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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Girls’ Room: Remodeled

The girls’ room and ours are completely swapped, their bed is built, and we found the solution to their storage needs. All that remains, is the stapling of the leftover fabric onto their walls, and the altering of their quilt(s). I started the day off by turning the rest of their walls green. To reiterate, their green walls are not paint. I bought a King size green flat sheet from Wal-Mart and ripped it to shreds as I went along the wall seams stapling it to them. It sounds a little ghetto, but has ended up a brilliant substitute for actually painting. Painting is not a good idea while sharing the same space with kids, cats and wet walls. I’m considering going over the stapled seams with differently colored ribbon (that’ll match their rug & quilts) with a hot glue gun to cover the staples. If I do that, it will be a project for another day, though.

Here are their walls completed in a nice shade of green to accent their rug & quilts (that have yet to be altered).

(My Husband drew that Monster High skullette and I applique’d it to a blanket I sewed for MHG for her 6th birthday a couple years back. I also made a matching pillow for her. Because I worked so hard on it back then, we will not be parting with it anytime soon.)


Cindy showing off her mad flute skills and showcasing her newly green wall.




The stapling of the fabric took up the entirety of my morning. After lunch, I undertook the task of altering the King size quilt MHG picked out at Wal-mart for $50. The plan was to take about 14” off the end of it. From there, I would cut the larger section of fabric in half and hem it back up. This would allow me to turn one blanket into two. I had no idea what to do with the other piece of fabric. (I eventually had an idea.) I always thought it would be cute to have my girls in matching beds. Naturally, I was thrilled when MHG came up with the idea herself….that way, I wouldn’t have to force her into it, lol!

I started off by folding the blanket in half lengthwise. I then pinned it together so it would stay put as I cut the 14” off the end, and again in half.



Isn’t it nice knowing that after I spent $50 on a friggin’ blanket, it wasn’t perfectly symmetrical. This is why I usually try not to buy crap made in China. Oh well. It’s still a gorgeous blanket, and once I was through with it, everything was straight AND symmetrical…so no worries. (This is how much it was off after lining it up perfectly on the other end...even before pinning it, it was off.)


After the 14” were removed off the end, and the blanket was cut down the middle, the two pieces were separated. I then proceeded to rip the seams along the two cut sides.


I had to cut off 1” of batting & the accompanying fabric on the non-blue side (the super colorful side).



This would allow me to turn the blue fabric towards the other side once, then twice, to make for a perfect seam. (Please ignore my nails. I refuse to tend to them while undergoing construction and laborious activities that will just wreck my polishing job.) In the picture below, you can see I have just turned the hem over the first time, it still has to get turned once more and then pinned to give it a finished look after being sewed.


Once the new hem is pinned all around, I stitched up the seam.


Then, I repeated the same procedure with Cindy’s blanket…but not before throwing MHG’s on her bed, making the bed OCD-style, and photographing my hard work. ;) It seriously matches the rug perfectly. They are all the exact. same. colors. MHG did good! She picked out everything, except for the teal pillowcases…Cindy picked those out.

IMG_1036    IMG_1038   IMG_1040


“Where’s [my] blanket Mama?”

“It’s coming, my darling, messy little child.”


An hour later, and my second little demanding blessing received her very own *matching* blanket! She was ecstatic!

IMG_1043   IMG_1068   IMG_1062


IMG_1075   IMG_1076

Eventually, I remembered the extra 14” of fabric I had, so I sewed them identical reversible pillows. Cindy’s just has a little less fluff in hers. So they are the blue swirly pattern on one side and the colorful damask on the other. They loved them!

IMG_1077   IMG_1078

Here is their room 90% complete. I know, I know…I keep saying it’s almost done. Well, the decorating is at least. Nic still has to frame out the end of their bed. He will then attach a chalkboard wall that will face inwards on each of their bunks. They will both be able to sit at the end of their bed and draw without the other sister bothering them, haha! Also, he still has to build the “storage step”. It will be a single step leading up to their floor that will have an opening hatch (the step itself) to store *most likely* cat food. That way, Cindy won’t have to climb up and down on her belly anymore.


IMG_1083   IMG_1086


IMG_1085   IMG_1081


IMG_1092   IMG_1093

They love their room and their storage cubbies are one of the best purchases we’ve ever made! Every night, so far, their room is picked up from a day of hard core playing and mischief! It’s every Mother’s dream come true!



Someone, in one of the groups on Facebook I belong to, had requested that I take lots of pictures and do a video, too. Well, here’s the pics and someday when our home is COMPLETELY back to normal (I have to focus on our room now), I’ll do a video.

Thanks for following along on the girls’ room makeover. With that being said, I will leave you with this…it’ll give you an idea of how far their room/that space has come:

Up Front Transformation

The before pictures were taken the day we bought our home on wheels-March 10, 2013. The in-between pics of that space, while it was our room, were taken approximately 6 months later. Pretty much a whole year after the first 2 pics were taken, on March 13, 2014, our old room is now theirs…and all 4 of us couldn’t be happier!!! We gained more privacy, while they have a “better suited to their needs” bedroom. Now, MHG has complete access to all her books, Roadschooling/Homeschooling supplies, and the family’s board games. Cindy’s even happier now because she has access, 100% of the time, to her wardrobe, lol! Everyone’s needs are now completely accommodated and Life. Is. Good.

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