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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Papoo.

Although Papoo is technically my Husband’s Father, I claim him for mine as well! On today’s special day, he turns 60! However, as exciting as that is, we can’t help but to be a little sad that we can’t celebrate with him. To try to boost morale around here, we put together this little post to hopefully show him how much he means to us!!! We love you Papoo!

July 25, 2005. The day I married my Husband and officially stole his charming Father.  ;)


Nic & I are expecting our first daughter (8 years ago). This was my baby shower & I was 6 months pregnant. The sassy lady on the left is my darling Ma-in-law & Papoo’s on the right. (2005)

Baby Album

I had to post these next 2 pictures side by side…

MHG on the left, 3 days old with Papoo in blue shirt.   Cindy on the right, 15 hours old with Papoo in different blue shirt. Haha! They’re 5 1/2 years apart in age. 5 1/2 Years on Papoo hasn’t changed him a bit!

Baby Album 12  IMG_7534

It looks like the same baby in both pics, just wearing a different onesie. My babies look so scrawny, but they don’t stay that way for long!

Thanksgiving 2006. MHG was 10 Months old…and a lot chubbier, lol! She loves her Papoo!

10 mo 006 10 mo 006

Papoo with MHG the Summer of 2007, MHG was about 18 months old here.

pictures 028

MHG & her Papoo are nearly inseparable!

7,8,9-07 040   7,8,9-07 041

Halloween 2008, MHG was 2 3/4, lol! Papoo’s a goofer.

dad at his greatest   papoo jedi

papoo n tiger

I love throwing Halloween parties! MHG was 3 years old at this one. (2009) Papoo came dressed to impress as a pumpkin! MHG still remembers that costume and occasionally requests he wear it.

IMG020   IMG022 (2)

2010: MHG turns 4! How can this man NOT make you crack up! :)

Faye's 4th Birthday 095   IMG_2428   Faye's 4th Birthday 039

The time Dad came up to the Mountains where we camp to hang out for the day. (2010)

IMG_5116   IMG_5118

He’s not exactly an outdoorsman, but he’ll certainly tell you he is!  ;)

IMG_5133   IMG_5144


IMG_6635 IMG_7291

My “Diapers For Margaritas” party, while I was expecting our 2nd daughter. MHG was 5 1/2 here. (2011)

IMG_7176   IMG_7207

Cindy, only 15 hours old.

Best part of a homebirth…staying at home, lol! Papoo stopped by after work to say hello to his newest Grand-daughter, and in the comfort of our home, we weren’t too exhausted to receive him!


8 Weeks old Cindy with MHG age 5 1/2 and Papoo.


IMG_9492   IMG_0152 (2)

IMG_9520   IMG_0953


That is disgusting. I always yelled @ Dad for letting the babies chew on his watches. He thought it was funny & it has since become a family joke.


The girls love their “Teak” rides!

(That was the name of the 1st pony MHG ever rode…so Papoo doesn’t give Horsie rides, he gives Teak rides.)


Cindy’s First Birthday!

IMG_2711 2

Cindy 16 months old, MHG age 6. (2012)


IMG_0623   IMG_0627

IMG_0626   Non Bday 2

2013-Papoo’s Tough!

IMG_8639   IMG_8663

Later that year, we were able to pass back through the Springs on our travels to stay with Nonnie & Papoo for a week…

 IMG_5671   IMG_5762

 IMG_5841   IMG_5814

IMG_5790   IMG_5822

In their secret hiding place under the stairs with Papoo…




IMG_5824   IMG_5825

Every time I’m in a bad mood, I look at this picture and it instantly brightens my day!

Thanks Dad!


Gparents Girls

I love you Dad. Thank you for being such a wonderful father, friend, and advisor to me these nearly 10 years! You are a wonderful Grandfather and I’m sorry I gave you so much crap those first few years after MHG was born… I was learning to be a Mom and put a lot of blame on you, but you did nothing wrong. As I’ve grown and have become more confident in myself, I realize that you’re just being a Grandpa and a Grandparent’s job is to enjoy their Grandkids…even if it gives their parents a little grief, lol! You love your Granddaughters with all your heart, are their best friend, favorite playmate and would do anything to protect them. Thank you. There’s not much more a Mom could ask for.

We love you dearly and really wish we could be there to spend the day with you though. I hope it’s a good one and I wonder…which new Monster High doll will “you” be receiving for your birthday THIS year? ;)  (Every year for Papoo’s birthday, “he” just so happens to receive some gifts that just so happen to be more appropriate fits for his grandchildren…at which point, they end up stealing his birthday presents.)

Here’s Cindy trying to say “Happy Birthday Papoo” like her big sister:

One more clip for your viewing pleasure…   3…2…1…

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! We love you so very much! Hugs & Kisses to the BEST PAPOO EVER!!!


Nic, Zoe, MHG & Cindy


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