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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Mom…

…is turning [censored] today! (I’m not sure if she wants me divulging her age to the public, lol!) Happy Birthday Mom! I really wish I could be there to celebrate with you. You have been an amazing inspiration to me throughout my life. Raising my mentally & physically handicapped brother and I, as a single Mother, never once beat you down. When I think of “solid as a rock” and “spontaneous”, I think of you. I know it seems a little bit of an oxy moron to put those two things together, but you really are. You provided us with a solid foundation growing up, all the while embracing everything that life threw at you. When it tried to throw you a curve ball, you caught it and threw it right back. You embrace change better than anyone I know, never afraid to take chances. You have a gypsy’s heart and that blood pumps through my veins today. Thank you for that! When we said we were gonna live in an RV, you were one of the very few people to support our decision, backing me up every step of my crazy way. Obviously, everyone jumped on board (albeit reluctantly) over time, but you had my back from the start. Thank you Mom.

You know exactly what to tell me when I have a problem. You know exactly how to approach me when I’m standoffish or angry (or highly emotional, lol). Sometimes we fight, but I know you will love me unconditionally for the rest of my life. Even though you drive me nuts sometimes, I will always love you too. :) I’m pretty sure that’s just how Mother-Daughter relationships go anyways, haha! You’re faith in God is unshakeable, even when it seems, at times, like everything is falling apart. When others would throw in the towel, there you are, not giving up. Perseverance & preservation (of not just you, but also of your loved ones) are two of your best qualities, and I like to think that they rubbed off on me as well. I’m STILL trying to grow my freaking bread yeast, haha! You are one of the hardest working people I have ever known and watching you work that hard taught me that laziness is not a quality to be desired. Sitting idly, while watching the world go by in front of me, is something that will most likely never happen in my life. I am grateful for that. You taught me to grab life by the horns, hold on for dear life, and enjoy the ride!

Thank you for everything you have ever done, do, and will do for me.

I’m lucky to have you for my Mother and I love you so very, very much.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My beautiful Mom as a girl.  :)

pg 56


My Mom’s the one in the black shirt. The girls are all my cousins. This was before my brother’s appearance into the world. I’m the cute little baby, hehe.

Wilson Family Pic

My Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and I. I have no idea how old I was, my guess is 4 or 5.

pg 62


Right before my Mom graduated from Nursing School. I was 9, my brother 7. I was so proud of her!

pg 5

I was 13. Our close family friend, “L” (whom I miss so much!) and a girl I don’t remember. Also, my brother.

pg 7


My Mom, friend Lisa, brother and I when I was 15.

pg 46

My Grandma and Mom.

camping 409


After my Broadway musical Senior Year.

camping 409

My Mom and I on my Graduation Day. I was 17.

camping 402   pg 21

My Mom is so beautiful.

camping 408


July 25, 2005. Exactly 1 year later, after Nic and I became an official couple, we tied the knot in my Mom’s backyard. She worked so hard around her home for me, inside and out, to ready it for my sunset wedding. It was wonderful, and I would do it exactly the same way…All. Over. Again. (Minus a few guests, lol.) She and I wrapped all the Aspen trees in her backyard with white Christmas lights. It was beautiful. We partied the night away in her garage. I was 3 months pregnant btw… Yes, we had a shotgun wedding. But, my Hubby and I are still going strong these nearly 10 years later!  :)

Wedding 1

I made my veil (and my train) all by myself. I wanted a black wedding dress, too, but I had been hanging onto this dress since I was in 8th grade.

I always said it would someday be my wedding dress!

3   6

bride fam   Wedding 9

12   DSC00868



memommjf    10 mo 004


MHG’s 1st Birthday!

mhg 1st bday with mom mj



At my brother’s 1st apartment.

mjmmafaye2   mjmmafaye


My Mom, Brother & I gambling in Cripple Creek, CO for his 21st birthday. June 25th. (He and Cindy have the same birthday.)

north pole 009


Nic took us day camping in the Rockies for Mother’s Day.



Halloween. My Mom was a Witch school graduate. :)

My brother made almost his entire Jack Skellington costume outta duct tape!

IMG027 (2)


IMG025 (2)


Right before my Mom moved to Wisconsin for a year. :( We missed her so much after she left.

January 2010 018

 January 2010 021

January 2010 020   January 2010 017

We went to visit my Mom in Wisconsin for my 25th Birthday. We also stayed with my pseudo-Dad & visited with my Aunt in Chicago, too.


IMG_4827   IMG_4828



IMG_7067 - Copy   IMG_7541

IMG_7634   IMG_8214

gram ava   gram ava 2

gram luv   grams no txt

mom ava 3 mo   IMG_0275

IMG_9498   IMG_9979 (2)

MHG & Cindy’s 1st train ride…and it was with Grandma.

IMG_8847   IMG_8848

faye mom

Cindy wanted her milkies, lol. Look at her tongue go!

IMG_8780   mom ava

middle child   mom joe

Auntie Tiger w/ Cindy, M&M’s, Mom, Papoo, Nonnie & my precious nephew (just 11 days younger than Cindy). We were at MHG’s Christmas Kindergarten play. She had the opening lines!!! It was very exciting for us. We were all so proud of her!

Uncle Jedi was missing cuz he was at work.  :(



Peace, Grandma. At MHG’s 6th Birthday.


Cindy was on oxygen for 9 days in March. It was the only time she’s ever been sick in her whole life…thank Goddess! She had RSV.

bday gma ava   bday gma girls

Ostara…Although my Mom does Easter…we don’t, so the bunny outfits and ears were a compromise, lol.

IMG_1713   IMG_1803

IMG_2084   IMG_2350

Cindy’s 1st Birthday!

IMG_2493   IMG_2685

 IMG_2895   IMG_2897

At my Mom’s friend “V’s” home. She’s a doll! I miss her too!

IMG_2756   IMG_3239

IMG_4429   IMG_5145

Grandma checked MHG out books from the library her entire Kindergarten year. Usually, 20 books every few days. Grandma was a reading machine. That is, until MHG took off reading to Grandma.  :)

Gma Reads   Gma Reads 2


Right before we became fulltime RVers.

Mom, I still can’t believe you lived in Illinois pretty much your entire life, and in Wisconsin for 1 whopping year, and ended up a Packers Fan!

That’s so sad. Go BEARS!

IMG_5738   IMG_5739

IMG_8531   IMG_8533   IMG_8534



The last visit we had back in November last year. Hope to see you soon Mom!!!


IMG_5656   IMG_5657

Gma Girls

Me Mom Girls 3

I love you so much Mom! We’ll be heading to New Mexico soon, so hopefully, we can see you shortly thereafter. Sorry I couldn’t spend your special day with you, but I plan to make it up to you eventually. Much love to you from us all. Now and forever.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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