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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February’s First Half


Well, I know I’m a bit behind on blogging, so here’s the first half of February. All kinds of fun!

Destiny RV Resort

Some Organic Lion’s Heart cotton knit booties. I followed my Grandma’s pattern, but it wasn’t right, so I ended up completely unraveling them and I’ve yet to start over. I’ll get to it eventually.

IMG_8906   IMG_8908   IMG_8912

MHG hooping.

IMG_9091   IMG_9096

Bedroom door art. The rainbow pic is by yours truly.

IMG_9129   IMG_9138   IMG_9143

MHG’s biography she wrote on Benjamin Franklin.


A day of homeschooling at the pool…no swimming though. We had to do laundry, and since we were without a vehicle, we didn’t wanna make 100 trips back and forth from the laundry room to our home. We had a picnic too.


IMG_9147   IMG_9151



This lil guy was no bigger than a pencil eraser…but he sure was creepy, regardless of that fact.


MHG won best 2 outta 3 of Star Wars edition Trouble.

IMG_9164   IMG_9165

Valentine’s presents from H. A gnome ornament for MHG (she loves it thank you) and TRUCK!

IMG_9239   IMG_9241

Here’s Truck rollin’ with its homies.


A Sleeping Beauty with her Daddy.


Some Yoga with my girls. This was MHG’s first time do an entire hour of Vinyasa flow with me, and she made it!


IMG_9350  IMG_9363

me backbend

IMG_9364   IMG_9370

A Buffalo Hunting Competition. Nic won.

IMG_9393   IMG_9397

What a show-off!

IMG_9399   IMG_9403




IMG_9420   IMG_9427

IMG_9434   IMG_9435

Our girls’ sassy style. Cindy picked out her own outfit, lol!

IMG_9451   IMG_9466

Papoo sent MHG “His” birthday present. The yellow haired older sister of Clawd, Clawdeen & Howleen Wolfe. Cindy is holding her little sister “Howleen”. Thanks Papoo!


Tomorrow, we move to a new RV park. We didn’t book our site far enough out (totally didn’t expect to be in Arizona this long), so they booked someone in behind us on the 15th. We’ve found a great new park to head to thanks to a fellow RVing friend! It’s all good! Thank goodness our home is on wheels!

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