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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Weekend With Blondie

Well, as most of you know already, we have moved to a new RV park in the Phoenix area. You can read about that here. MHG was really worried that being farther from Blondie meant they wouldn’t see each other as much. Little did she know, her Mom and I had something up our sleeves. Seeing as how Monday was President’s Day and she had no school, I said I’d take the little Peanut for the 3-day weekend. It wasn’t as crazy as I thought it might be with 3 little girls running around, but it sure was a lot of fun!

We started the weekend festivities off with a day of tanning & swimming on Saturday. We followed it up with some pizza for lunch-compliments of Mik…and Nic went back for more for all of us at dinnertime. Yes. It was THAT good!

Mikele   boho bikini

I, in all of my intelligent splendor, forgot to put the memory card into my camera before we hit the pool. Wouldn’t you know it, THIS was the day that MHG learned how to swim. And here I am, me without an operable camera. Doh! She had been practicing how to float on her back the last time we girls went swimming, so this time, she got it down. With her Scooby Doo life jacket on, she swam a bunch of laps back and forth from the shallow end to the deep end. She was doing the backstroke. After she familiarized herself with that, she asked to remove her life jacket. After a couple attempts in the shallow end, she got it down! Nearing the end of a 2 hour stint at the pool, that girl was backstroking her way up and down the place without any help! (Nic and I were swimming along with her…just in case. Not once did she require our help though!) I’ve been saying to her this whole time, “How cool would it be to learn to ride a bike in Virginia and learn to swim in Arizona?” I guess she wanted to make that happen!

When we got back, Nic snapped a couple of pics of Mik & I with her phone. (He’s still trying to get used to the idea of seeing women in bikini’s in the wintery month of February, lol.)

swimming day bw

Side note: apparently the key to getting Daddy to smile for pictures, is to give the camera to his 2 year old. Yes, she took this picture.


“A Pumpkin Person”

Artwork by Blondie


That night, everyone slept pretty darn good. On Sunday, we had a picnic at our table outside. I made Peanut Butter & Jelly sando’s with some apple, carrot & cucumber slices on the side. The girls had fun playing with their food.

 IMG_9641 IMG_9642

IMG_9643   IMG_9644


IMG_9647 IMG_9650 IMG_9646

After lunch, I took them to the park to play for a while.



IMG_9656   IMG_9658

IMG_9659   IMG_9660

While we were at the park, I was waiting on our laundry to finish up. After a couple trips there, Cindy accompanied me on the last one so that she could fly home. Flying is her newest favorite thing to do.

IMG_9663   IMG_9664

I thought the girls would enjoy making Shiskabobs for dinner…since they had so much fun playing with their food at lunchtime. I prepped all the fixings and I was right, they had a ball making them! (They even ate most of them after coming off the grill.)


IMG_9672   IMG_9675   IMG_9676

IMG_9673   IMG_9674


IMG_9685   IMG_9682

Thus was born my idea to BBQ the veggies. I sprinkle them in salt, douse with olive oil & wrap up in aluminum foil. After grilling for the length of time necessary to cook a burger, they are DELICIOUS!!! I will never eat radishes any other way again.

IMG_9683   IMG_9687

After full bellies & some more playing, I got the girls to sleep. Blondie wanted to sleep without MHG, so I put her in Cindy’s bed. This one, not wanting to share her bed with Blondie, fell asleep on my lap while I blogged. It’s been a long time since she fell asleep on me. I miss those days.


The next morning (Monday), the older girls built the faeries a home while Cindy ran amok. It was a pretty chill day of relaxation. I even got to go for my run and fit my workout in. Once done, Blondie & I had an “Oh yea, well can you do THIS?” Yoga competition. She basically demonstrated as many crazy poses as she could make up and then proceeded to ask if I could do them as well. She won. I could only do probably half of them, lol! I helped her practice her headstands too.

IMG_9711   IMG_9713

Another day, another picnic. (I really need to get the sticky crap off that door.)


The girls wanted their nails done, so Nic set us up a nail station. It was sweet. They even tried to convince him to paint his nails, but they were met with no success.


Later on, the girls spotted some Hot Air Balloons flying over us.


There was talk of Grand Adventures after seeing those balloons and just as I was about to drop from the exhaustion of keeping 3 little girls entertained for 3 days, Mik arrived! We had a marvelous time with Blondie & I’m especially happy that MHG can still lead a somewhat “normal” life, despite the fact that we live in an RV. She has her family all together, a great education, opportunities to see the country and she even gets to have the occasional slumber party with one of her BFF’s. This is one happy (and tired, lol) household!!!

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