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Monday, January 13, 2014

MHG Turns 8!

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to blog. We’ve been so busy around here between Homeschooling, making new friends, doing some more renovations and just spending time together, in general. I have had more than one person prodding me to get the events of Monster High Girl’s birthday up though, so I’m not going to do anything else until I make that happen!

MHG’s birth-DAY turned more into a birth-WEEKEND event! Her special day fell on a Monday this year, so we spent the 2 days beforehand (and the actual day) partaking in a few things in honor of her.

When we arrived here near the end of November, a little girl and her parents moved in just a couple weeks later. They are just 3 RV’s down from us, and we only just found this out! (I have no idea how I haven’t seen them until now?) Anyways, she and MHG hit it off right away (as well as her Mom and I) and pretty much every weekend now, they are inseparable. My heart sings for MHG. I’m so happy she has found a friend here. Sometimes life on the road can get a little lonely, especially for little girls who are social butterflies and have no other kids to play with. (Her new friend shall be called “Blondie” and her Mom will be Mik.)

mhg & blondie

Anywho, Blondie and MHG spent the entire day playing together, running back and forth between our RV’s. She’s a couple years younger than MHG, but is a bright, mature little girl that loves to play dolls as well, so they became instant best friends. She enjoys her Barbies and Princess dolls, so they come play with the Monster High Ghouls…it’s quite adorable seeing their interactions. Meanwhile, Cindy usually gets the shaft…poor child. She doesn’t mind coming outside to hang out with Mommy, Ahdoo and Mik though.

After a rather long day on Saturday the 11th, we all decided cooking dinner was outta the question. Somehow, Chuck E. Cheese ended up a much more viable solution. I might add here that Chuck E. Cheese during dinnertime on a Saturday is sheer MADNESS!!! Oh well. The girls had a blast and our bellies were full, so that’s all that really matters. I followed Cindy around, while Mik was with MHG and Blondie. Nic stayed at the table guarding purses and food-bless his heart. He and I rotated out a couple times so he could have a chance at the madness…oh and to win the girls lots of tickets playing Skee-ball. (He rocks at that game!)

mhg & blondie 2 IMG_8402

If Cindy could have stayed on the carousel the whole time, she would’ve been more than happy to do so.

IMG_8396 IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8409

IMG_8405 IMG_8406

IMG_8410 IMG_8414 IMG_8415


After a long day and fun time at Chuck E. Cheese’s, you would think that the girls would’ve been ready to pass out. This is in fact, FALSE. As we adults hung out together outside, all the girls were busy playing away inside. MHG and Blondie even convinced Nic and I to allow her to spend the night. (It’s been 2 years since she had a friend spend the night.) I got Cindy to pass out on our bed loooooong before those two fell asleep. Eventually, their giggles faded away into snores and all was quiet and peaceful in the Racca homestead once more.

In the morning, Blondie left us for a bit after breakfast to go to Church with her Mom and we tidied up around the house and headed to Wal-Mart for a special surprise. MHG had been hounding us for the better part of a year to get her ears pierced and we decided today was the day… Well, I decided. Even as she was getting her ears prepped by the piercer lady, Nic was still informing me that he hadn’t made up his mind quite yet, lol. I just don’t think he was ready for his little girl to grow up.

She sat there nervously listening to the lady rattling off instructions for the care of her new earrings. She held my hand and gave it quite the squeeze after the first hole was made. There were a couple tears and then the second hole was done. There were a few more tears, but after I thanked the associate, we walked off and her tears had already dried to her cheeks. She’s a tough cookie-that girl of mine.

IMG_8417 IMG_8420 IMG_8419


IMG_8422 IMG_8424

The earrings she got her ears pierced with were Ruby butterflies. Although her favorite color is red, and her birthstone is Garnet (dark red), she liked the lighter more pink red that rubies are. (In my head I thought it was sweet because my birthstone is Ruby.) I am excited to start building her up a stash of different hypoallergenic (just in case) posts earrings! Though she had wanted her ears pierced all year, I think these ended up being her biggest motivation to do so. She can’t wear them til my birthday in July, but she’s stoked to be the proud new owner of some killer Monster High skullette dangly earrings.


Once we returned home, Blondie played with MHG a bit more until early evening and it was off to bed for all of us because it was back to work and school the next day.

IMG_8431 IMG_8432


Before bed, just a bit of rough-housing with Daddy first…

IMG_8436 IMG_8437

As we awoke on the 8th year following MHG’s birth, our home was full of joy and impatient sparkles in her eyes. She had picked out her cake and we had brought it home a few days prior. As the presents started to pile up on the table, she knew it was only a matter of time before the celebrations commenced. First though, we had to make it through the day awaiting Nic’s arrival. We passed the time by dolling ourselves up then I made her her favorite breakfast-scrambled eggs and M&M pancakes.

MHG turns 8!   pancakes

She put on her nails too, all by herself, but as most of us adult women know, when we were little girls, fake stick-on nails NEVER stay on. She just figured that out for herself, but it didn’t dash her hopes at all. She loved them to pieces for the short few minutes that they lasted.

IMG_8453 IMG_8454

After we ate breakfast, I worked on a project for our Uncle while the girls watched the 2 Deathly Hallows Harry Potter movies. I let her take the day off of Homeschooling to do whatever she wanted…and that’s what she wanted to do. By the time the second movie ended, it was about time for Nic to get off work.

I sent him a panicked text asking him to retrieve birthday candles, wrapping paper, a card and soda. He was all over it. Not only did he show up with those items, but he also got the 3 girls each a special Monster High cup and some Monster High bracelets for party gifts. There was also a MH Happy Birthday banner, MH plates and matching napkins. He didn’t get plain candles either…oh no. He got candles that had pink flames…


…a special “8” candle and some star and tiara candles. When that man does a job…he does a damn thorough job! I’m not sure how I got so lucky? After Nic got home, I threw in a pizza and as it cooked, I decorated for her party.

Here’s how we decorated for a birthday in an RV:

IMG_8455 IMG_8459


The happy birthday banner and hanging down decor was hung above the slide, the Draculaura/Lagoona/Cleo wall mural was hung in the hallway effectively blocking off access to my closet and the MHG logo mural was attached to our kitchen cabinet. She was sooooooo excited!

IMG_8457  IMG_8460


Around the time we finished eating, Mik and Blondie arrived home and headed over here. We were all finally ready to party!

IMG_8472 IMG_8473

She had picked out a vanilla butter crème and caramel cake with rainbow sherbet ice cream on the side. It was quite delicious. Typically, we get some sort of decadent chocolate cake, but this was a nice switch.

8th bday cake mhg



IMG_8470   IMG_8471

(I wish that man of mine would smile normal for a picture just once…)

After we ate our cake and ice cream, we finally let MHG start opening her presents. We started off with a couple dolls each from Nonnie & Papoo & Nic and I. From Nonnie & Papoo, a Viperine Gorgon and Honey Swamp MH doll, and from us a Jane Boolittle, Elizabat & a Mummy/Gorgon build-a-doll set.

IMG_8477   IMG_8475

IMG_8479   IMG_8478

She also got a package full of gifts from H and she loved every last one. The hoodie and “Watzit” stuffed dog were her favorites. Thank you!



We also got her a Harry Potter journal and Harry Potter wand. She was especially stoked about that. She’s always casting spells on us now. The tip of it even lights up like in the movies…it’s kinda neat.

     IMG_8495 IMG_8490 IMG_8491


MHG and her new buddy here: Blondie. These two are joined at the hip every weekend…it’s absolutely adorable!


A card sent with much love from Grandma:

IMG_8500   IMG_8499

Thank you Grandma!!!

A card sent with much love from Auntie Tiger, Uncle Jedi & M&M’s:

IMG_8502 IMG_8503

Thank you Auntie Tiger, Uncle Jedi & M&M’s!!! She used the $$ to buy 1 of the outfits she’s pictured in at the bottom of this post.  :)

A card sent with much love from Nonnie & Papoo:


Thank you Nonnie & Papoo!!! She used the $$ to buy another 1 of the outfits she’s pictured in at the bottom of this post.  :)

A card given with much love from Mommy, Ahdoo & Cindy (complete with door hanger “keep out” sign):


My genius Husband came up with this idea for Cindy. She was a bit jealous that she didn’t get any presents, and I don’t find it fair to buy my kids who aren’t having a birthday something, so he took some leftover wrapping paper and wrapped up Daphne for her to open. She was stoked and it was just enough to cheer her up and let the spotlight remain on her sister.

IMG_8505   IMG_8506

Cindy put a Monster High sticker on Da-da’s nose. She thought it was hilarious!


After all that excitement, it was back to their home for Blondie & Mik and off to bed for us. She slipped into her new jammie shirt, cast a couple of spells, then ran off to bed. (You can view the video larger by clicking on the picture in the bottom right corner. It looks like the 4 corners of a picture frame.)



After I got Cindy to sleep, I could still hear MHG slightly awake. I did something that I haven’t done in a while…not since before we moved into the RV at least…I climbed up to her top bunk and slipped her into my arms and just held her and sang gently until she fell asleep. It was the best part of the whole day for me. Sometimes I take for granted how fast she’s growing up and the fact that she still actually likes me, lol! I held her close long after she had fallen asleep treasuring every second. I can’t believe she’s already 8…where has the time gone?

We all had a great day…weekend really…celebrating our daughter’s day of birth. I thank Goddess every day that this little girl came into our lives. She has brightened them so much with her love, affection and unending faith in our abilities as parents. She and her sister are the sweetest gifts that I could ever receive. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life with them.

We had a wonderful time with MHG today, but it would’ve been just a little bit more perfect, had we been able to share it with our other friends and family as per the usual. We knew you were here with us in spirit, though, and we love you all immensely.

Though I will be posting this dated January 13, 2014…I’m actually getting it to you on the 27th…3 days after my Best Friend and her Husband’s 9th Anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary Tiger and Jedi!!! May you two have many more years of love, trust and happiness together! We love you both very much!!!

J&T hearts

On January 23rd, I took MHG to Target to spend her birthday money and allowance. She picked out 3 outfits and looks adorable in every last one of them. She wanted me to extend you all another “Thank You!” for all her cards, gifts and money she received from everyone! She’s happiest about the fact that everyone is still thinking of her. I tell her all the time, and she talks to you all quite often, but I guess in her case, it’s nice to have tangible reminders of that. (She really likes getting letters from people too, FYI.)  ;)  She loves you all so very, very much!

She spent all of her money on only clothes! Her sense of responsibility at a young age never ceases to impress me. She makes me very proud. (I don’t tell her how to spend her money.) I also have to admit that I’m very happy she picked clothes that DON’T have Monster High sprawled all across the front…it’s a breath of fresh air…and it’s interesting to see what her own style is when she’s set loose to shop for herself. Here’s the 3 outfits she bought:

IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8640

Thanks for reading and I’m sorry this took me 2 weeks to finally post. Life has been rather crazy around here! I hope this post does enough to satisfy your desire to see how her birthday went. She had a wonderful time. Having her friend here at the party also meant the world to her. (I think it honestly was her favorite part.) It definitely ended up being quite the memorable experience for us all! We were worried that a birthday in an RV for a child older than Cindy would’ve been either difficult or crappy. I couldn’t be happier to report that it turned out to the furthest thing from that. It was a joyful and happy day full of love from us, our new friends and from afar. I’m glad she was able to speak with all of you over the phone that day…it meant the world to her.

Well, that’s it for MHG’s birthday post. I’ve got a couple new posts to work on now. As I stated before, we’ve been pretty crazy busy around here. There’s been fun with friends, swimming outside in 80 degree weather (I’m still trying to get used to the idea of swimming outside in January…), and some renovations to update you on, so I need to get to that now. Thank you for your patience! Much love.

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