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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Running Heat To Our Bathroom

I do not know anything about HVAC. Fortunately, my Husband has a degree in it. He doesn’t want me to blog the exact step-by-steps of what he did though, because he doesn’t want someone without HVAC knowledge blowing themselves up…ya gotta respect that! I have been whining to him forever now that our bathroom is too cold. It’s not during the days, only because we currently reside in Phoenix, but if we ever went anywhere cold, we’d be screwed. We have a couple electric heaters, but you can’t put them in rooms with high moisture content, i.e. a steamy bathroom during or after a shower. Soooooo…that leaves us with really the only option of piping heat from our furnace to a new vent in our bathroom. It took him 2 days to do it, but really only a couple hours.





He ran the new line from the furnace across and up beside the water heater. He drilled a hole into the “floor” of my closet and ran the line up the side of my close.

IMG_8689   IMG_8690

At the top of my closet, he drilled another large hole to allow the line to go across the ceiling. He built a wooden box to hide the pipe and stained it black to match the other stuff in our home. Towards the left end of the box, he drilled two large holes. One at the very end going straight into the bathroom, and one just before that to the right going straight into the girls’ room (right above their door).


Here’s the girls’ new vent. It’s a diffuser vent that blows air out in all directions. It can be adjusted for a little or a lot of air flow. Unfortunately, because the line leaving the furnace is such a long way away from it, and because the line pipes into this AND the bathroom (2 splices), the air flow isn’t very much. Their new vent is right night to the ceiling above their door. (I’ve yet to cut the greenery to not block the air coming out the bottom…)


Even though the air flow to their room and the bathroom isn’t as much as what’s coming out of the other vents, it’s plenty enough for our small bathroom space.


And that’s it folks. We now have a heater vent in our bathroom, just above our shower. For the first time EVER, I can take a WARM shower in there! I wish I could blog the heat radiating out of that room people, because it is A-MAZ-ING!!! I am one happy Mama and once again, I am thrilled and super lucky to be married to such a knowledgeable and handy man!!! Thank you baby, we love it!

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