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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello 2014!

Well, 2014 is off to a good start for us. We do a lot of goofing around in this household. It kinda comes with the territory when you have 2 young children. I don’t want my kids to think I’m stuffy or anything, lol! ;) This is going to be a pretty boring post probably. It’s mostly intended for our family that want to see what we’re up to. Just a bunch of pictures from the highlights of our past week.

IMG_8211   IMG_8213



Believe it or not, this is the first time we’ve really rolled out the mat (in Arizona) with the intention of using it for Yoga. I am so ashamed to admit that. Anyways, we’re on a roll with homeschooling, the holidays are over (I gotta say I’m pretty glad about that…too much stress), and we have no idea when or where we’re headed next, so we are just gonna go with the flow. I started running on the day after Christmas, and I’ve gotten into a pretty darn good routine with that. I run a lap around the whole park (about a mile) without stopping, then the 2nd time around, MHG joins me on her bike and I (attempt to) run another lap around while pushing Cindy in the stroller. Between her and the stroller’s weight though, (and my lack of experience as a runner) I typically end up running short bursts, speed walking short bursts, and so on and so forth until we are back home. As a side note, I have MAD respect for my cousin and any other folks out there that run while pushing a kid (or TWO in my cousin’s case)in a stroller…that is definitely NOT easy!!! As of today though (January 10th), I added a second lap around the park while running before grabbing the girls. Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. (I have NEVER been an athletic person in my life…EVER…in the cardio sense.) So…about 4 times a week I go for my run, then speed walk/run with the girls, then I come back for some strength exercises, some challenging Yoga poses that I need to perfect and a bit of Yogic stretching/cool down. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far. I DID go swimming last weekend by myself too! I swam about 20 laps and relaxed in the hot tubs sans children & hubby. It was paradise!!! I forget how much I NEED “me time” until I finally get some…then I’m quickly asking myself why I didn’t get some sooner?

Here’s Cindy showing off her favorite move. Note the Daphne from Scooby Doo figurine in her right hand. She never leaves home without it. At least this Daphne has 2 legs, lol.


MHG showing off her favorite move (left) Tree pose…and on the right, she’s attempting a new difficult pose-Dancer. She’s getting it down-fast!

IMG_8241 IMG_8253


I thought my shadow looked cool as the sun set.


I liked the lighting on Cindy as she ran away from me into the sunset. (She didn’t go very far.)



Here’s a sight every Mom loves to see…both her kids quietly reading in bed!



Pretty sure I didn’t make up this yoga move (anyone know the name for it)? I just thought I’d try Mermaid pose while standing. Kinda tricky.

(No, I’m not pregnant. Doing a backbend just makes you stick your stomach out, obviously.)


How cute is this?! The “Mean Meow” has no problem with Cindy as long as she’s asleep. P.S. That’s her name for Tigger.


She wanted to do the dishes…I never have been one for saying “no”.



Homeschooling-Pronouns, Literature and Money (all of which are too easy for her, so I’m constantly trying to find ways to make them more difficult). She also has Composition, Science, Social Studies/Geography, Phonics, Spelling, Music, Art and P.E.

IMG_8325 IMG_8326 IMG_8330

After I was done working out, the girls played a game of tag with Daddy and I. So many smiles!


IMG_8337   IMG_8342


IMG_8345   IMG_8346

IMG_8351   IMG_8352

I told her to not run in her flip-flops…no one listens to Mommy though…what do I know? She’s fine, it was just a scratch that didn’t even bleed.

IMG_8349   IMG_8355

There are some killer sunsets here…that’s for sure! After everyone was pooped out from tag, we called the game off and watched the sunset and prepared the grill for dinner. Our neighbors that were across the street from us moved away last night. Tonight, a new couple arrived from Canada, and took 1 of those 2 spots. I look forward to meeting them soon. Perhaps they could teach MHG and I a thing or two about their country? We meet some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people from RV parks. I always love learning new things from them.


So yea, that pretty much sums up the first half of our month. Fun, sunsets, exercise, chillin’, Yoga, homeschooling and cuddles. MHG’s birthday is on Monday the 13th. We have plans to take her to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday and to finally let her get her ears pierced on Monday!!! I can’t believe my baby is already gonna be 8 years old! Time certainly flies! I will be posting her birth story early Monday morning (most likely) and a follow-up of the day’s events later that evening or early the next morning, so stay tuned for all that jazz. Thanks for reading and I hope this finds you all well, happy and healthy!

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P.S. By the time this blog posts, it will be Uncle Jedi’s birthday!!! Happy birthday man! We love you and miss you and hope your birthday is spectacular!!! Nic and I really wish we could be there to throw back a couple beers with you…hopefully we can next time!

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