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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Papoo Swaps Snow For Sun

Although this is technically Day 5 of “The Great Bedroom Swap”…I’m pretty sure using “The Great Bedroom Swap: Day 5 AND Papoo Swaps Snow For Sun”, for my post’s title, would be a little long winded. ;)

Papoo flew in last night from Colorado to visit us for a few days! Colorado got hit with a snow storm right before he flew here. I guess they even had to de-ice the wing on his plane before he took off. Imagine his delight when he landed and it was nearly 80 degree weather here! This morning, we had plans to go swimming and shopping. I had been in the shower we he arrived, so I told him and the girls to go play at the playground for a bit until I was finished. (Unfortunately, I didn’t think to send him with the camera.) They had a lot of fun there, and they even picked some oranges with him to eat! When they got back, they horse-played around with him for a while, until I was ready to go.

IMG_0508   IMG_0510

IMG_0509   IMG_0513

 IMG_0515   IMG_0516 b

IMG_0519 b   IMG_0520 b

After Papoo showed off his strength and how tall MHG is getting, we suited up and headed to the pool!

IMG_0522   IMG_0531

Swimming WITHOUT floaties!!! I’m so proud of her!


A couple weeks ago, when we were at the pool last, MHG successfully swam without flotation devices for the very first time! She had been swimming laps back and forth from the deep end to the shallow with her Scooby Doo life jacket on. After about 30 minutes of that, she removed it and swam to the deep end and back (with me beside her) like a friggin’ pro! And of course, I had forgotten to put my memory card into my camera before we went to the pool. *Face Palm* She wanted to show off to Papoo her new moves in the water today. She was pretty rusty compared to that day a couple weeks ago, but regardless of that, she didn’t drown and that’s all that really matters. ;) She’s always been kinda skittish in the water. Almost all of my memories of her in the pool involve her clinging to me or someone else for dear life. Just this year though, she started using her life jacket and actually swam away from everyone. Our favorite quote of hers while swimming is: “I need land!” after inhaling a mouthful of water. Silly girl. I’m very proud of her and she’s only gonna get better! I think it’s so awesome that she learned to ride a bike in Virginia and learned to swim in Arizona. I wonder what she’ll learn how to do in New Mexico? Perhaps cook? That would be awesome for me, haha!

Cinderella, on the other hand, is my water baby. She was literally born in the water (our bathtub at our previous residence in an apartment) and hasn’t disliked it yet (except for the crashing ocean waves on Virginia Beach, lol)! I suspect she will be a LOT easier to teach how to swim. She fell asleep on Papoo’s shoulder while he swished her around. (She’s actually fallen asleep while floating in the water with me several times in summer’s past.) My two girls, they’ve yet to do two things the exact same way. Ever the opposites, they are.



I can actually let go of Cindy in the water (with her arm floaties on) and she’ll kick around the pool (somewhat frantically, however) on a mission to get back to me. She won’t really put up a fuss about it though. MHG cried hysterically when I ever tried that with her (from 6 months old to 8 years old, lol). Just goes to show that you can raise ‘em the exact same way, and they can still end up two completely different people!

IMG_0533   IMG_0534



I got to meet the lovely Madonna (and her family and friends) for the first time ever (a fellow full-timer). She’s one of the most adorable pregnant women I have ever met! They’ve got 2 darling little girls and a boy due to arrive in May. Her youngest, is a young 2 years old, and is just the sweetest little girl. She kept hugging Cindy and MHG. Cindy was a little freaked out from all the adults standing around, so she wasn’t as open to the idea of hugging. (She would’ve been all over her too, had she a smaller audience.) MHG, on the other hand, enjoyed her little hugs and kept giving them right back. I think she enjoyed the idea of a 2 year old hugging her constantly, instead of whacking her upside the head, lol! Anywho, they were the most adorable little girls! They were in such cute, orange, matching dresses that also matched their bright orange hair! Of course, I didn’t think to get a picture with them…cuz that’s how I roll these days, apparently. *another Face Palm moment* We met through an RVing Facebook group a few months ago, but we just now got to meet in person. They’ve been outta town a couple weeks. Our introduction was unfortunately short-lived because they were on their way to a fun outing in Chandler, AZ and Papoo had been promising to take MHG on a “shopping spree” since he arrived.

After we all parted ways, I drove around much longer than was necessary to finally make it to Target. I was so lost. I finally had to turn on my GPS to find it. The girls each got 1 new outfit and a pair of ultra cute gladiator sandals. These were to accompany the hoodie for Cindy and hat for MHG. Seeing Cindy in a hoodie, that ISN’T black, is quite refreshing. I think it’s funny she picked out bright orange, but at least I’ll never lose her anywhere, ha-ha! I think MHG is simply gorgeous in her new hat! (The outfit pictured below isn’t from Papoo, she’s wearing her new clothes tomorrow to the bbq we were invited to where Papoo is staying.) Believe it or not, the girls didn’t get One. Single. Toy. They asked, but I declined. Clothes are much more practical and they already have way too many toys to begin with! I know, I’m so mean. They love their new clothes though so they, at least, weren’t ungrateful.

IMG_0539   IMG_0540

IMG_0542   IMG_0544

Once we got home and they modeled their new shoes, hoodie and hat for Nonnie, Grandma, and Auntie Tiger to see, they spent another hour (at least) running/biking/riding up and down our road out front with the man of the hour. I introduced him to a lot of our neighbors and just drank in the moment of having Papoo here playing with my girls. They were so happy, and that kind of happiness is utterly contagious! Even my neighbors were all smiles and laughter as they enjoyed watching my girls running amok with their Grandpa!

IMG_0547   IMG_0548



IMG_0558   IMG_0559


IMG_0565   IMG_0566

IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571


IMG_0574   IMG_0564


IMG_0579 IMG_0580 IMG_0581

I love this pic, and it also showcases the girls’ ultra-cute new shoes! I just wish they made them in my size!



I love this pic below. I want to black and white it and frame it. :)


IMG_0585   IMG_0586

After a loooooooong and fun day of playing with Papoo, it was time for him to head back to his friend’s home. I also needed to see what Ahdoo had gotten accomplished all day while we were messing around. The girls reluctantly kissed Papoo goodbye, but only after he promised to come back in the morning.


I laid down their new rug and set up their beds for the night. After today’s events, I figured they would pass out the second they hit them!


Ahdoo got a lot done with us outta his hair for the day! He finished sanding, staining & poly’ing ALL of the wood necessary to build their bed tomorrow. He also had enough time to build me another pantry in my old closet! Holy storage space! For once, I have TOO MUCH room to store extra food. I guess it’ll finally be possible to start shopping at Sam’s again. Maybe doing so will shave a couple hundred bucks off our grocery bill each month? Nic is finally taking his lunch to work, instead of eating fast food crap during the day. We’re saving money now in that department, but we also needed room to store the extra food for that venture: soda, Powerades, extra bread, chips, etc. (my Husband loves junk food…can ya tell?). There’s plenty of room for all of that now. I even had him keep the closet rod to hang my bananas and avocados on! (Oh yea, I’m STILL nursing my Sourdough Bread Starter…I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to the point where I can actually use it to BAKE some darn bread.)

IMG_0595   IMG_0592



Note: the fruit snacks. Those and popsicles are the only “junk” foods my kids are allowed to eat in this household. Imagine their glee when Papoo arrived and all rules went out the window…including the consumption of things like soda, cookies and fast food, lol! ;) It’s all good though. After having my 2nd daughter, I lightened up A. LOT. and finally realized that they’re Grandparents and that’s their job…to spoil the girls. A little bit of rule breaking/bending won’t kill ‘em. Although, I guess it’s easy for me to say that when they’re remote. If it were an everyday occurrence, I might feel a little differently about it. Anyways, I digress.

We had such a wonderful day with Papoo! AND, Nic building me another pantry was icing on the cake! I can’t wait to get started tomorrow helping him build their bed! Hopefully, by the end of the day, they’ll be able to sleep in it finally?! Fingers crossed folks! Until next time…

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