it was time to test out my new room. What better way to practice my handstand than with a mattress to fall on?!
march handstand
Great minds think alike. See? He blueprints, too. I just blueprint the room layouts…he plans out the actual stuff I request he custom build for us, lol! We need a bed with under-bed storage.
IMG_0414   IMG_0415
Here he is designing the bed frame we need in our room to act as storage as well. In the end, after he drew this out, he got online for ideas and stumbled upon IKEA. Guess where we’re heading in the morning? For the first time in my life (being married to him), he has opted to buy something pre-made so that it’ll save him the time of having to do the work himself. It isn’t cheap, but it should be worth it, and should last us a VERY long time. I also wanna grab a couple curtain rods while there, and check out if they have any cute rugs to go in the girls’ floor space. He’s never been there before. I’ve tried to warn him that it’s not exactly the type of place that you run in and run out of. He has no idea. Poor, poor Nic. In the end, this might be the true test of our marriage.  ;)
After the day was done, we weren’t quite as exhausted as we were last night. We were just happy to have our bed back again. Last night nearly killed us sleeping on the hard floor…even with the camping pads underneath us. They may work fine for MHG (in conjunction with her egg crate foam pads), but we’re much older and heavier. I’m grateful to have my crappy old mattress back again.
boho new bedroom 2
Well, since we’re heading to IKEA in the morning, I’m gonna need all the energy I have to carry the 4 of us through there. I hope you all are doing great, and thanks for keeping up with our newest endeavor!
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