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Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Turns To Fear

Hello there folks. This was a fun and yet incredibly, emotionally draining weekend for my family. It did start off wonderful though. MHG’s “Arizona” BFF (she has to make everyone aware that she has a BFF in a few different states now, lol) got to spend the night with us Friday night, and the whole day on Saturday. It was wonderful having Blondie over again! They played dolls, and she can ride a bike now, so they rode their bikes, we went to the playground, picked oranges, painted nails and had a dance party.

girls playing

I can’t believe it! One month has gone by since her last overnight with us, and this girl has lost her first tooth in that time AND she can ride her bike without training wheels now! You go girl!!!

B first missing tooth


 IMG_1100   IMG_1102   IMG_1103

As we all headed to the playground to play for a bit, we were blessed with a rainbow. That’s a huge deal people…because rain doesn’t exist here, lol!


The girl on the right, although sweet, has been coming over every. single. day. since we met her. Nic finally had to tell her to go home the other day AND now when she stops by, he tells her the girls aren’t home. Jeez. Glad I don’t have to be the bad guy. She’s a nice playground friend, but we like our privacy throughout the week. We homeschool throughout the day, and once Daddy is off work, we like to spend our time with him.

girls slide stacked

MHG flower bush   b flower bush white border

Below, we have Cindy pitching a fit because I asked her to smile, lol! Daddy made it all bedda fortunately.

daddy cindy flower bush mad   daddy cindy flower bush hug   daddy cindy flower bush smile


Blondie on the slide.

(I edited these pics of Mik’s adorable daughter to give to her for a birthday present, since we are now broke…thanks to Onyx…though it was worth it. Continue reading to find out what I’m talking about.)

B slide bw   b slide   b slide whee

She really is a doll. We’re gonna miss her and her Mommy a TON when we leave soon.

b table

All the oranges within reach, on the playground, have been picked. Sooooo….Nic threw the girls up on his shoulders to pick the ones up high. We went home with quite the bounty (roughly 10) thanks to them!

MHG orange picking   orange picking

IMG_1129   IMG_1131   IMG_1143

IMG_1109   IMG_1110   IMG_1111

IMG_1120   IMG_1122

Once we rode back home and Nic headed out to pick up some pizza, we did some bowling for a bit.


After Nic got back with the pizza, we chowed down and I hopped in the shower. From my loud shower, I could hear them squealing with laughter and it felt like a herd of elephants invaded my home on wheels. Once I was finished, I poked my head out to see this:

girls dance party

A Dance Party.

IMG_1157   IMG_1149

IMG_1150   IMG_1151

Boy were they having a ball!!! Nic even shook his hips for me at one point…and on camera no less…but I’m pretty sure he’d hunt me down if I showed that clip to the public, haha!

The dance party fizzled out eventually, leaving the girls with “nothing to do” except to play Monster High. That’s nice. I’m so glad I went to all the trouble to keep the ridiculous amounts of Monster High stuff and find a way to still give her a dollhouse. But she has “nothing to do”. *rolls eyes*

The cubby shelves work out nicely as a dollhouse. They just laid the drawers out on the bed and set up all their doll furniture inside it.



IMG_1166   IMG_1168

They requested some Sleepytime tea before bed, and I totally jumped on that idea! Literally, they drank their tea, lied down in their beds (Cindy slept with us & Blondie slept in her bed) and Passed. Out. Yes! Sleepytime tea is made of WIN!

tea time

The next day started off with some breakfast then another bike ride. This time, they just rode around out front.

IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174

IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1178

Nic eventually asked me to shave his head. The heat is finally starting to get to him now that he’s outside everyday for work.


After I finished shaving his head, I went inside and then…all hell broke loose.

You see, my black cat, Onyx, has a history of urinary tract issues. Apparently, this is common in male cats…especially older ones. I noticed his behavior was unusual, and was mirroring what he exhibited a couple of years ago. Back then, he had a urinary obstruction and needed to be catheterized to save his life. Well, I told Nic and we were faced with a life saving…or life ending…dilemma. We were unsure if we had the money, thus were unsure if we’d be able to pay the absorbent emergency vet fees to further sustain his life.

We spoke to MHG as gently as possible and tried to explain to her that this might be the last time she would see him. Well, there’s really no way to break that gently to an incredibly sensitive little 8 year old girl. Heck, I was in tears the entire time. He’s turning 10 on June 20th but I, in no way, thought it’s time to put him down. On the other hand, knowing our situation, I was excruciatingly aware that that could very well be what would have to happen.

Knowing that this could be the last few moments we would spend together, we took several pictures with him before it was time for me to take him to the vet. Although I was a thread away from encroaching hysterical, I tried to hold it together for the kids. I did have tears running down my cheeks the whole time though.

IMG_1192   IMG_1193   IMG_1194

After I was done, the girls said their “maybe” goodbyes:



IMG_1213   IMG_1211

IMG_1204   IMG_1202

IMG_1197   IMG_1198

IMG_1203   IMG_1209

IMG_1219   IMG_1221

I took him away, leaving behind a house full of tears and headed to the vet. After filling her in on his history and symptoms, she took him away for a pee sample. It revealed high levels of blood sugar (among elevated white blood cells-showing an infection, as well as a lot of crystals) and she came back to inform me of the possibility of him having diabetes. Open the flood gates. I couldn’t possibly fathom him having that…especially since he isn’t overweight. Nevertheless, I agreed to the blood sugar test. In the meantime, I called Nic to inform him that if he has diabetes, I was going to put him down. There’s no way that I was going to make my boy suffer through daily injections and whatever else they have you do to diabetic cats. I was a wreck. I was in tears from the second I finished shaving Nic’s head until the doctor said he was going to be ok. His blood sugar level was just slightly elevated most likely due to the stress of his infection and being at the vet. What a relief! I gave her permission to catheterize him to remove the urinary obstruction. He spent the night, and I think the Full Moon got to him, because he was able to wiggle out of his cone of shame at some point and rip out his catheter.

After I had returned home without him, I let everyone know that he’d be ok and that he’d be home soon. Mik came to pick up her daughter and finish out her fun weekend festivities. We did hang out for a few though. I threw back a few drinks cuz I was so worried about my boy and wouldn’t shut up about my newest organic score that I recently discovered. Soap Nuts. Google it folks. It’s the greatest thing to happen to our laundering system. EVER. It’s organic (thus chemical-free) and CHEAP. AS. DIRT. And it cleans my Husband’s socks…which is no easy feat people. No offense honey.


The vet called me in the morning to tell me what my naughty little boy did overnight and that she needed permission to fully sedate him in order to replace the catheter. I agreed reluctantly and spent the next few hours holding my breath that he would come out of the sedation ok. She called me back to let me know that the procedure worked, but that he was still asleep. The girls and I had been running some errands, so we headed over there to see him. I was worried he would never wake up. The second MHG reached her skinny little arm through the cage to pet him though, he stirred and sat up!!! We spent some time petting him through the cage, and then the vet tech opened it up so we could hold him. I was so relieved that he was ok.

cone of shame   sick kitty

I got to pick him up Monday after Nic got off work. He wasn’t required to wear the cone of shame anymore and he would need to finish his meds of antibiotics and prednisone (a steroid for inflammation) over the next few days. We opted to start buying him and Tigger the prescription cat food. It’s called Hills c/d Multi-care feline food for bladder health. At $40 a bag (should last them both 2-3 weeks), I sure hope it prevents any future trips to the vet. It’s way more expensive to pay the vet bill for this problem than to just shell out the increased cost of Prescription food. I know there are those out there that think I’m nuts to spend that much on cat food, but these boys are not just “like” family to us, they ARE family. I would move mountains for them (especially Onyx cuz he’s MY baby). I’m not ready to let him go, so if it means paying a bit more each month, then that’s what we’ll do. Plus, Nic already lets me spend a fortune on healthy foods (especially lots of produce)…so what’s a bit more for healthy food for our boys, too?

He’s happy to be back at home. He’s completely back to his loving self now and he’s even put Tigger in his place a few times. Onyx is the alpha male cuz we got him first. Anyways, I’m glad he’s ok. It was a nearly traumatic weekend for us, but it all turned out ok in the end…and we couldn’t be happier!

IMG_1278   IMG_1279



kitty kiss

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