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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Side Of Our New Bedroom

Yes. We have our “own sides” of the new bedroom, lol. I’m pretty sure that decision has come after Nic has spent the past year staring at a completely boho-ified bedroom that speaks volumes for my personality, yet absolutely zero for his. My side is bright and cheery and orange and purple with mood lighting and lanterns hanging and little statues & figurines. His side…so far…is a whole lotta nothing, except for electronics and a Tom Brady jersey.

He has stated that once he gets around to it, he will be hanging his Pirate flags all over his wall, but for now, it remains blank. Oh boy, I can’t wait, haha. Until he has his side completely set up, you will just have to settle for seeing only mine. I shall now show you (due to several requests from everyone) my side of our room.


The chandelier hangs centered over our bed. Our headboard wall (on my side) has a 39” IKEA utility rod that I use to hold my scarves, my 1 shirt that must be hung up and a chain dangles down holding my headbands. The wall to the right has a pretty curtain from Bed, Bath and Beyond hanging up. I’ve had it for 3+ years now and I treasure it. The saris of orange I ordered from Amazon. Above the curtain is the door valance that I ordered fair trade from India. It’s beaded and embroidery hand work is so skilled. I could literally stare at every. single. stitch. for hours in absolute awe of their craftsmanship. My bedspread is a duvet cover encasing a comforter. It is from Natori and is the Samarkand duvet. (Yes, it is the same one that Gloria and Jay Pritchett on Modern Family have. I realized that recently.) Most of the pillows are handmade by moi.

I have Moroccan lanterns and tasseled pillows hanging from a chain under my shelf that Nic recently built me. The window valance I constructed all by myself out of wood from the old shelf above the window. I upholstered it to match the doorway cornices in our room. The ceiling I handpainted myself last year when the girls had this room. It is a light to dark blue gradient fade and I love it. The bed and wardrobes on either side of our bed are all from IKEA. The bed lifts up, more or less, on its own to allow for tons of underbed storage. You can read about its assembly and that crazy day HERE.


My wardrobe. Everything is rolled, folded or stuffed. Every square inch is in use. I’m jealous of Nic because he still has room to spare in his. Men.

IMG_1566   IMG_1647


IMG_1440   IMG_1431

You can read about my chandelier post HERE. It was purchased from Amazon.



You can read about my wooden valance post HERE. I designed/constructed/built/upholstered it all by myself.


The red tassel trim is from Hobby Lobby. The beaded stone trim  and the star fabric on the valance are both from Hancock Fabrics. The tasseled pillows were a thrift store score by my Mom a few years back. Thanks Mom! The curtains I sewed myself out of the fabric from our old comforter. You can read about that HERE.


I have the pleasure of having the litter box and cat condo on my side of the room. The litter box is a sifting one that has a carbon filter in the roof, and a swinging door. It keeps the smell from wafting into our room. It’s all enclosed so nobody can “miss”. My boys are bad about “missing”. Tigger’s too fat to fit into the cat condo…but Onyx enjoys it a lot. Both items were purchased from Wal-Mart.


The green bins were from Big Lots several years back. They are pretty heavy duty, managing to hold at least a combined 100 pounds of books and other assorted belongings of mine. I also have the printer on my side of the room…for now. Our door was crafted by Nic and is the barn door style with a dry erase board backing on our side of the room and just plain wood on the other side. You can read about his made door crafting skills HERE.



I love how it’s turned out. It’s amazing what some fabric, ambient lighting and a little bit of construction can accomplish.

If you enjoyed this post, and you wanna take a trip down memory lane to see what our old room looked like, you can read about that HERE. Also, HERE is when we first purchased our RV (March 10, 2013) and started to decorate.

On a completely unrelated note, we’re hitting the road for New Mexico on Monday. Our time here in Arizona has come to an end. We will miss our new friends Mik & Blondie, we will miss our hot, Sunny days, swimming in the Winter and Springtime, picking fresh citrus fruits from the trees all around us, the Saguaro cacti and my beloved Palm Trees. It has been an incredibly enjoyable 4 months spent here in Phoenix but, it is time for us to go spend some time in the Land of Enchantment.

Until we meet again, thanks for reading!

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