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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday Mik!

Today is my Arizona friend’s 25th birthday! I was so happy when she called me this afternoon to see if Nic finally agreed to let me get my nose pierced, lol! He reluctantly did, so after he got off work and she arrived to pick me up, we bolted out the door for “Taking Care of Business Tattoo” on Cactus Rd & 67th Ave in Phoenix, Arizona.

She wanted to get both of her Tragus’s (Tragi? What is the plural form of that word anyway?) done and I wanted to finally get my nose done after 28 1/2 years of being too chicken to do so. That’s pretty much the one thing left that I haven’t pierced. She bravely volunteered to go first (to my relief). After all, it WAS fitting, since she was the birthday girl!

Our “Befores”. Before we walked into the parlor.

IMG_1298   nose before


Sportin’ her dots to show where her new bling is gonna go!



Jesse does all the piercings and he is a Master Piercer. We were in great hands! He did a marvelous job and was super professional (and funny)!


IMG_1303   IMG_1303

IMG_1304   IMG_1304


One down…one to go! She was a trooper! No tears…and only a couple of “F-bombs”, lol!



And she’s done folks!

IMG_1309   IMG_1310


I was so proud, and I will never, ever be getting those done after watching that!!! Lol! She is a complete Rockstar!


Oh crap. I forgot I was getting pierced too after all that excitement…and the adrenaline kicks back in!


My turn! Figuring out the placement. I want to be able to put a ring in eventually, so he pierces it closer to the edge.

IMG_1313   IMG_1314


Sportin’ my dot to show where my new bling is gonna go!


Here’s some pics to make my family cringe!  ;)

IMG_1317   IMG_1318

He didn’t count, or even let me know he was ready. He reached away for something, leaned in and while I looked away briefly at Mik, BAM! I have a nose ring and I didn’t even flinch! Best. Piercer. Ever! I was totally expecting to at least have some involuntary tears from a reflex or something, but no. Outta all my 30ish piercings throughout my life, this was hands down, invisible, on the pain scale. It makes me feel bad cuz Mik’s piercings were on the complete other end of the scale. :-(

This pic makes me laugh cuz he was scrunching up my face as he put the ring in and took the needle out. I probably shouldn’t have been talking while he was doing that, oh well. When do I ever shut up?


Check it out! My face finally feels balanced. My Monroe and Eyebrow piercings are on my right side, & now there’s something on my left.

IMG_1321   IMG_1322


It’s a big stud, but it’s just for while it heals. And it’s GREEN! It looks like I have a green booger on the outside of my nose, lol! But, as Mik said, it suits my personality, and I like that it matches my glasses. After it’s done healing in 4-6 weeks, I can put something smaller in or a thin dainty ring…which is what I’m leaning more towards. OH! I almost forgot, the good news is I can go back to picking my nose again in 2-3 days, hehe!  ;)

nose after

We are two happy girls! And more importantly, I am hoping that Mik had a pretty Happy 25th Birthday!


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