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Monday, January 27, 2014

January Ramblings

Okay. So I am well aware of the fact that I keep telling a lot of you that we’ve been really busy. We have. That’s why it took me 2 weeks to finally blog MHG’s birthday. Anywho, this is what’s been getting in the way of blogging…life at its finest!
Here’s what happened earlier this month: We welcome you 2014 with open arms! An 8th birthday celebration…in an RV!
A couple days after MHG’s birthday, Tigger got to come outside finally. He’s been driving us nuts meowing incessantly. He just wants to roll around in the dirt & explore a little, so his wish was finally granted. Onyx doesn’t get to come out…he’s too smart and knows how to get out of his harness instantly.
IMG_8371 IMG_8373 IMG_8379
On the night of the 15th, we gazed a while in appreciation for our second full moon in Arizona. It was yet another warm winter’s night…not a single snowflake in sight…just the way I like it!
The 16th brought us lots and lots of sunshine and therefore some fun in the sun!
IMG_8524   IMG_8553
On the 17th, all that sun must’ve gotten to us the day before. We were so re-energized, that we started practicing our handstands! That’s my new pose I hope to master this year. (My right foot is still on the wall…ya gotta start somewhere.)  ;)
IMG_8566   IMG_8560   IMG_8561
She got mad cuz she didn’t want my help, haha! This girl’s attitude never fails to crack me up!
Friday, the 24th, brought with it lots of love sent from us back home to Auntie Tiger and Uncle Jedi for their 9th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations you two! May you have many more marvelous years together!
Other than all that love, it was just a typical day of goofing off, homeschooling, exercising and after my run, we headed to Red Robin for a Vegan burger and what everyone else wanted to eat. On another note, Cindy loves her frog towel and walking in Mommy’s shoes.
IMG_8625   IMG_8629
IMG_8634   IMG_8641
On Saturday, the 25th, while Ahdoo piped new furnace vents to the girls’ room and one to the bathroom, he wanted us outta the house so we weren’t in his way. Here’s the blog post about that whole process:
No problemo. We went swimming, then started to watch (and unfortunately never got to see the end of) “The Heat” while we painted all our nails, then played some more that afternoon.
MHG swimming    IMG_8644
Mik and I took turns trying to teach each of the girls how to swim. We made pretty good progress with MHG, even with her crying and whining the whole time…that child is definitely NOT a water sign! Blondie did pretty good too, but she’s still pretty untrusting of me at least, lol. The only one NOT crying and whining was Cindy. I don’t have a pic of her in the water though. :( With her arm floaties on, she was kicking and swimming all over the place (within arm’s distance of 1 of us) and had no issues with jumping into the pool to Mik. I’m not really surprised by her though…since she IS a water sign, haha! After about a half hour of the other two’s shenanigans though, I couldn’t take it anymore and we opted to go back to Mik’s RV and watch a movie and do everyone’s nails.
At some point during the movie, in the middle of painting our nails, Nic needed us to come back home to guard his tools while he made yet another trip to Home Depot for supplies. We finished our nails up over at our home. Once they were dry, the girls rode their bikes around while Cindy chased after them…but not before she got some cuddles from Mik first! (I especially like how she used Cindy to hide behind, lol!)

IMG_8645   IMG_8649
IMG_8653 IMG_8651 IMG_8648
IMG_8662 IMG_8673 IMG_8663
IMG_8660   IMG_8661
Sunday, January 26th started off with a picnic, then fun playing with Blondie then Pizza later that night.
IMG_8697   IMG_8698
Pizza, wings, wine, sundaes and cannoli’s at NYPD (New York Pizza Department) on Sunday night. Outta this world (and I’ve had NY style pizza in NYC…so I know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, lol)! The pizza was da bomb, while the cannoli’s just bombed in general. Still though, it would be well worth going back there again for the pizza alone! (Yes, it was that big compared to Cindy, lol.) P.S. Although they had the option to make pizza Vegan there (which is so totally awesome!), I don’t always play by the rules…particularly when deliciously greasy and cheesy pizza is involved.
pizza sundae 2 sundae
Homeschooling. Making bar graphs using M&M’s. She didn’t get to eat them though, because they are her sister’s. Also, we are learning about condensation and evaporation.
IMG_8529   IMG_8548
Some new Boho scores:
 IMG_8582   IMG_8583
IMG_8571   IMG_8606
Some more pictures of a couple of my Vegan meals!
IMG_8526 IMG_8536
Some people wonder if I’m Vegan, what do I feed everyone else in our home? Well, Nic’s just your typical meat and potatoes kind of guy, MHG isn’t a huge fan of red meat-but she’ll eat it on occasion, Cindy refuses to eat red meat, chicken or seafood…but likes Pigs (pretty sure cuz it’s salty meat) otherwise she’s mostly Vegetarian, and then there’s me. Here is an example of how I adapt meals to accommodate all our different tastes. MHG never heard of Kabobs before and had the greatest time EVER making them. Hers were the ones with tons of shrimp on them, lol!
For Nic: T-Bone steak, olives, Mac n Cheese and Vegetarian beans. For MHG: Shrimp kabobs with veggies, Mac n Cheese & Vegetarian beans. For Cindy: Veggie kabobs, Mac n Cheese & Vegetarian beans. For myself: Veggie kabobs, spring mix salad w/ olives & mustard, couscous, and Vegetarian beans.
IMG_8623 IMG_8621 IMG_8622
Yep, that’s the tip of the iceberg at least! Family, Friends, Fun and Food! Thanks for not being too hard on me when I get behind on my blogging!
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Running Heat To Our Bathroom

I do not know anything about HVAC. Fortunately, my Husband has a degree in it. He doesn’t want me to blog the exact step-by-steps of what he did though, because he doesn’t want someone without HVAC knowledge blowing themselves up…ya gotta respect that! I have been whining to him forever now that our bathroom is too cold. It’s not during the days, only because we currently reside in Phoenix, but if we ever went anywhere cold, we’d be screwed. We have a couple electric heaters, but you can’t put them in rooms with high moisture content, i.e. a steamy bathroom during or after a shower. Soooooo…that leaves us with really the only option of piping heat from our furnace to a new vent in our bathroom. It took him 2 days to do it, but really only a couple hours.





He ran the new line from the furnace across and up beside the water heater. He drilled a hole into the “floor” of my closet and ran the line up the side of my close.

IMG_8689   IMG_8690

At the top of my closet, he drilled another large hole to allow the line to go across the ceiling. He built a wooden box to hide the pipe and stained it black to match the other stuff in our home. Towards the left end of the box, he drilled two large holes. One at the very end going straight into the bathroom, and one just before that to the right going straight into the girls’ room (right above their door).


Here’s the girls’ new vent. It’s a diffuser vent that blows air out in all directions. It can be adjusted for a little or a lot of air flow. Unfortunately, because the line leaving the furnace is such a long way away from it, and because the line pipes into this AND the bathroom (2 splices), the air flow isn’t very much. Their new vent is right night to the ceiling above their door. (I’ve yet to cut the greenery to not block the air coming out the bottom…)


Even though the air flow to their room and the bathroom isn’t as much as what’s coming out of the other vents, it’s plenty enough for our small bathroom space.


And that’s it folks. We now have a heater vent in our bathroom, just above our shower. For the first time EVER, I can take a WARM shower in there! I wish I could blog the heat radiating out of that room people, because it is A-MAZ-ING!!! I am one happy Mama and once again, I am thrilled and super lucky to be married to such a knowledgeable and handy man!!! Thank you baby, we love it!

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