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Monday, March 31, 2014

Part 2: Did We Make It In 1 Day?


The Boho Hobos are back on the road after a 4 month project in Arizona. We made some wonderful friends while we were there, and although it was incredibly hard to leave them back in that beautiful state, duty calls. My Husband’s next work project is in Farmington, New Mexico, so that’s where we’re headed. We left Phoenix around 11:30 this morning and have been on the road for about 4 hours. We have a little bit to go before we hit Gallup, NM. Nic decided that he didn’t want to make the rest of the drive to Farmington, because we were guaranteed to show up to our new park in the dark. We hate dealing with hook-ups in the dark. Not to mention, that if anything were to throw us off schedule, we’d be doing some of the drive in the dark. That, also, is a no bueno. We decided to enjoy the last few scenic moments of our drive today and stop for the night at USA RV Park.













What a lovely park it was! It reminded me a lot of Americamps back in Virginia.


There were 3 RV’s in front of us, and 3 more pulled in behind us. I guess before we got there, they had traffic backed up all the way to the Interstate! There were so many people checking in at once. We were glad to have missed the rush. The girls and I waited in the truck with the RV while Daddy signed us in at the office.




While Daddy hooked everything up, I took the girls to the playground to play for a bit. They had fake grass throughout the whole park. It was kinda weird, but still, quite nice. There was also a really pretty waterfall fountain that, of course, made the perfect backdrop for a quick photo of the girls together.

IMG_1956   IMG_1967


They had a lot of fun on their playground equipment, although the small slide was cracked along the side in the center. That freaked me out a bit, but other than that, everything was copasetic. We didn’t play there very long….maybe just 20 minutes. It was sooooooooo cold! We have been acclimated to Phoenix’s weather, so anything under 70 is freezing…in my wimpy defense, it was like 50 degrees outside.


IMG_1960   IMG_1961

IMG_1966   IMG_1977

IMG_1979   IMG_1969


The hungry birds circling above, reminded me to get back home and cook dinner for everyone.

IMG_1984   IMG_1987

I prepared a scrumptious feast of stir-fried cabbage, carrots, onions, kale, spinach, mushrooms, celery and baby dill.


I also cooked up some delicious Couscous to accompany the stir-fry.


I figured Cindy would love dinner because it was purple tonight, but I was mistaken. I ended up fixing her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She didn’t want that either. She downed a strawberry banana smoothie though, so I was glad she had at least that in her belly. Gotta love toddlers and their finicky appetites. Before you say anything, I am not the Mom that will send her kids to bed with empty bellies. This is the 1st time that she outright refused to eat what I cooked. Hopefully she doesn’t do that again.

After a such a long day, these two passed out right after dinner and some Scooby Doo.



I did the dishes, set up Nic’s coffee maker for his morning brew, took a much appreciated shower & was thrilled to be in bed by 10pm. It was a long day and I have a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be even longer. Until then…

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