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Monday, March 24, 2014

My Gypsy Chandelier

My chandelier arrived 2 days after I ordered it (Thank you Amazon Prime), but Nic didn’t get the time to put it up until recently. We’ve been crazy busy around here. Papoo came to visit, and during that time we were undergoing our room swap renovations and then Onyx got sick. It’s been a complete whirlwind! It took us so long because it is supposed to be hardwired into our home. That would’ve involved taking down a ceiling panel…and at least one wall panel, and we really didn’t feel like doing that. Eventually, Nic made his way to Home Depot to pick up a chandelier hanging kit (chain, electrical cord that was the wrong one, and  an in line switch). He had to go back for another electrical cord that had a ground wire in it though. He rewired it for me, hung it, plugged it in (love that it plugs in…making it portable) and I was in heaven!!!



IMG_1375   IMG_1377

IMG_1380   IMG_1384


It goes with my room decor (well, my side at least) marvelously!


Using only 15 watt chandelier light bulbs, it casts quite the ambient glow throughout our room. I’m glad we opted out of using 25 watt bulbs.






You can purchase it (or one like it, in a different color) HERE.


I love it and once again, I am so blessed to have such a handy Husband! Thank you baby! You’re the best!

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